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Russian Agent Calif. Rep. Devin Nunes?

More light is shone, each day on the possibility that the Russians have compromised Rep. Nunes. He is actions are those of an individual desperately trying to deflect attention away from Russian meddling in American politics. One has to wonder what is driving his blatant and obvious attempt protect Trump and other folks involved in the Russian/Trump fiasco. He is determined to protect Trump, no matter how it affects the United States. There is a distinct possibility that Special Prosecutor Mueller already has the goods on him and is just waiting for the right time to drop this bombshell. Many people have questioned Nunes motives for trying so hard to discredit Special Prosecutor Mueller and taint any findings that his investigation turn up that shines the light on Trump and his campaign officials corruption. It is especially bothersome to see and hear him and his flunkies, including Gowdy, Hannity and other suckups demanding that they have more classified information currently in the hands of the Justice Department. There is little concern that making some of this information public, could possibly expose people to harm and danger from the Russians. In January of 2018 there were several actions by Nunes that caused many people to question his motives for conspiring with the White House, and sharing secret information that may well have been related to the Russian meddling in the 2016 campaign and other illegal activities undertaken by Trump folks. Nunes has to be more than a little concerned about the number of Trump folks who had contact with Russian Agents. It is certain that he wish he had access to all of the information that Mueller has on Trump and his folks. He has to wonder what Mueller has uncovered about his relationship with Trump and his campaign. He is probably wondering how much Mueller has uncovered about his relationship with Hannity, Dobbs, Cain and the whole propaganda stable at Fox. Eventually the truth about Nunes will surface. The sooner the better. The damage he and his cronies are causing America is immeasurable.


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Enough already

As the Trump saga heats up, the possibility of impeachment is talked about in some quarters. It is obvious that Trump is taking lots of liberties as President that certainly invites a really close look at his actions. Although, many of his actions have yet to be proven that he has broken any laws that would stand the high standards that  warrants impeachment.

A brief thoughtful study prepared by a committee of the association of the Bar of the City of New York. Taking liberty with the brief- they made the following observation.

The grounds for impeachment are not limited to or synonymous with crimes (indeed act constituting a crime may not be sufficient for the impeachment of an office holder in all circumstances.) Rather we believe that acts, which undermine the integrity of government, are sufficient grounds whether or not they happen to constitute offenses under the general criminal law. In our view, the essential nexus to damaging the integrity of government may be found in acts, which constitutes corruption in, or flagrant abuse of the powers of official position. It may also be found in acts which, without directly affecting governmental processes, undermine that degree of public confidence in the probity of executive and judicial officers that is essential to the effectiveness in a free society… At the heart of the matter is the determination that the officeholder has demonstrated by his actions that he is unfit to continue in the office in question.

As with Nixon, there is enough evidence that Trump has not carried out the duties of the President as spelled out in the Constitution. In the Resolution to impeach Nixon, Article I plainly states Nixon’s behavior that warranted impeachment.

Excerpts regarding Nixon’s impending Impeachment taken from Constitutional Law, Cases and Materials by Gerald Gunther. University Casebook Series.

Article I

In his conduct of the office of President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon, in violation of his constitutional oath to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, and in violation of his constitutional duty to take care that laws be faithfully executed, has prevented, obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice.

Article II of the Impeachment Resolution makes the same argument that Nixon is unfit to remain in office because of his behavior as President to the United States.

It is time Congress stop trying to protect President Trump from the Justice Department, get a backbone and remove Trump from office. It is beginning to look like there are those in congress that cannot not do their duties because of the possibility they are personally involved in the Trump web of deception. Chairman Nunes comes to mind. He is working overtime to either shut down the investigation or undermine the efforts of the Justice Department. His behavior since Trump took office deserves some serious examination. Trump has undermined the Separation of Powers of the US Government because Congress, under the leadership of the Republican Party has relinquished its power of oversight of the Office of the President of the United States.

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Trump’s New Enabling Act

Each day new revelations about the misdeeds of Donald Trump, his Administration, and those in his circle are uncovered. Despite shocking revelations of influence peddling, contact with foreign agents and possible money laundering, his supporters are not willing to accept any of these revelations as facts. The few Trump supporters who agree that Trump has done something illegal response is- So What? The latest revelation that the general feeling among lawyers familiar with case law regarding Trump’s situation, say indicting a sitting President is unconstitutional. Of course those in the Trump camp takes this to mean that if he cannot be indicted, then he can not be charged with a crime while in office. To me, this flies in the face of the long-held belief, that in America, no one is above the law. I assume this includes the President.
Given the fact that those in power to check the President and his unlawful use of the power of the office have long sense given up any pretense of trying to initiate any semblance of checks and balances-Trump is reasonably assured that he has free -rein. Trump feels he has unlimited power and can do anything he wishes.
This attitude about Presidential powers takes us back to Hitler and the Third Reich. Early in his administration, Hitler initiated something called The Enabling Act. Prior to its enactment, many in the German Government felt the government was slowly but surely being hijacked by Hitler and the Nazi Party. Take a look at those in power in the US House and Senate. Very few members are willing to resist anything Trump does. Many Germans felt the same way about Hitler. Alan Bullock had this to say “ Street gangs had seized control of a great modern State, the gutter has come to power” But- Hitler never ceased to boast “legally” By an overwhelming vote of Parliament. The Germans had no one to blame but themselves.
Fast-forward to today. What is the narrative? His supporters constantly point out that Trump was duly elected and since he was elected legally, all Americans are duty-bound to support his agenda, no matter the negative consequences. . Trump reminds the whole world, on a regular basis that he was legally elected and anything that suggest otherwise is Fake news.
Is it possible that Trump sees himself as some kind of God and can do no wrong? Most of his supporter appears to view him the same way. Right and wrong have new meanings since Trump came to power. Trump has initiated his own Enabling Act.

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Propaganda Machine getting more traction

There continues to be this strange and troublesome relationship between the US Government and Fox News Channel. It is apparent that information from the White House is shared with Fox. It is obvious that Fox has unlimited access to the White House, and the White House has the same access to Fox. Relationship/interviews with other news outlet have ceased. There needs to be an in depth look into this relationship. Sean Hannity, the mouth piece for Fox and its connection to the White House should be looked at officially. It is certain that Trump has divulged things to Hannity that should interest Special Prosecutor Mueller and his team.
New information is discovered almost daily, pulling back the layers of corruption in the Trump White House. How long will a Republican led Congress turn a blind eye to his actions? How long does Americans sit back and watch those elected to enforce the laws of this nation do absolutely nothing to stop his illegal actions? What is it that Trump has on these folks that causes them to be afraid to take actions against him? The actions of Chairman Nunes certainly suggest Trump has something on him and threatens to use it if Nunes does not do his bidding. House Speaker Ryan appears totally helpless to do his job-wonder why? These folks are a pitiful sight and I wonder how many of them can return to their homes and face the people that voted them into office.
Of course, many voters are happy with their actions. They feel they are getting exactly what they voted for. They feel, even though they are part of the collateral damage, they will stand by the man they voted for, no matter the consequences. Their actions suggest a totally disconnect with reality. Some call it stupidity-with stupidity being defined as an unawareness of the long-range consequences of one actions. What will it take to awaken Trump supporters to the fact that he is doing tremendous damage to this Nation and how America is viewed around the world? I am hopeful that eventually these supporters, will use the remote and turn to another channel for a bit. Get a different view of the world and politics. After all, Hannity does not have the answers to every question, even though millions have been led to think so.
Think for a minute…Hannity, Limbaugh, Hewitt, Ingram, Gallagher, Thompson, Cain, Sanders, and other blowhards have convinced millions to forgo their religious up-bringing, forget all they have been taught all of their life about the difference between right and wrong, and support Donald Trump-a man with so many character flaws. These facts suggest their minds have been hijacked and they have lost the power to think for themselves. Their crap detectors have been totally removed-plain and simple! This is the way an effective propaganda machine works. Just keep pounding the message into their audience heads, no matter if its truth or lies. Hitler and Goebbels would be proud of these folks.

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What will it take to remove the blinders

As evidence of wrongdoings in the Trump Organization continues to mount, his rabid supporters refuse to accept the fact that a lot of criminal and unethical behavior has taken place. As a matter of fact, criminal and unethical behavior continues to take place. Has anything ever taken place in America that remotely resembles what is taking place today? Has a people, in such large numbers ever been totally under the spell of a Leader and refuse to believe anything no matter how factual, that disputes what he and his Propaganda machine puts on national media?
Think for a minute of how Trump is portrayed by his followers. It goes something like this: The end justify the means. It is not how you won, but the fact that you won. The leader is above the law and above the moral compass of the ordinary man. Trump is to his supporters as Hitler was seen by his supporters. Trump fits the mold of a great leader as spelled out by Nietzsche and Hegel. Their thinking went something like this. They maybe called heroes, in as much as they derive their purposes and their vocation, not from the calm regular course , which impinges on the outer world and burst it into pieces. of things sanctioned by the existing order; but from a concealed fount, from the inner spirit, still hidden beneath the surface, which impinges on the outer world as on a shell and burst into pieces.
As with Hitler, Trump believes that that some of what he hopes to accomplish may skirt the law,including the US Constitution and is morally questionable.  However, the end justify the means. It is all about winning. As with Hitler, Trump is a ruthless individual and will use every methodology to have his way. Hitler, Goebbels and the Third Reich had the majority of Germans believing that everything Hitler and Goebbels disseminated was factual. When information started to filter out regarding what was taking place in Concentration camps, most Germans refuse to accept the fact that such heinous atrocities could take place in their homeland. There were whispers about Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Dachau, Munchhausen, Sachsenhausen, Treblinka-other concentration camps and what took place within these pounds. A significant number of Germans were comfortable with the notion that these Concentration camps were being utilize to accomplish Hitler’s Final Solution.
When the Allied Armies forced German citizens to visit Concentration-camps and observe how these sites were utilized, many of them still refuse to believe what they were seeing. Why-because Hitler and his Propaganda machine never told them this is what was taking place in these facilities. And, since they had been told something else, the Something else was the truth. Even when citizens were forced to sling dead rotten and decomposing and stinking bodies over their shoulders and carry them to mass graves, many still refuse to believe their Leader and his administration had anything to do with it.
You have the same situation with the Trump Administration and his Propaganda Machine. Everything his followers read on his daily Twitters and what they see and hear on Conservative Talk Radio and Fox Stations are taken as indisputable facts and anything else heard anywhere else is Fake News and outright lies designed to bring down the Trump Administration.
As one listens to the ranting of Trump and the response he gets from his followers, it becomes clearer how Jim Jones got all of those people to do his bidding and drink the poison.

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Swamp getting larger

Millions of people, especially American voters continue to wonder how Donald trump won the 2016 Presidential election. As Special appointed Prosecutor Mueller, through his investigation, continue to peel back the layers of influence in the election, some disconcerting things are surfacing. Try as they may, those using all kinds of hook and crook will not be able to hold back the tide of what is slowly but surely uncovering what took place in the election. Many people, following the election suggested a simple following the money trail would eventually lead to misdeeds and corruption and collusion in the election.
Lets go back to what convinced enough people in Ohio, Florida, Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, Georgia and  select other States that Trump was the individual they knew in their hearts and minds would be exactly the kind of politician America needed to undo what they had been told Obama did to America.
Who convinced millions of American that everything Obama did while in office was bad for America and must be undone at all cost? Was it the Conservative Propaganda Machine?
Who and what methods were use to convinced these voters that they could trust Trump and those he would put in his cabinet? Who and what medium was used to convince those supporting Trump that his character, integrity, honesty, and understanding of how government works was exactly what was missing in America? Who, by what means were honest hard-working Bible-believing, church-going folks convinced to set aside all they have been listening to coming out of the mouths of their Ministers that conflicted with Trump’s behavior?
Simple! Initially it was Conservative Talk Radio(CTR) Eventually Fox New Network(FNN) was added to the mix. Next came Fox Business Network(FBN). The new kid on the block is One America News(OAN). Let us not forget Pat Robertson. His network has misled listeners for several years and convinced them that Trump was what this nation needed in the White House.
Contrary to popular belief, Trump was not an over-night sensation. Many people and organizations were greasing the skids for Donald Trump well before it became public and obvious that he would seek the Office of President of the United States. Those with ideas akin to the thinking and behavior of Trump, got busy several years before the election with a propaganda machine that began to slowly alter the thinking of millions of American voters. Limbaugh, Hannity, O’riley, ,Bennett, Levin, and other Conservative Talk Radio blowhards used the same tactics and logic as Joseph Goebbels and the Third Reich in Germany. Hitler’s success was not an overnight thing. Operations were put in place(Propaganda machine) in the thirties and was running full steam by 1939. At the helm was a man called Joseph Goebbels. His title was Propaganda Minister. I’ve listened to Hannity, Limbaugh and other Right Wing Conservative media outlets enough to understand that their rhetoric is right out of Goebbels propaganda playbook. I hope Trump’s actions, supported by the Right Wing Propaganda apparatus will not lead to the downfall of this nation. Take a moment and reflect on what happened to Germany, Japan, Italy, and other countries allied with Hitler.

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Two Peas in a Pod

Another page out of the Nazi propaganda agenda
As another Special Prosecutor Mueller nail is driven into the Trump coffin, I keep making comparison to Trump and Hitler;especially how they came to power and their use of power. Trump ran on the same platform that Hitler ran on.
Hitler harped on the misery of the people. Trump did the same thing. Hitler ranted about the weakness of Germany. Trump said the same thing about America. Hitler spent hours campaigning about more jobs, better paying jobs, and creating an environment more favorable to businesses. Trump used the same arguments. Hitler repeatedly spoke of building a larger and stronger military. Trump made the same argument in his campaign speeches.
Despite running on the above mentioned platform , Hitler could not get enough votes to secure the majority votes. Hitler and Trump eventually were persuaded to seek the support of those already in power positions and with a significant amount of the wealth of the Nation. German manufactures of all sorts saw a silver lining in what Hitler proposed-especially any company remotely connected to the defense industry. Trump gained support of many US businesses\corporations by promising huge tax cuts and getting rid of what he and businesses said was unnecessary regulations.
As with Hitler and Germany, Trump and America will eventually suffer as a result of his actions. He will in some fashion pay for his deeds. Those who did illegal things to put Trump into office, will have their day in court. The Republican Party owes this Nation a debt. They sat back and did absolutely nothing to rein in Trump. As a matter of fact, many Republican lawmakers encourage Trump to behave as he does. The Media,especially Fox will have to pay for supporting Trump, no matter if lies were told to those who tune into their media outlets. One individual, Sean Hannity, of Fox/ Cox Enterprise who spends hours deflecting attention away from Trump misdeeds must be taken to task for his unofficial role of Propaganda Master/Minister for Trump.
As with Hitler, Trump feels he has unlimited power and tries to display this supposed fact almost daily. Think for a minute how Hitler’s decisions lead to the downfall and almost total destruction of Germany. How many people died because of Hitler’s decisions. Some of Trump’s decisions are already having a negative effect on the US and other Nations. The real impact of his decisions are slowly coming to the forefront and will be felt for many years to come.
Those in positions to rein in Trump and his cronies better get going before it is too late to prevent a catastrophic eventually. Control of Trump actions rests squarely on the shoulders of Congress, American Businesses and voters.

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Trump and Freedom of the Press

I am uncertain when or why I picked up a collection of four books titled The World’s Greatest Thinkers. Subjects range from The Man and Spirit- to Man and the Universe- to Man and Man- and lastly- Man and the State. These volumes were collecting dust in the bookcase for several years.
I am unsure what caused me to chose the volume titled Man and the State. Nevertheless, I choose it and randomly opened to a page. I opened the book to Chapter II and the subject was Of the Liberty of Thought and Discourse. Written by John Stuart Mills.
Taking liberty with his writings. He penned the following: The time, it is to be hoped, is gone by, when any defense would be necessary of “the Liberty of the press” as one of the securities against the corrupt or tyrannical government. No argument, we may suppose, can now be needed against permitting a legislature or executive, not identified in interest with the people, to prescribe opinions to them, and determine what doctrines or what arguments they will be allowed to hear. This aspect question, besides, has been so often triumphantly enforced by preceding writers, that it need not be specifically insisted on in this place.
John Stuart Mills was born in 1806 and died in 1873. Mills was thinking about Freedom of the Press over 150 years ago. In his discourses he warned the people about the dangers of allowing Freedom of the Press to be trampled on by anyone or any government. Here we are today, faced with the very thing about what Mills cautioned.  It is extremely important that we heed his warnings. It is time we take some time and closely look at what Trump and his cronies are doing. Who are his cronies. For starters, look at Fox News and its financial network. There is constant rhetoric to try and silence and shape what is presented to the public. They are using the same tactics used by Hitler and the Third Reich. What will it take to awaken the people to what is taking place? There is a significant segment of Americans who are mesmerized by Trump’s antics. Some suggest say they are in a hypnotic state.
It is important that we stop running out and buying books written by so called writers of today and pick up books written by real “THINKERS.” instead of picking up a book by Limbaugh, consider one by John Stewart Mills. Instead of reading the writings of Hannity, consider John Locke. Instead of reading books by Ann Coulter, consider Thomas Hobbs. Instead of reading and believing writers whose opinions have not withstood the test of time, pick up and read books by the likes of Rousseau or Adam Smith. Do not hesitate to pick up writings by Dunbar, Plato, DuBois, Douglas, Holtzclaw, Socrates Franklin etc.  There is much to be learned by reading and absorbing what philosophers of old thought and how they arrived at their conclusions. Of utmost importance-Theirs writings and positions on a variety of subjects have withstood the test of time.

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Sent down from heaven

According to many Trumpites, especially so-called Christians, Trump was chosen by God to cure the many ills of America. According to them, the true believers, there are biblical scriptures that supports their claim that Trump was sent by the Almighty. As I look at what has transpired in the United States since Trump assumed the office of president, I am hard-pressed to accept that he is doing God’s work. There are certainly ills befalling this nation. However, many of Trump’s actions does not appear to make life better for the masses. Just the other day, the raises given to those in the banking sector defies logic, especially since these same folks see no reason to give those of us depending on savings, including CD’s IRA’s a little more interest income. Imagine not getting a 1099 from your bank, even though you have in excess of 50,000 dollars in the institution. In the meantime, Trump says the banks are being over-regulated. The very same banks that taxpayers bailed out 10yrs ago. It is hard to imagine a just God choosing someone to run the United States that seems to enjoy and praise policies he has instituted to take from the lower and middle-class and pass on most of the United States wealth to those whose pockets are already bulging with bucks.
Sinclair Lewis writhing in It can’t happen here, coined the following. Cure the evils of Democracy by the evils of Fascism. Funny therapeutics! I’ve heard of their curing syphilis by giving the patient malaria, but I’ve never heard of their curing malaria by giving the patient syphilis.
Those professing to be Christians and following lock-step behind Trump, should be very careful as they go about the business of quoting Biblical scripture that allegedly support their continued support for Trump, even though there is little doubt that he has serious character flaws. According to Shakespeare, writing in the Merchant of Venice: The devil can cite scripture for his purpose.
Trump refuses to sincerely address mass shootings, even when it involves so many of our children. Would a Just God want him to give a little lip-service and nothing else? Would this same God want him to bow to the will of the NRA and Gun-lobbyists? This is his position, even though a majority of Americans want changes to current gun laws. Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote in 1939-You will find no justification in any of the language of the Constitution for delay in the reforms which the mass of the American people now demand. A just God would expects nothing less.
Although Trump”s indiscretions, keeps piling up, his followers are steadfast in their undying support for him. Some are driven by their biblical understanding. It is easy to fall into this trap when Biblical Scriptures are interpreted incorrectly, and/or misunderstood. William Ralph Inge. Said the following: Such as men themselves are, such will God appear to them to be; and such as God appear to them to be, such will they show themselves in their dealings with their fellow men. Christians supporting Trump need to reassess their thinking about Trump and his actions. There is the distinct possibility that their support for him based on their interpretation of scripture is misguided and misplaced.

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Lack of Understanding

One has to wonder if Trump and his supporters really understand how his behavior is impacting the United States and it Allies. The sheer lunacy of his actions suggest he nor they have a clue what is taking place. The question must be answered-how long can the masses tolerate his obvious unfitness to hold the office of President? This nation should be well beyond its tolerance of Trump’s behavior and how it effect his ability to govern. Hardly a day pass without something surfacing that points out Trump’s unsuitability to hold the office of President of the United States. He is totally incapable of carrying out the responsibility of the office of President. He lack the character, demeanor, intelligence and courageousness to hold the office. Those who hold out hope that he will eventually change his behavior to suit what is expected of the Presidency are fooling themselves. Painting stripes on a cow will not make it a zebra. He is what he is and is and incapable of changing his conduct and certainly not his character. He and his passionate supporters have little or no understanding of how far out of touch he is with reality.
Machiavelli opining about lack of understanding stated the following-Men are of three different capacities: One understands intuitively, another understands so far as it is explained, and a third understands neither himself nor by explanation. The first is excellent, the second is commendable, and the third altogether useless. Trump has little to offer this Nation. The sooner he and his supporters understand this fact, the quicker the healing of this Nation can begin. Trump’s lack of understanding and his inability to accept criticism is his Achilles hill. He and his supporters fail to understand that according to MacLeish, Criticism in a free country is made on certain assumptions, one of which is the assumption that the government belongs to the people and at all times subject to the people’s correction and criticism.

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