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Trump is unfit to be President

Wonder who is Trump’s Theo Morell? Morell was Hitler’s personal doctor and he kept Hitler doped up on all kinds of drugs, especially during the last years of his  administration.  Morell kept this fact hidden from the German population. Who is Trump’s personal Doctor? To whom is he obligated to, besides Trump?  Is his personal doctor, in any way, obligated to make public, Trump’s medical condition-mental and physical? At what point is he obligated to tell the truth about Trump’s health; mental and physical?  To whom should he confide in regarding these urgent and obvious matters? Should Americans know the truth health of its President? America is back at the door of another impeachment inquiry. Obviously Trump is delusional and has lost touch with reality. No amount of drugs will make him fit for office.  Those who continue to support him, no matter his behavior, are suffering from a bit of the same disorder. Is, in fact, all lawmakers under the same obligations as the President when it comes to upholding the laws of this Nation? Presidents swear to Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. It is within congressional powers to remove him from office when it becomes plainly and painfully obvious that a President is unfit, physically and mentally to fulfill his oath to this Nation.  In fact, it is their duty to remove him from office utilizing their constitutional Authority. Failing to do so, they should be removed from office.

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Running for your life

Running for your life, literally!


One cannot help but notice the sheer number of our children carrying an excessive amount of weight. People use to say overweight children had what was commonly referred to as Baby Fat.  Entirely too many of our children are carrying something well-beyond Baby Fat. I will not go into statistics to back up my assertion that our children are overweight. I will go a little further in my assertion. They are probably beyond being simply over weight and many are actually obese. Just look around.  What do you see? Matter of fact, look at many grownups. They to, are severely overweight and many are actually obese.

Are we to sit back and pretend we do not see the condition of our youth? Will we ever make a serious effort to rescue them from this overweight thing that will surely have a negative impact on their health? Many health conditions are directly traceable to obesity. Our children are suffering from health problems usually reserved for grownups. It takes little imagination to see serious complications ahead for many of our children if they continue their lifestyles, including eating and exercise habits. Parents are certainly not blameless. They have authority over what their children eat. Parents must also take a more active role in the exercise habits of their kids. Parent must also set better examples for the kids as it relates to obesity. It is difficult to convince a child that excess weight is a problem, when the child sees many grownups walking around severely overweight.

Television, computers and games certainly keeps children occupied and some good comes from them. However, too much of either is harmful. Entirely too many children are sitting on their butts entertaining themselves, when they should be outside walking, running or being involved in other activities that give them an adequate dose of daily exercise.

We often hear parents, churches, and other local venues making commitments to make life better for all of their associates.  Why not include making life better for our children. Make life better for them by introducing a change of lifestyle in the home that demand proper eating and exercising. How about limiting the time a child is allowed to spend watching television and using computers and games toys. Our children are not mature enough to make decisions regarding their health. As a matter of fact, looking at many grownups, one has to wonder if they have the capacity to deal with health issues-especially obesity.  Remember, you are what you eat and what you do after you eat.


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