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Bring me my Back Pain meds

Oh my aching back

Here we go again? Rush Limbaugh must be back on his Back Pain Medicine. Another stupid declaration by brain-dead Rush Limbaugh. Rush claims Hurricane Matthew is nothing but a ploy by those he refers to as Liberals to justify their claims about Global Warming. I would say just forget it, if he did not have so many listeners that believe every word he says. These loyal followers have never considered not supporting and believing him, even when it was a known fact that he was under the influence of drugs. He is more than likely still using his drug of choice or something stronger, given his latest rants.

Rush Limbaugh is a very dangerous talking head and has been for a very long time. I began to take notice of what he was spouting many years ago. At first it was amusing-then not so amusing-finally not amusing at all. He came to the realization that there was a herd of people in the US who would believe anything he said as long as it had a Right Wing political slant. In addition, he knew there were many people eager to believe anything negative he said about Liberals and the Democratic Party. They have made him a very rich man at the expense of civil discourse in politics in the US.

He really got going when Bill Clinton became President of the United States and has been on a Tear Down the Democrats crusade every since, no matter the collateral damage. His almost uninterrupted divisive rhetoric was welcomed by many of the Conservative persuasion and continues today. Of course, Limbaugh, never one to turn down a dollar, even if it meant selling his soul and destroying civil discourse in the United States, keeps up his banter about the destructive nature of the Democratic Party and its followers.

Republican Lawmakers at all levels of government saw Limbaugh and other like henchmen as attack dogs. Attack Dogs they could use to say nasty things about those bad old liberal/Democrats. Limbaugh, whose persuasive power with the Republican Party and hardline conservatives has waned somewhat, with Hannity quickly filling the void. Many loyal Limbaugh listeners still see him as the leader of this attack dog pack and refer to him as  TheTalk Master. Sean Hannity, along with the help of Fox News Network continues to try and dethrone Limbaugh.

Think for a minute, Limbaugh and his henchmen tried to influence the Bill Clinton election. They tried to prevent the election of President Obama in 2008 and 2012. They failed miserably. Failing to take down Obama, they immediately went to work in 2012 tearing down Hillary Clinton. For four years they have been on a crusade to destroy Hillary Clinton. Unless something dramatic happens in the next 30 days, they will again fail.

By spending so much capital including time tearing down the Democratic nominee, little time was spent, developing and venting a viable Republican candidate for President. I suppose the thinking was, given the picture painted of the Democratic nominee, any chosen Republican can beat her.

Limbaugh and his cronies, including Fox, made Donald Trump. It is akin to catching a Rattle Snake. Sometime it is easier to catch it than turning it loose. One can never be sure whom the snake will bite once its head is released. He along with the likes of Drudge proves once and for all that they could care less about the well-being of the people of this Nation.


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How low can you go

No fool like an old fool

I use to believe the adage that says, “There is no fool like an old fool.” It is time to rethink this saying. Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report latest retort regarding the severity of Hurricane Matthew should cause any right thinking individual to come to the conclusion that there are far worse fools than Old fools. Some thinkers, including astute Chinese Philosopher Confucius put it this way” He who knows not, and knows not, that he knows not, is a fool.” Drudge’s latest assertion has created a whole new definition o the word Fool. Why? Because of the way he continues to arrive at foolish conclusions and broadcast them as facts. He is a very dangerous man because of how he gets his foolish thoughts and logic on the airways. His latest assertions about the severity of Hurricane Matthews defy logic

Many people who listen to Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) have total faith in what the likes of Drudge, Hannity, Limbaugh and other Conservative blowhards say. People make decisions, including how to respond to hurricanes based on what they hear coming from these outlets.

Drudge’s assertions about the severity of Hurricane Matthews may have cost lives. . What he said and to whom he said it to put many lives in danger. How many people, believing what Drudge said, decided to hunker down and ride out the storm, rather than relocate to safer locations?

Is the loss of over 900 lives and total destruction of several communities in Haiti an indication of the severity of Hurricane Matthew? Is the continued  loss of life in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina an indication of the severity of Hurricane Matthew? Are the billions of dollars necessary to rebuild and recover affected areas an indication of the severity? An estimate of over 30 billion-dollar payout by insurance companies maybe too low.

To Matt Drudge. You have sunk lower than I ever imagined. There was no rhyme or reason for you to put people lives in harms way just to get listeners and line your pockets with gains gotten at the expense of said folks.

Sunday, October 9, 16

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Donald Trump playing his trump card

Donald Trump’s ascension to the top of the Republican Party’s is something to behold. I will say one thing, his arrogance is beyond belief. He may have gone completely over the top in his comments about his non-payment of taxes in some yet undefined years. if you listen closely as he speaks, you can see his disdain and lack of respect for the intellect of average Americans, and says without saying we are fools for not creating financial situations that looks like we are not making any money that is taxable. Imagine that. Some of his supporters are calling him a genus for his creativity with his taxes. Thus far, no one has called him a crook. Here Goes. The man is a crook. The same man that frequently calls Mr. Clinton-Crooked Hilary. One way or another, his taxes will be looked at. I suspect, the IRS is doing some serious auditing of Trump’s tax filing spanning several years. He is a great talker when he is in control of the conservation. Not sure he can control the narrative pertaining to his taxes and other financial dealings.

LC's Commentary

Donald Trump is currently, the front-runner for the Republican Party selection to become President of the United States. Millions of Americans continue to be amazed at the amount of support he is getting from a vast assortment of people. What is it about his behavior, tone of voice and overall message that is so appealing to so many people?

For starters as Plato said in the Republic: many people admire his coolness and dexterity, as he appears to be unaffected by a barrage of attacks leveled at him by opponents. Some see this as a sign of strength. Others like his arrogance and down in the gutter manner of speech and choice of words.

When Donald Trump initially threw his hat into the political arena (seeking office of the President of the United States) few took him seriously. He probably didn’t see himself being a serious candidate. Lo and behold…

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Cry Baby Sean Hannity


I am not one to wish this thing called bad luck on anyone. However, where Sean Hannity is concerned, I make an exception. This man, with his mike and mouth has caused irreparable damage to our political system. He has increased the wedge between people, by continually using wealth or lack of as a wedge issue. He loves to play the it’s us against the rest of them game. He love to play the government is going to take our gun game(second amendment)

He continually berate and lambast all who he says are of the liberal persuasion. He has made liberal a dirty word.  His use of this strategy has made his a very rich man with a substantial following. His audience has not help the situation. They have made him into what he really isn’t. Showering him with unfettered and unending accolades has caused him to think that that he deserves recognition and an avenue into the political process. They have told him that he can walk on water for so long that he believes he can actually walk on water People call him a great American. Great doing what? Would America be worse off if Hannity and his programs went away tomorrow? I know most of us need our plumbers and mechanics much more than we need him. It is said talk is cheap. He has cheapened it even more.

Listen as he brags about giving a presidential candidate advice about how to run his campaign. I will give him credit; he has this propaganda thing down to a science. Himmler, Hitler’s propaganda person would be proud of the job Hannity is doing. To his listeners and dedicated followers; how and why have so many of you arrived at the conclusion that Hannity is so much smarter and better informed than you ? Through what methodology did you arrive at the conclusion that you can trust that everything he says is factual? Why have you allowed Hannity do the thinking for you for so long?

Hannity and many of his followers say America has lost the dictatorial powers that it once had. He appears to feel that America has some right to tell people all over the rest of the world how to act. I am unsure who gave America this authority. If one listen closely to what he says; it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that he feels the only thing necessary to keep and maintain this power, is the power of the bomb. This is why he is always talking about rebuilding our military might. Wonder why he never talks about what it cost to literally run the whole world from the shores of the United States.

Hannity devotees, for once, open your minds and see the person Hannity really is. He is but a guy that saw a weakness in some people and figured out how to take advantage of it. He takes advantage of the fears of people-fears of threats, real and imagined. This would be a much better nation if he took his ill-gotten riches and slowly rode away into the sunset.


Wednesday, August 31, 16

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Sharing Why not?


Given today’s unending and growing friction and animosity between races, nations and the haves and have not, what is a reasonable expectation of what is to come? Certainly in a Country whose economic system is based on capitalism, things will  get worse. The way that wealth is distributed assures this outcome. Hook and crook is not necessary.   It reminds me of a lion’s kill. The lion pride eats its share. When their appetite is satisfied and bellies are filled, they slowly saunter away; find a shady spot and rest for a very long time. Meanwhile, after the lions have taken all they want, other animals move in to spar and fight over what the lions did not eat. Buzzards, Jackals, Fox, hyenas etc. jockey and fight, trying to get a little piece of what is left. No different as far as humans are concerned. Those in the middle and at the bottom are constantly fighting over the scraps left by the rich. There are times when it takes the whole carcass to satisfy the hunger needs of a lions pack and nothing is left but bones. Animals who do not have the jaw power to make a meal of bones go hungry. Some animals never get a full meal. The same thing happens under capitalism. There are those who never get a decent share of the kill.

Notice. I never mentioned the word Fair. All I am saying is why is it necessary for some folk to have so much wealth, while others go hungry? Why are some folk so unwilling to share for the good of mankind? Why put a people in a position that they feel it necessary to get access to the wealth of this nation by illegal means? Until more people of means understand and accept the notion that there is nothing wrong with sharing wealth, the gap between haves and have not will continue to grow.

It is written that the knowledge of our nature, and the circumstances which govern the character and conduct of man, are to be acquired only by attending to the facts which exist around us, and to the past history of the human species. In other words, what has taken place in the past that helped create the situation in which we find ourselves?


This writer Owens makes the argument that this whole individual thing is what tears a people apart, and unless it is entirely abandoned, it will be useless to expect any substantial, permanent improvement in the condition of the human race, for this system ever has been, and must ever remain directly opposed to universal charity, benevolence, and kindness; and until the means were discovered, and can be brought into practice, by which universal charity, benevolence, and kindness, can be made to pervade the heart and mind of every human being, a state of society in which “peace on earth and good will to man” shall exist, must remain unknown and unenjoyed by mankind

Finally, Owens is saying, “Folks, we had better take care of what is ailing this country. If not, what you see today will continue to grow. I.e. Donald Trump. He and his followers may have the makings a Fourth Reich.

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Donald Trump playing his trump card


Donald Trump is currently, the front-runner for the Republican Party selection to become President of the United States. Millions of Americans continue to be amazed at the amount of support he is getting from a vast assortment of people. What is it about his behavior, tone of voice and overall message that is so appealing to so many people?

For starters as Plato said in the Republic: many people admire his coolness and dexterity, as he appears to be unaffected by a barrage of attacks leveled at him by opponents. Some see this as a sign of strength. Others like his arrogance and down in the gutter manner of speech and choice of words.

When Donald Trump initially threw his hat into the political arena (seeking office of the President of the United States) few took him seriously. He probably didn’t see himself being a serious candidate. Lo and behold, at some point, his run for the office took on new meaning and he and his handlers realized he was beginning to develop a huge following.

So what is happening to Trump? Plato makes it plain; there are some whom the applause of the multitude has deluded into the belief that they are really statesmen, and these are not much to be admired. Plato continues: When a man cannot measure, and a great many others cannot measure declare that he is four cubits high, can he help believing what they say? Trump is being transformed into what he thinks he is by the rhetoric he is exposed to daily.

The huge following Trump has and the masses he gets at his rallies gives him the illusion that he is the man for the job of President of the United States. The ability to gather huge crowds does not necessarily translate to the ability run a Nation. Many people see Trump’s wealth as a sign of power. This may be so from a capitalistic point of view. (Buying power.) However, as Plutarch, Greek Historian and Philosopher explained: men long for immortality, to which no flesh can attain, and for power, for the most part in the hands of fortune while they give virtue, the only divine excellence of which we are capable, the last place in their scheme of values. But here they show themselves fools, since a life that is spent in the midst of power and great fortune and authority still needs justice to make it divine, (great) for injustice renders it merely brutish. (Insensitive, cruel, inhumane)

Thus far, most of what Trump followers hear at rallies is shallow opinions at best. Half-truths and outright lies are part of his message. It is obvious that some love to hear him berate people with his caustic rhetoric and pay little attention to what he says about how he intends to run the Country.

I heard a talk show caller suggest that Trump was not who he wished to become President. However, if Trump won, he could select a Vice President who would run and win in 2020 and 2024. He felt with the right people in his office, he would not do irreparable harm to the Country. Imagine that logic. Win, no matter the consequences. Donald Trump, like many other politicians are preying on the fears of people. He is using the sky is falling rhetoric, and it is working. This kind of rhetoric is effective because entirely too many people do not take the time to do their own research into matters that are very important to them and this nation. For instance, why do many people believe that Iran wants a nuclear weapon so it can nuke the United States? If we are afraid of one, nuke, surely Iran has a valid reason to be afraid of our thousands of nukes. The same logic goes for North Korea.

It is probably a stretch to say that the Republican Party created the ideology of Trump. However, it did create an environment in which he feels he can comfortably spout his inflammatory, thinly disguised, and caustic views without concerns for his views causing problems for his selection for the Republican candidate for president of these United States of America. .

Trump is doing what is called holding his cards close to his chest. It is difficult to ascertain if he is bluffing or has a good hand. Certainly in the Primary election, he appears to have a good hand and is playing it well. On the other hand, there are times when it is clear that he is bluffing. He knows how to play with the minds of the uninformed. He knows those infatuated with his rhetoric and ways of presenting his argument and position on several fronts, assures him of a large following, which equates to large voter support. So many people have bought into his lies about how he intends to change things. They are blinded by the way he behaves anytime he is given an opportunity to speak. Those mesmerized by his rhetoric seem to have forgotten about this thing called truth. Frances Bacon, English Philosopher and Statesman had this to say. The idols (obsession-ideas) and false notions which are now in possession of the human understanding have taken deep root therein, not only to beset men’s minds that truth can hardly find entrance, but even after entrance obtained, they will in the very instauration (restoration) of the sciences (knowledge) meet and trouble us, unless men being forewarned of the danger fortify themselves as far as may be against their assaults. What is it about Trump’s presentation that makes it so irresistible to so many people? Why are they so willing to take trump’s words as truthful statements? Is it as Bacon says? Truth will have a difficult time penetrating the minds and hearts of these folks. And even after truth is discovered, they will still blindly follow Trump.


2 May 2016

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Raised on Rush

The Donald Trump ascension to the top of the Republican platform for President of these United States continues to create anxiety and confuse many  people. Many who say they support Trump are not quite sure if it is his message that draws them to him or his presentation.

Take a minute and look at what Americans have been subjected to, for many years by Rush Limbaugh and an assortment of Conservative talking heads. Those who listen to these folks on a regular basis have been brain-washed to the point that entirely too many of them have lost the ability to think for themselves.

When I hear someone call in and admit that they have been listening to the same talk shows for many years, a light goes off in my head.   How should someone be expected to behave and think when he/she willingly and eagerly feed from the trough filled with the swill from these talking heads, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year?

I listen as callers pour out their hearts to these talking heads; telling them how difficult life is for them. Most claim to have all kinds of problems, especially financial. Of course, talking heads, including Rush Limbaugh, without a moment’s hesitation, explains to them why they are having difficulties. I have yet to hear one of the callers ask one of these talking heads how they have managed to do so well, in the same environment they profess to be so bad.

Although most Talking Heads have different way of making their appeal and presentation to their audiences, the messages are usually the same-blame most if not all of the problems of this Nation on the Liberal establishment. The thing called fear works very well. For instance, they have convinced their listeners that if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, they will use it to attack America. The United States has thousands of Nuclear weapons. Common sense suggest that just maybe Iran is not foolish enough to take on our thousands with one nuke. Talking heads have convinced their listeners that corporate tax rate is what has driven US Corporations overseas. They tell their listeners what the tax rate is, but neglect to tell them at what rate they actually pay (effective tax rate.) I am sure this is not a deliberate omission of facts.

Take your pick; Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill Cunningham, Mark Levin, Savage, Herman Cain, Glen Beck and other light weight, less recognizable talking heads. They all tell the same story and use the same tactics-mostly fear. Lets us not forget what comes at listeners, almost 24 hours a day on Fox.

Trump’s ascension to the top has these Talking Heads in a pickle. Trump has actually divided them, and they are unsure how to handle it. At some point, there will certainly be more open warfare between these folk. Look what happened between Trump and Fox. It is unclear who backed down. Fox and Megan most likely were forced to eat crow and bow down to Trump. Look at what is happening between the Republican old guard and Trump. Trump appears unwilling to go along just to get along. This is all new to the Republican Party.

How this situation will eventually pan out is very uncertain.. However, Talking Heads will continue to fight for control of the minds and thoughts of their listeners. As voters look to replace the old guard of the Republican Party, they should devote some time and energy to finding new sources of information.


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Save me a seat at the table


I continue to be amused as I observe Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) and now Fox Business Network (FBN) jockey for the position of Trump’s favorite so called news outlet. Talk about sucking up to an individual. I know Trump salivates each time he sees these folks literally down on their knees and begging him not to forget them and the favors they are now doing for him during this election cycle. Megan Kelly and Roger Aisles were at odds with Trump until his numbers went up in the polls and his delegate count did likewise. It is uncertain at this time, who waved the white flag. Knowing Trump when it comes to backing down from a position, I would say Fox caved in.

There was certainly a time when most of the above mentioned so called news outlet, were for the most part railing against Trump and figured he did not have a chance of becoming the Republican nominee. Wrong just as they were wrong about Obama becoming President of these United States. How many times can they get it wrong?

As we get ever closer to the Republican Convention in Cleveland Ohio in June of this year, many people including the talking head of the Republican Party and their CTR, FNN, and FBN flunkies are scratching their heads and wondering how and why this thing has gotten so messy and uncertain. I am wondering when some if not all of these talking heads will find a way to blame their problems and situations on President Obama and Liberals.

Of course, much of what is happening can be laid squarely at the feet of CTR, FNN and FBN. Republican Office holders must share a lot of the responsibility for what is taking place. They were constantly running to these outlets and mouthing off, mostly about how bad President Obama had made it since taking office. According to all of them, nothing has improved since George Bush left office. Funny that not one of them is willing to say “ Let us put things back the way they were when Obama took office. “

Some would say, many people would not benefit, no matter which Political Party is in office, especially those of the middle and lower income class. I suppose it is akin to where and how the poison is dispensed and who dispenses it.

Here is where CTR, FNN and FBN have really poisoned the well and made civil discussion impossible about the have and have not, rich and poor, workers and jobless, and the list goes on and continues to grow. To these outlets, everything is just a game with the winners taking all. Any conversation about more people sharing in the wealth of this nation is berated and disavowed by these folks. Their listeners buy into this, no matter that their wealth continues to wane and will eventually be wiped out. One of their favorite dividers is called income/wealth redistribution. Another one is over-taxing the rich. Never mind clear indications and fact that the rich continues to get richer, while at the same time the middle class and lower income people become poorer.

A lot of political power lies in the middle class. It common knowledge, or should be, that most people in the middle-class are white. They are the ones who are finally tired of seeing their wealth and buying power on a down hill spiral. Many things taking place in the United Stated have negatively impacted them to the point where they are saying, we will not take it anymore, and are willing to do whatever to right the ship.

I am certain there will come a day when they will realize that CTR, FNN and FBN has never had their best interest in mind and they have been nothing but pawns for these outlets for many years and election cycles.

The middle Class apparent selection to take on the Establishment is questionable. However, if not him, who? People are just looking for change. They were looking for change when they elected Obama. I hope whom ever is elected will make changes that will make life better for all, instead of just make change for the sake of change.

What impacts will CTR, FNN and FBN have on the eventual outcome of the election; will they be singled out as some of the main causes of the caustic, inflammatory and devise political discourse that permeates the halls of Congress? Or will they be giving a free pass to continue to do business as usual, playing one side against the other.

The Republican Party is finally waking up to the fact that these outlets can be very cruel, and take no prisoners. Having tired of picking on Liberals, they have turned their attack dogs of who or what were once their favorite people. Plain and simple, they see no need to seek favoritism and buddies from some Conservatives, and are willing to take their chances with new faces and ideas, especially Trump and his followers.

Where are Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Bill Crystal, Carl Rowe and other so-called spokespersons for Conservatives? These outlets have used them up and they are looking for a new crop of flunkies and water-carriers.

Conservative Talk Radio, Fox News Network and Fox Business Network are doing everything in their power to get on the good side of Trump, just in case he becomes President of these United States

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Who will compromise

For clarity, let us define the word compromise. The word has several meanings.

Cooperation, negotiation, concession, conciliation, finding the middle ground, give and take.

The antonym for compromise is confrontation.

Recently I heard some of the Conservative persuasion mentioning the word compromise favorably. If my memory serves me correctly, it wasn’t that long ago when any mention of compromising was view as caving in to the other side (Democratic side.) Taking a page out of the NRA, they said no Republican should consider compromising on any issue. Taking it further were those of the Tea Party. They said and stood by the assertion that their way was the only way and compromising suggested weakness and desertion from party positions. On the sidelines and urging hard line Republicans to resist any hint of compromising, and to stand their ground was Conservative Talk Radio (CTR), Fox News Network (FNN) and Fox Business Network (FBN.).

Fast forwards to today. The hard and fast resistance to compromising is raising havoc and confusion within the Republican Party. Many Republican who have no love for Trump and his politics, are now being asked to compromise and be more conciliatory on many issues, lest they hurt the Republican Party and assure Hilary Clinton election to the White House.

Poor Republican voters, Lawmakers, and those running for office are uncertain what to do. Should they stand their ground and not compromise their belief about Trump? Should they break from the position that has been ingrained in their heads and politics for years by CTR, FNN, FBN and lately, the T-Party? Confusion is running amok. Millions are uncertain what to do.

Republicans are concerned that a large segment of potential supporters will not vote to keep from voting for Trump. This potential block of non-voters could mean the difference between Hillary or Trump becoming President. There is some justice in what is taking place in the Republican Party. It has allowed outside influence to take control of its actions. This hard and fast rule about comprising has hurt not only politics; it has hurt this nation. Many people who at one time were willing to consider their opposition’s position now accepts talking heads position that to negotiate is a sign of weakness. This is what they have listened to for many years, especially from Talking Heads of the Conservative persuasion and hard line Republican politicians.

How can those who have lined their pockets by making compromise such a dirty word, make it not so bad between now and the November election? As a matter of fact, how can they make compromising acceptable between now and the Republican Convention to be held in June of 2016 in Cleveland Ohio? Concessions are a must and will have to be made. Will those of the Republican Party, who to this date are dead set against Trump being the nominee, bite the bullet and vote for Trump? This is the unanswered question that is fresh on the minds of millions of voters. The bottom line is who will compromise?

2 May 2016

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We know what is best for you

We know what is best or you


Those of the Conservative persuasion has long held the belief that getting rid of labor Unions was one of the best and quickest fixes for labor, management, and wage problems in America. Obviously they were being untruthful when they said employees would have better working conditions including better wages, health care and retirement packages if labor Unions were out of the picture. Fox News Network (FNN) and Conservative Talk Radio (CTR.) took up the fight and constantly advocated getting rid of Labor Unions.

Many who benefited from gains made by Labor Unions, were convinced by talking heads that unions were indeed bad for them, and things would be better without organized labor. Never in their wildest dream did most of them think the demise of Labor Unions would affect them directly. One would think that any right thinking person would look at the efforts required by Labor Unions to make gains for employees and see that without concentrated efforts, employees are at the mercy of employers.

Why is it so easy for FNN and CTR to convince their listeners that labor Unions are bad? Simple! The talking heads on these outlets have been priming their listeners to think a certain way for many years. Still others were convinced that it was unnecessary for them to think at all. All they had to do was listen to and embrace the Conservative points of view. Points of view constantly spouted all over the airwaves, 24 hours per day by FNN and CTR. Put another way, entirely too many of their listeners do not take the time to listen to and questioning what these folk were advocating. Their listeners have been convinced that these talking heads are intellectuals and wise and what they spout is always in the best interest of their audiences.

These same talking heads are now lamenting that the American Middle Class is being destroyed by the loss of well-paying jobs. They are right about this. However, many of the jobs lost were union jobs. Loss of these well-paying jobs were lost in the Rust Belt (Great lakes area.) Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania are some of the states that are suffering due to loss of well-paying jobs.

For a very long time, many who agreed with FNN and CTR and most Conservatives, felt the Middle Class (mostly white) was safe from the ravages of Union Busting. Those of the middle class thought; ”surely those we have elected and kept in office for many years would always have our best interest in mind when making labor decisions. “ Wrong! Now they see the real impact of a mostly non-union workforce. Entirely too many of them did not realize the very people they were trying to get out of unions were their neighbors, children, parents and friends and in may instances, they themselves.

Loss of jobs that make up the middle class has other negative ramifications. Neighborhoods are in decline, schools are closing and graduation rates are dismal. Children of the middleclass are heavily indebted due to student loans and many are now living with their parents and grandparents. Last but not least; many are suffering from the ravages of drugs of all sorts. Heroin use is of epidemic proportion.

This union busting thing has come full circle. Are workers better off? Are they better paid, with better benefits, including health care and retirements? Are their children and grandchildren better off? Are their neighborhoods better and safer? Is the quality of education better? What about the public infrastructure? Is it better maintained since the loss of union jobs?

I tuned in to the Bill Bennett radio talk show this morning. His guest was a well-known talking head, Fred Barnes.

Fred Barnes is executive editor of The Weekly Standard, which he cofounded in 1995. From 1985 to 1995, he was senior editor and White House correspondent for the New Republic. He covered the Supreme Court and the White House for the Washington Star before moving to the Baltimore Sun in 1979. He served as the national political correspondent for the Sun and wrote the “Presswatch” media column for the American Spectator.

Commentator Bennett asked Fred who and why were voters angry enough to vote for Trump. To my amazement, he said those most angered were the Blue Collar workers. Bennett pressed him on this assertion. Fred said that many Blue-collar workers felt that they were the forgotten class and needed someone in the President’s office that would have their best interest in mind, and Trump was saying exactly what they wanted to hear. They also feel he will deliver on his promises, no matter how far fetched, and unrealistic they appear.

Think for a minute; many of the Blue Collar workers were union members in the factories in the Midwest. Many workers, though non-union enjoyed benefits fought for and gained by organized labor. Many non-union employees sat back and made no effort to keep the Right-to-Work issue from gaining traction. As a matter of fact, many of them applauded the efforts of Scott Walker as he worked tireless to dismantle organized labor in Wisconsin.

So why are Blue Collar workers angry? To whom should their anger be directed? As expected, many try to shift the blame to the Democratic Party and President Obama. Some will make muted statements about the Republican Party. However, I have yet to hear Blue Collar (middle class) mostly white workers having a real conversation with their grand old party Representatives about the negative impact of union busting. They appear to be afraid to speak out about the impact on cities, jobs, families, wages, schools, tax base and the general welfare of workers and those whose very livelihood depend on well-paid workers. Is it misplaced loyalty? Is it blindly following and voting for a Political Party whose concern for their welfare is questionable?   It appears many of the Conservative persuasion merely vote for a Party rather than a principle. They even vote against a principle or position that is in their best interest, just to support the party platform. The same can be said about many in the Liberal Party

The demise of the middle class, including Blue Collar workers will continue as long as they continue to see President Regan policies as the best thing since Apple Pie. Wasn’t it President Regan that sold them on the idea of Trickle Down Economics? Here they are patiently waiting for their share of this nation’s wealth to trickle down. It never has and never will, as long as this thing called Capitalism remains in its current configuration. It will never trickle down as long as the rich can never be rich enough. It will never change until those with very little and those in the middle class band together as one to take on those who suck up most of the wealth of this nation. Most of the wealthy appear unwilling to share just a little larger piece of the pie.  Why, you ask is this the case? It is quite simple; Greed!

Workers, who agreed with talking heads about the problems caused by labor unions, got just what they deserved when they lost their jobs. Meanwhile none of those spewing daily diatribes advocating union busting lost their jobs. Somehow, some way, those responsible for convincing a large segment of society that organized labor was and continues to be bad for this nation’s workforce should be held accountable for the outcome of union demise. Responsibility lies squarely at the feet of Republican lawmakers, Fox News Network, Conservative Talk Radio and businesses fighting to get rid of unions.



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