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Cheap labor no matter the cost

Americans are thoroughly frustrated and at times confused as they try to place the blame for the current economic quandary squarely where it belongs.  One thing is certain, it matters very little which party is in power when the glue which binds America’s capitalistic system fails.  What is the glue that holds it together? Someone compared our system to a three-legged stool-Capital, labor and consumer. If either fails or is shorten, the entire system suffers. According to current news outlets, there is plenty of capital available. However, job losses (those actually gainfully employed) shorten the labor leg. Shrinkage of those gainfully employed, with disposal income, shortens the consumer leg of the stool. When the consumer leg and labor legs fail, the capital leg is unable to support the stool and will collapse under its own weight.

Just listen as economists and politicians look for signs that the economy is rebounding. Two industries usually take center stage-construction and automotive.  When either product (new homes and new automobiles) sales are flat because of low demands, the US economy suffers. Why are the demands for these products so low? The answer is very simple.  Today, as in the Great Depression, entirely too many Americans have lost their purchasing power. This is one of the inherent dangers of allowing a few people to have most of this nation’s wealth.  Instead of buying power distributed among millions, it is in the hands of a few who have to reason to spend most of it.  It is a well-known fact that most middle and lower income Americans will spend if they have the money. Why do you think middle and low income Americans save very little of their earning? Simple-they love to spend money. When you take away this purchasing ability by putting the wealth of this nation in a few hands, you effectively kill the very thing that keeps the US economy energetic and growing. Pay people less and they will buy less. Create a tax system that spares the rich and disproportionally negatively impact the people whose income is modest at best, puts additional burden on those least able to pay.

US Job losses due to US companies moving operations overseas have had a devastating effect on the US economy. Jobs traditionally held by US workers (especially manufacturing) are now firmly in the hands of foreign nations.  China is a prime example.  Unemployment creates surplus workers. Surplus workers give employers incentives to lower wages and benefits.  Workers unemployed for long periods of time put undue stress on unemployment compensation programs. Social service programs designed to help the needy are hard-pressed to help all who desire or need help.  Much of this hardship is avoidable if US companies would keep manufacturing jobs in the US.  Loss of these jobs and related infrastructures also means the eventual loss of skills and a highly trained workforce vital to the needs of this nation. This nation was built on people making things. If US consumers purchase and use an item, why not make it in the US?

One sure way to stop the flow of manufacturing jobs 0verseas is to stop using US military might to protect shipments from overseas markets. It is ironic that our military men and women are protecting shipments of products from overseas markets.  These products are owned by the very companies that laid off their friends, relatives, closed plants and rebuilt them overseas. The same goes for the US taxpayers who foot the bill for our military. After all, they are the ones who pay for this military might.  Some call it, protecting US interest abroad. Stop pretending; just say “protecting US companies business interest abroad?”

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Just does not hurt bad enough

America at the mercy of oil companies and speculators!
How much longer will Americans accept oil companies and speculators imposing their will on those whose livelihood depend on affordable fuel? Those who control the price of crude oil are taking Americans to the cleaners. These parasites have no problem creating false reasons to raise the price of crude oil. Talk about wealth redistribution! Let us not forget that much of the crude pumped in the US comes from public lands.
Those who commute several miles to work each day are finding it harder to afford fuel for their automobiles. Owner/operators of semi/trucks are finding it difficult to continue doing business because of rising diesel costs. In the meantime, those who support what they call capitalism see no harm in what takes place. Listen to Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN). These outlets suggests in the strongest terms that it is just the market at work and any effort by the Federal Government to regulate the speculative aspect of crude oil pricing amounts to unnecessary intervention by the government into private industry.
American taxpayers pay billions of dollars for Aircraft Carriers and supporting ships and planes. Costs to supply, train and staff these seagoing vehicles are additional costs. This equipment and support personnel constantly patrol the high seas. I wonder why some people say government should take a hands/off approach to the private market, yet do not have a problem with the government providing safe passage for crude oil supertankers carrying crude across oceans. These operations support the oil industry and those who enrich themselves by speculating and driving the price of crude and finished crude oil products to an unnecessary plateau.
The United States economy depends in a large measure on the oil industry.. Any unnecessary volatility and aggravation in this market can have devastating affect on the US economy. The US government, in a hands-off approach to the crude oil business has allowed it to be hijacked by speculators. Speculators and others who control the industry are reaping huge amounts of wealth at the expense of Americans.
Entirely too much wealth is being diverted from sorely needed areas of the US economy to the oil industry and those who derive huge amounts of wealth by simply creating false reasons for increasing the cost of crude oil. Oil companies will give a little lip service to the speculative aspect of crude oil pricing. However, they make little effort to control and rein in speculation. Why? Because speculators make them money.
Will Americans ever rise up and truly take a stand against rip-offs imposed by oil companies and speculators? Americans will complain and do little else. Why do we feel so hopeless and helpless when it comes to the oil industry? Why are we afraid to make a genuine effort to rein in this destructive behavior by the oil industry and associated speculators? What are we afraid of? Americans need to become as bold as the oil industry and associated speculators.

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Collective bargaining at risk

There is a clamor from the Republican Party, Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) Fox News Network (FNN) and other opponents of organized Labor Unions to weaken and or destroy the collective bargaining apparatus in the United States. What is so alarming is the fact that many people who enjoy benefits gotten by organized labor are on the side of those trying to destroy labor unions. The only way to fully appreciate the positive impact organized labor has had on working conditions, is to roll back working conditions to where they were before unions came on the scene. Surely those who enjoy shorter workdays, a safer work environment, decent pay and other negotiated benefits in the work place can see the gains many American workers enjoy. Most people in all walks of life that oppose organized labor refuse to admit that they enjoy workplace benefits garnered by the sweat, blood and tears of union workers. Workdays were shorten by organized labor actions. The eight-hour workday is undeniably the results of organized labor. Safer workplaces are certainly attributable to union activities and demands. Livable wages in many occupations are the direct results of collective bargaining. It is easy for those opposed to labor unions to see them as nothing but a drain on big business and governments at all levels. If one takes the position that labor need business more than business needs labor, then it is easy to see why some want organized labor to got the way of horses and buggies. One must understand and appreciate the need for some kind of balance between workers and big business. Samuel Gopher (1850-1924) one of the founders of the American Federation of Labor (A. F. of L) spoke of the need for collective bargaining. Gopher put it this way: Collective bargaining means that the organized employees of a trade or industry, through representatives of their own choosing, shall deal with the employer or employers in the making of wage scales and working conditions. Collective bargaining is the only practical proposal for adjusting relations between management and the workers in a business way, assuring a fair deal on both sides. CTR and FNN talking heads constantly beat the drums to a tune called democracy, while advocating autocracy, especially in the workplace. Now, politicians of the Conservative persuasion feel comfortable singing the same tune. They want a work environment where management dictates every aspect of the workplace. CTR, FNN and those of the Conservative persuasion constantly paint a dismal picture of unionized workers. This constant drumbeat has attracted the attention of workers not represented by organized labor and created a certain amount of jealously and reluctant admiration for the wages and benefits negotiated by labor unions. All employees in any workplace want are decent wages, benefits and a safe work environment. Having been a union member for several years and a supervisor and manager of union members for several years, I will tell you there must be give and take on both sides. I was involved in negotiating labor agreements representing management and never felt management was forced into positions that were detrimental to the authority and ability of management to manage the workplace and contain labor costs. Union members are well aware that they are taxpayers; property owners and an integral part of the community in which they live and are not about to deliberately take a position detrimental to the well being of said community. Although, at times it appears organized labor positions are hard and fast, most are willing to sit down and negotiate decent and fair contracts that benefits labor and management. The current atmosphere and dire straits many communities, including states and local governments find themselves in, financially, lead some community leaders to assume the time is right to arbitrarily take back many things negotiated and agreed to in labor contracts. Actually there has never been a better time for both sides to sit down and negotiate a contract that benefits both parties. There needs to be a general agreement as to what the problems are and the best way to solve them in a manner both sides can agree to. Workers, in recent years, in several industries made huge concessions to management to help keep businesses afloat. The same thing should and can happen with teachers, firemen, policemen and other public employees. However, arbitrarily changing conditions of employment negotiated in good faith is not the best way to get sorely needed changes and concessions in labor contracts.

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Let us start this article by defining individualism. In its simplest term, it means uniqueness, selfishness, eccentricity, egoism, independence or individuality. If you listen to Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN), you often hear the word individualism tossed around like a hot potato. Talk hosts on these outlets will swear on a stack of Bibles that the United States of America were founded on pure and unadulterated individualism. Hubert Hoover, President of the United States often spoke of individuality, and his writings suggest he truly believed in this principle. However, he was careful not to take it to the extreme, often expressed by talking heads on CTR and FNN. Some would argue that it was unfettered individuality that brought this nation to its knees during the Great Depression. Listen as those who preach a pure individualism theory support their position on one simple fact; individuals are suppose to be self-supporting and anything that suggests people doing anything together for the good of all is tantamount to socialism/communism. There is one possible exception to their position on individualism. They see nothing wrong with our young men bonding together as military units, going off to foreign countries, and fighting senseless and useless wars. They see nothing wrong with these same units using their military might to impose the will of American businesses on foreign countries. Some how, some way the individualism philosophy gets lost when it comes to sacrificing our young people, supposedly for the good of this nation, when in actuality, only a few share in the fruits of our young soldiers’ labors. As this nation struggles to right its economic ship, there are those who are unwilling to accept any changes to the economic and political principles on which this nation is purportedly founded. This unwillingness is causing immeasurable and irreparable damage to several segments of American society. For decades, several economists, politicians, spiritual leaders and the like have repeatedly admonished those who lead this nation about the dangers of a few having so much and so many having so little. Those who subscribe to raw and unadulterated individualism see absolutely nothing wrong with the continued spiral of wealth to the top, with little left for those in the middle and practically nothing left for those on the bottom rung of American society. Despite criticism for the hardships brought on by the Great Depression, President Hubert Hoover had it right when he made the following profound observation relating to individualism:  “No doubt, individualism run riot, with no tempering principle, would provide a long category of inequalities, of tyrannies, dominations, and injustices. America, however, has tempered the whole conception of individualism by the injection of a definite principle, and from this principle, it follows that attempts at domination, whether in government or in the processes of industry and commerce, are under an insistent curb. If we would have the values of individualism, their stimulation to initiative, to the development of hand and intellect, to the high development of thought and spirituality, they must be tempered with that firm and fixed ideal American individualism-an equality of opportunity. If we would have these values, we must soften it hardness and stimulate progress through the sense of service that lies in our people.” President Hoover further stated the following: “While we build our society upon the attainment of the individual, we shall safeguard to every individual an opportunity to take that position in the community to which his intelligence, character, ability and ambition entitle him; that we keep the solution free from social strata of classes; that we shall stimulate effort of each individual to achievement; that through an enlarging sense of responsibility and understanding we shall assist him in his attainment; while he in turn must stand up to the emery wheel of competition.” Look around people, it is not difficult to see what President Hoover predicted would happen with unfettered individuality. Specifically, equality of opportunity in many areas ceases to exist.

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Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is.

Where is the heart of this nation? Where is your heart? Have entirely too many Americans allowed their need for things to overtake their need to have compassion for the less fortunate. What is behind the hardening of the hearts of so many Americans? Many will argue, and with some justification that Americans gives freely to many nations all over the world. However, we should not neglect the needy of this nation. How in God’s name can a compassionate people drive by a homeless woman virtually living in shopping carts in all kinds of inclimate weather, and not stop to see if they can be of assistance. I have taken a personal interest in this individual and have spent several hours observing how those driving and walking by this individual responds. In most cases, there are no visible responses. I am sure many people feel sorry for her and wish her situation were different so they do not have to drive by and see this terrible, heart-wrenching, wretched and pitiful scene daily. It is entirely possible that many who drive by this situation do not really see what is taking place. It is said that we sometime neglect what we do not like to see, and sometimes we neglect because we do not see at all.
The Christmas Holidays are in full swing and judging by the number of people in shopping centers, a giving mood exists. The question is-who is giving to whom? Are we inclined to give to people who already have more than they need? Are we inclined to give to those from whom we expect to receive? It is written that it is better to give than receive. How many of us actually believe and live by this creed?

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Educating politicians

Now that polished highly partisan speeches have come to an end, and elections are finally over, it is time for the duly elected to put up or shut up. Several smooth talking politicians with their canned speeches, managed to convince voters that they have the answer to all of the problems facing this nation and the rest of the world. Since the United States, by some edict pronounced itself ruler and police of the world, (last standing superpower) US politicians must be prepared to deal with problems worldwide. To deal with problems affecting the entire world, one must be properly educated to see things, not with special interest in mind, but an interest that benefits all. It is difficult, if not impossible to take courses of action aligned with special interest and expect the world at large to be better served. Somewhere along the way, entirely too politicians developed a narrow vision of what is best for this nation and the world. Their thought process fueled by constant pressure from special interest groups and personal predisposition does not support openness to new ideas and solutions aimed at the masses.
The first two years of the Obama Administrations highlights what happens when groups of politicians forgo the needs of a nation and the world because of beliefs that their way is the only way. Many US politicians will sit on their butts and do absolutely nothing, and watch this nation continue in a downward economic spiral, rather than soften their position on almost any issue. The word compromise has been reduced to a dirty word. To many politicians, the word compromise has one single meaning-giving in to the other side of the aisle.
As we look at the battles being fought over the extension of the Bush tax cut, little has been made of what it cost to maintain two wars in distant lands. As this nation struggles to find ways to reduce its budget deficit, surely bringing home the troops will save a whole lot of money. Why do we continue to fight these wars in the first place? Surely, both are well beyond the spreading democracy initiative. Are there other motives for our continued stay in these countries? Americans, especially politicians must be properly educated to be able to separate fact from fiction. Little is said about what it cost to be world police and what it cost to maintain military bases all over the world. Why is this so? Simple. America is determined to support its capitalistic system by keeping avenues open to nations we depend on to buy our products, especially military products, and for nations, such as China to ship their cheap products to America.
How do we as taxpayers and voters get our politicians to redirect their actions away from partisan politics and toward actions that will make this nation and the world a better place for all to live? What will it take to convince them that hunger and poverty anywhere is a problem all over the world? How can we convince them that gunboat diplomacy is counter-productive and only serves a select group? They must come to Washington properly educated to problem solve on a worldwide basis encompassing very difficult problems and issues.
Is the new crop of politicians able to see through the maze of propaganda that shaped their agenda while campaigning and see what this nation and the world really need? Will they continue down the road trodden by their predecessors and make the same mistakes? It is said that one cannot do what one does not know how to do. Is Washington through its elected politicians attempting to do something that it Lack the knowledge and wisdom to do? If so, who teaches them what they do not know? Are they determined to learn by trial and error? Washington politics is probably the worst place in the world to attempt to get on-the job training.

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The sky is falling

Are Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network forms of mass communication? What best describes these communication outlets? The Commission on Freedom of the Press made the following observation. These instruments (press, radio and other means of mass communication) can spread lies faster and farther than our forefathers dreamed when they enshrined the freedom of the press in the First Amendment of the Constitution. Much of the accountability envisioned by those who amended the Constitution to allow Freedom of the Press had to too much faith in the goodness of those responsible for mass communication. They felt they would always be accountable to the public by meeting its communication needs. The never envisioned communication outlets becoming big business beholding to big business and owned by big businessmen. They never envisioned communication outlets acquiescing to special interest groups. Twenty four hour programming laced with outlandish propaganda never crossed their minds. Let us agree that Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network are communication outlets and cut from the same mold, and their programming reflects the same thinking. Keep this in mind as you read what thinkers of old had to say about the press and mass communication.

Maxim Gorky Russian novelist, playwright (1868-1936). It is no exaggeration to say that the press in Europe and America busies itself assiduously and almost exclusively with the task of lowering the culture of its readers, a level already sufficiently low. Is he talking about Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN)?

William Godwin English Novelist Philosopher (1756-1836). When truth stands in the mind unaccompanied by the evidence it depends, it cannot be properly be said to be apprehended at all.

Nelson Antrim Crawford. American Writer, editor, Author (1888) made the following observation; closely related to ignorance and inertia, but even more powerful in its influence against complete and impartial truth-telling by newspaper is fear. Fear is a characteristic not simply of newspapers; it is a characteristic of the American people.  It is not a physical fear; Americans have shown courage and endurance times without numbers. It is rather an intellectual and spiritual fear, based on nothing tangible, on nothing that affords a reasonable basis for fear. It takes most conspicuously the form of fear of and deference to the herd, the whole body of people within the nation.

Are these folks talking about Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN)? There are certainly newspapers and other communication outlets that fit of what they speak. However, CTR and FNN stand far above the rest. Those who tune into these outlets are constantly fed a barrage of garbage designed to instill fear in them. Using fear as a tool, they helped the Bush Administration convince listeners that Saddam Hussein, President of the nation of Iraq had a stockpile of Weapons of Mass Destruction. They also convince listeners that these weapons were a threat to the United States. Hannity, Boortz, Beck, Cunningham, Levin and a whole host of other Conservative blowhards frequently spoke of mushroom clouds-a reminder of the clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The mere mention of mushroom clouds caused immeasurable fear in the minds of many people-especially those exposed to daily doses of Conservative fear-mongering.  Those of us old enough to remember the get under the desk drill we went through during the fifties as we prepared for a Russian nuclear attack.

CTR and FNN constantly talk about taking from the rich and giving to the poor. They call it wealth distribution. Never mind that statistics appears to show that wealth is flowing upwards and not downward, they have convinced their listeners/believers that wealth  is flowing out of the coffers of the rich and into the coffers of the poor. Only through fear have they managed to convince their audience that the wealthiest among us are losing ground and the poor are gaining ground.

CTR and FNN used the same tactic in an effort to convince their audience that the stock market was the place to invest social security money. Using fear tactics suggesting that social security was virtually broke and the stock market would better serve future social security recipients. They caused panic in the minds of many of their listeners. When the stock market took a dive, not one CTR or FNN loudmouth said one word about what would have happened to social security dollars had they been in the market.

Will someone please tell Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network loyal listeners and believers that the sky is not falling.

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The Newer New Deal

Shades of twenty nine

Let your mind wander back to the days of the Great depression. Are there similarities to what is taking place in the United States and the rest of the World? Was President Franklin D. Roosevelt forced to put in place programs that permanently altered the role of the Federal Government? If so, how were the Roosevelt Administration programs received by the public? Some argue that the Roosevelt intervention prolonged the depression by several years. Many people feel, especially those of the conservative persuasion that left to their own devices the private market will eventually right itself.  Given the depth of the depression and the current-some would argue depression, it is foolish to think those with capital are willing to risk it to prop up the market that have served them so well. If private capital is available to right our economic ship when it is adrift, what kept it from interceding with any success, in the current situation and in the thirties?  There were certainly halfhearted efforts to inject some private dollars during the great depression. However, the injection of private dollars quickly halted. Arguments made during the Great Depression are made today. Those on the Right say the Obama administration is interfering too much and threatens to destroy the United States Capitalistic economy system. Those on the left insist that the Obama Administration is doing too little for those most in need and have capitulated to the needs of American businesses.  Who is right? Who or what aspect of the United States society are most in need during a depression/recession. Who has the capacity to best weather the storm-and recover the quickest? Certainly not the poor and needy.  If this is a fact, why are those with the most quickest to get relief?

If one looks closely at what took place in 2009 and 2010, it is obvious who got relief the quickest. I suppose using Conservative logic, eventually, the trickle down effect will kick in. Despite those with the most getting the quickest relief, those of the Conservative persuasion continue to complain. Despite the fact that tax payer’s money was used to bail out the banks and wall street where the rich stood to lose fortunes, Conservatives continue to complain. Despite the fact that a significant portion of the American Automobile industry was saved, Conservatives continue to complain.

It takes a lot of imagination to see a time when there are no Americans Auto factories.  Who is supposed to make our fighting vehicles-China, maybe Russia?  Those who are willing to sacrifice one of the backbone industries of this Nation, in order to break organized labor, access cheap labor and make a few people rich are traitors of the worst kind.  It is especially troubling since these same folks constantly wrap themselves in Old Glory and declare their loyalty to our fighting men and women.

As with the Roosevelt Administration, the Obama Administration has one tall order to fill. It must stop the economic bleeding. It must do this before it has any hope of rebuilding the US economy. Some argue that private industry should be the one responsible for rebuilding it. The Obama Administration is fighting an up hill battle. Not only does it have to overcome our current economic situation, it also has to overcome the constant negative propaganda perpetuated by Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN).  This is a tall order, since a large number of Conservatives understanding and assessment of the current economic situation is based solely on what they hear on CTR and FNN-nothing else.

CTR and FNN have convinced their listeners that the Obama Administration should have righted the economic ship in less than two years. How gullible and stupid can one be?  The current recession borders on a depression. CTR and FNN listeners do not have a clue as to how long it took this nation to recover from the great depression. These same folks do not realize that WWII finally got the US out of the great depression.  We are talking about twelve years. Any right-thinking well-informed individual of any political persuasion should realize that it is unreasonable to expect the current recession to end in less than two years. The American people must give the Obama Administration efforts a chance to succeed.

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Should Have Listened

They were right you know

We should have been listening

Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States (1858-1924) said the following: the great monopoly in this country is the money monopoly. So long as it exists, our old variety of freedom and individual energy of development are out of the question.

President Wilson talked about the danger of control of credit being concentrated in too few hands. He felt that even though those in charge of credit may be honest and above reproach, their undertaking to protect their own money destroys genuine economic freedom.

President Wilson also talked about conditions in this nation that enables a small number of men who control the Government to get favors from the Government.  The current economic crisis is a good example of what he was talking about. Who bailed out the big banks and Wall Street? President Wilson envisioned a time when a few people getting special favors from the Government would dominate every industry in the country. His was right, you know!

We should have listened to President Wilson.

Thomas Wolf, Esteem American novelist (1900-1938) made this profound analogy of greed. He coined the following: I think the enemy is here before us…I think the enemy is simple selfishness and compulsive greed…. I think the enemy is as old as time and evil as Hell, and he has been with us since the beginning. I think he stole our earth from us, destroyed our wealth, and ravaged and despoiled our land. I think he took our people and enslaved them, that he polluted the fountains of our life, took unto himself the rarest treasures of our own possession, took our bread and left us a crust… and not content for the nature of the enemy is insatiate-tried to take from us the crust.

We should have listened to Thomas Wolf!

William Jennings Bryan American orator, politician (1860-1925) coined the following: The money power prey upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who questions it methods, or throws light upon its crimes.  Think of the battle that is taking place in our economic environment as the Federal Government tries to rein in an out of control system and institute rules and regulations that hopefully will prevent another meltdown of our economy. I say hopefully will, because the money folks are not about to relinquish any control of money without an all out political, propaganda and media war.  While the US government and the money managers duke it out, those who have the least will continue to carry the load through taxation and interest payments.  

We should have listened to W.J. Bryan!

Grover Cleveland (1837-1908) 22nd and 24th President of The United States frequently expressed deep concerns about disproportional wealth accumulation in the US. President Cleveland declared the following; at times like the present, when evils of unsound finances threatens us, the speculator may anticipate a harvest gathered from the misfortune of others, the capitalist may protect himself by hoarding or may find profits in the fluctuations of values; but the wage earner-the first to be injured by a depreciated currency and the last to receive the benefit of its correction is practically defenseless.   Forget about Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and Banks for a minute. Cities, Counties, States, School Systems and other forms of local governments are just beginning to feel the full brunt of the US economic meltdown. Many are on the verge of bankruptcy. Fact is, some have already reached that milestone, but are not publicly announcing it.  In the meantime, some folks and businesses, especially those in the money business are making lots of money. Take a minute and look at the latest profits announced by most in the banking business. Why have we become comfortable with the way money flows in this nation? Why is it alright for banks to declare huge profits, when, at the same time they have tighten loan standards to the point where even those with good credit are having a difficult time getting loans?

We should have listened to President Cleveland. 

The above-mentioned people recognized the warning signs over 100 years ago. Have we not learned anything about how money folks feel and behave in over a hundred years? No wonder they find it so easy to take advantage of people and our capitalistic/economic system. When will we ever learn?

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Win at all cost!

As CTR and FNN aggressively, ruthlessly and uncompromisingly seek to destroy the Democratic Party, they have little sympathy for those caught up in the political carnage they cause. Unwittingly, these purveyors of ceaseless propaganda are trying to bring down a system of government put in place by our founding fathers. Question is; if successful, what will the new government look like. The mere fact that CTR and FNN talking heads repeatedly stress a individualistic ideology lend credence to allegations that they envision a form of government that forgo concerns for the masses. Although the Republican Party is accused of being non-inclusive, its platform does not reflect in totality, nor, in many instances sanction the me attitude propagandized and idolized by CTR and FNN. Like a burr under a horse’s saddle, CTR and FNN continue to irritate both political parties, particularly the one they like to call liberal. Using the word liberal copiously to define the Democratic Party plays well on the radio, television and Internet. Talking Heads, Limbaugh, Boortz, Levin, Hannity, Beck and an assortment of wannabe Talking Heads, with the precision of a surgeon, operates on the minds of their listeners, removing any ability to think for themselves. Once the inclination to think for oneself is removed, it is replaced with CTR and FNN talking heads logic.
As Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network turn up the propaganda machine in an attempt to disrupt the Obama Administration ability to govern, the Democratic Party has begun to use some of the same tactics they accused CTR and FNN of using. Some call it fighting fire with fire. I question the wisdom of using this tactic. People searching for a political party whose platform they can support are left wondering what is the difference if both parties can only point out the weaknesses of the other party. Although the Democratic Party attack dogs uses some of the same tactics used by Republican Party Attack dogs, they do not have the machinery in place that remotely resembles CTR and FNN. In some ways, this is good. America’s airwaves do not need more condescending, destructive, and useless rhetoric than it currently gets from the above-mentioned outlets.
Tearing at the very soul of our form of Government (Democratic) is the decline of participation by the masses in the prosperity of this nation. Alexis de Tocqueville in his writings titled Democracy in America coined the following; General prosperity favors stability in all governments, but particularly in a democratic one, for it depends on the moods of the greatest number, and especially on the mood of those most exposed to want. How has CTR and FNN responded to those most exposed to need? They introduced something in the equation called wealth envy, or taking from one individual and giving it to another. CTR and FNN like to brag about how much of the total US income tax bill the top one and five percent of income earners in the US pay. They never give one thought to the fact that there is something inherently wrong with a few individuals having this much of this nation’s wealth. As we look at the salaries demanded by those at the top, it becomes clear why so much wealth is flowing to the top. Why is it so difficult for some to see a problem with what is taking place in wealth distribution in this nation? It is not necessary to take from the rich and give to the poor. Why not pay those at the bottom and middle of the economic rung a little more. Pay them enough so they do not have to get handouts. Pay them enough so they can afford insurance for their families. I dare say; our founding fathers intentions never included an economic system where wealth would be so unevenly distributed in this nation. They never envisioned a system where those enriched by taking risks would not accept and absorb losses associated with taking risks.
The latest talking point on CTR and FNN is the motto: Take back America. For starters, can we take back the airwaves from these out of control loonies? Can we reintroduce civility into the national dialogue?

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