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Still fighting the battle.

Why are we treated so badly?  This is the question asked by many White women. Why, after supporting their men in every way for so many years.

I continue to be amused at the public support given those who treat women badly. President Trump publicly supported Bill O’Reilly when accusations about his behavior towards women became public.  He stated that Bill was a good man and did nothing wrong. I concluded that what President Trump suggested is that maybe O’Reilly did some of the things of which he is accused. However, he does not see anything wrong with this kind of behavior. It is a struggle to understand why men with the characteristics of Trump and O’Reilly continue to get support from women, particularly white women.

One must go back in history to glean why American males continue to see women as toys, and as with toys, there are owners. Making females uncomfortable in the workplace is a classic way of showing whose boss. Snide remarks, sexual innuendos and uninvited attention are some of the tactics used to demean women.

Women must understand that their belief that they are on the same level as men, and as such, demand equal treatment, even today is a myth. To understand the nature of what is taking place in the workplace between women and men, one must take a minute and look at the history of the relationship between men and women in the US.

Look at the struggles and battles Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought in their efforts to secure women rights to vote. They were battling against the grandfathers of the men currently controlling almost every aspect of American life. Even today, many white males are of the same impression as their grandfathers and fight, tooth and nail to maintain their status as the head of the feeding trough.  Although under an entirely different look, it is still a battle. Ground is given grudgingly, however, without an all-out battle to maintain the status quo.

In 1854, Stanton received an unprecedented invitation to address the New York legislature; her speech resulted in new legislation in 1860 granting married women the rights to their wages and to equal guardianship of their children.

During the Civil War, Stanton again worked for abolitionism. In 1863 she and Anthony organized the Women’s National Loyal League, which gathered more than 300,000 signatures on petitions calling for immediate emancipation. The movement to extend the franchise to African American men after the war, however, caused her bitterness and outrage, reemphasized the disenfranchisement of women, and led her and her colleagues to redouble their efforts for woman suffrage.

Finally, in 1920, women were given the right to vote in the United States. Less than a hundred years ago. Imagine that!

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