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Believing as ancestors believed

Typical reasons Whites give for supporting anything that glorifies Southern Civil War Veterans  and Lawmakers.

Do not try to take away my right to believe what my ancestors fought and died defending.  I have a God given right to defend my heritage, no matter for what it really stood.

For starters, let us define the word heritage. Heritage means Inheritance, legacy, Birthright, Custom, Culture. When you hear people defending Statues, Military bases names, Street names, Cities and counties bearing the names of Confederate Solders and Confederate Statesmen, a question begs to be answered. Do these people understand what is the legacy of these people they so fiercely defend? Do they have a clue of the history of these folks they idolize? Do they have a clue what these folks were willing to do to protect, indeed defend what their ancestors felt was some kind of inborn right? The right to own another human being was assumed to be a God-given right.   Judging by monuments, Statues and other places of notoriety bearing the names of Southern Traitors, one would think the South won the war.  People hanging on to the legacy of the South after the South surrendered are saying, “ My ancestors may have lost the civil war, but we, the offspring’s of the folks still believe what they believed, what they fought to preserve. Some called it States Rights-The right to own a human being, among other things.

The very people who demand a public place for the Southern Military and Southern office holders names and statues during the civil war continue to see them as patriots. They see them fighting for a just cause. How can these traitors be views as patriots?

Henry Steele put it in perspective in writing in 1954. He opined about who are the really disloyal.

Who are the disloyal?  Those who inflame racial hatreds, who sow religious and class dissensions. Those who subvert the Constitution by violating the freedom of the ballot box. Those who make a mockery of majority rule by the rule of the filibuster. Those who impair democracy by denying equal educational facilities. Those who frustrate justice by lynch laws or by making a farce of jury trials.  Those who deny freedom of speech and of the press and of assembly.  Those who demand special favors against the interest of the commonwealth.  Those who regard public office merely as a source of private gain.  Those who would exalt the military over the civil. Those who for selfish and private purposes stir up national antagonism and expose the world to the ruin of war.

Think about this. Many people, today, 401 yrs. since the introduction of slavery into America, still believe what their ancestors believed. One hundred and sixty five years later, (after slavery ended) many of these same folks continue to hang on to the beliefs of their ancestors. What takes place in America should be very clear to anyone paying the lest bit of attention .  One thing is very clear and troubling. Very little has changed in how millions of Whites view Blacks in America. To these millions, Blacks have not earned equal rights to life, liberty, and justice and the pursuit of happiness.

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Give us another chance

Republican lawmakers, through hook and crook, and with the able assistance of the Tea Party, Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN), convinced voters to put Conservatives back in control of the House of Representative. Republicans also made significant gains in State and local elections. There were gains in State governorships. How quickly American voters forgot what happened when Republicans were recently in charge. Is it reasonable to expect the Republican Party to change? Expecting the Republican Party to change is akin to covering the stripes of a tiger and expecting major behavioral changes in the tiger. Nothing is farther from the truth. The same things that that drove the Republican Party the last time it controlled the House of Representative will continue to control it. Their messages may change, however, their actions will continue to be driven by a deep seated belief that they have all of the right answers and if given another chance, they will do the right things to solve the many problems facing this nation and the world. Although the Tea Party gets some credit for convincing swing voters to vote Republican, the almighty corporate dollar still made the difference. Though hardly mentioned, the tremendous amount of time devoted to convince voters to vote Republican on Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) was inexhaustible help to Republicans. The total amount of campaign time Republicans received on these outlets, free of charge, was tremendous. It is easy to envision a figure totaling into the hundreds of millions of dollars. One would be wrong to take for granted that Democratic politicians have access to the same amount of free campaign time on the airwaves. Anyone so inclined to assess the performance of the previous Republican control of the house, should read what A. J. Liebling of the New Yorker called the Liebling Law. The Liebling law suggests that if a man of adequately complex mind proceeds in a sufficiently perverse way, he can succeed in kicking himself in his own ass and out the door and into the street. No doubt, this is what happened when the Republicans were previously in power. Are they capable of repeating the same mistakes this time around? They certainly are. People continue to express hope in the Party of Lincoln and felt it deserved another chance to redeem itself. Will those who voted Republicans back in power be disappointed? Will promises made doing the campaigns be just that- empty promises? Is partisanship so entrenched in the house, that any hint of compromise is seen as deviation from party principles?
Under the threat of retaliation from the Tea Party, CTR and FNN, Republican lawmakers have an unenviable and almost insurmountable task. Any action taken will be extremely measured and calculated to help those who put them in power. In the meantime, Americans will continue to suffer due to the stalemate in the House of Representative. How many Give us Another Chance is a political party allowed?

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Only the name changed

Many people claim to be surprised that support for the direction the Obama Administration is taking this nation has waned.  What is happening is nothing new. The same thing happened during the great depression. Many who voted for President Roosevelt and supported his efforts to end the great depression became restless and dissatisfied with the pace of the recovery, sought to persuade President Roosevelt to alter his course.  You have to remember, there were those in several quarters that opposed the New Deal from its inception. We have that today. There were those who opposed all attempts the Roosevelt Administration made to cure the nation’s economic ills. The same applies to the Obama Administration. A significant segment of society thought the Roosevelt Administration was doing too much in the wrong places. Many of the Conservative persuasion feel the same way about the direction the Obama Administration is headed.   A significant segment of society believed the Roosevelt administration was doing too little, too slowly.  Many, who initially supported the Obama Administration and the direction it is it taking this nation, have cooled to some of his policies and direction.  Many on the Left feel he has caved in to the demands of those whose dollars this nation runs on and has only given lip service to those needing the most help. Somewhere in all of these allegations is the truth regarding the direction this nation must take to get out of the current recession.  This thing called a recession takes time to heal. How long it takes, depends on the depth and causes thereof.  There are no easy fixes and a segment of society (those with the least) usually suffers for the longest period. Although the recession officially ended last year, unemployment figures remain dangerously high in many areas and occupations.   Some call it a jobless recovery.

When Obama took office and began the difficult task of righting the US economic ship, some Americans were willing to give his efforts a chance to succeed.  However, Conservative politicians, Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) were not about to let an excellent opportunity to bash, criticize and take exception to any plans the Obama Administration attempted to put in place pass.

The Obama Administration is having the same problems the Roosevelt Administration had. President Roosevelt became the target of Conservatives.  They said he spent recklessly, lambasted his economic advisers, claimed his reforms were socialist and criticized him for supporting unions. These are the same allegations made against President Obama. The Chamber of Commerce came out against President Roosevelt. The same organization is solidly against the Obama Administration. Will the Obama Administration continue to run into the same roadblocks President Roosevelt ran into? The answer is yes. This nation is divided along the same lines it was divided on during the great depression. There is a wealth divide, political divide and ethnic divide. Little has changed with the exception of how the battle is being fought and who is doing the fighting. Conservatives have one thing going that did not exist during the Great Depression-Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network. Now that much of big business, The Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street have openly joined in the fray on the side of Conservatives, the Obama Administration will be hard-pressed to get any thing done that alters the economic picture in the United States.  Someone made this poetic statement: Only the names change, nothing else.

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Get out of our house

Were we ready for a Black President?
Millions are asking this question. Millions of American voters said yes with their votes during the last Presidential election in 2008. Judging from the extremely caustic rhetoric uttered daily on CTR and Fox News Network, the answer at this point is a resounding no in the minds of many. There are some angry, discouraged and dissatisfied people in our midst and Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox New Network (FNN) take advantage of the situation-especially the anger. These outlets and their listeners and followers/ worshipers have taken the inflammatory rhetoric and downright disrespect for President Obama and the office he occupies to a higher level. Let us not forget the Tea Party and what it stands for. One has to get inside the heads of these talk show hosts and their listeners and followers to get some idea what is behind their ferocious attacks on President Obama. These attackers are careful to make everything an Obama thing. CTR and FNN give the impression that President Obama does not have Cabinet members and Advisors and makes decisions without consulting either body. They carefully and deliberately omit saying the Obama Administration. That way, everything points to Obama. This is by design. Why you ask? Their listeners feed on this and are angry with President Obama. They are angry, not only with how his administration conducts business, they are angry at what President Obama looks like. Is it possible that a segment of our society is unwilling to accept the fact that Obama was duly elected and it is their duty to make his stay in office as difficult, unproductive and miserable as possible?
Most people do not willingly give up something they feel they have a God given Right to. This Right no matter how gotten, once it is given a Godly association, is theirs forever. Think for a minute what it took to convince a segment of society that their perception that they had a God given right to own another person was wrong. It took the point of a gun, four years of war and the loss of over 500,000 lives, and immeasurable suffering. Some people never got over the idea that according to their bible, it was ok to own another person. Look what it took for a segment of society to get fair representation in a court of law. Do you think for one minute that a segment of society that once denied a segment of society the right to vote, will willingly give up the highest and most powerful vote in this Nation? Some would argue that it is the most powerful position in the world. Do you think that a segment of society that felt another segment of society were unfit to sit up front on a public bus is willing to give up the top seat in America without a fight? Do you think for one minute that a segment of society that once felt, and many still do that a man not fit to sit and eat with them in restaurants is fit to occupy the top seat in the this nation?
Get real people! You know what is going on. Obama has something and the people who feel he took it from them want it back, plain and simple.

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Reconstruction rhetoric rears its ugly head.

After the Civil War officially ended in 1865, those who felt disenfranchised, immediately went to work to take back things allegedly taken from them. Items allegedly taken were; almost total ownership of private property; total control of access to capital, and a free labor force in many instances. The political landscape change too. Faces including color changed in the political arena. The mere thought of losing almost total control of these most sacred and important positions of power did not sit too well with most folks in the Good old South and some Northerners as well.

Although the South lost the war, most Southerners felt they never lost their superiority over Negroes in all facets of life and were not about to accept Negroes as equals under any circumstances. Black codes, introduced in the south in 1865-66 to replace recently discarded slave codes objective was to keep Negroes in their place-a place sub-servant to all whites. Blacks, no longer slaves, were a direct threat to whites in many ways-mainly they threaten working class whites.  Blacks anxious for work, worked cheaper than whites did. Many Negroes craftsmen were in direct competition with whites and this created problems.  Many Whites felt Negroes election to public offices was the final straw and was very unacceptable. The mere idea drove many whites to take every conceivable action, legal and illegal to regain control of all public offices. This, they manage to achieve, including purging voting rolls of most black voters.

Current language on CTR and FNN lambasting President Obama has reached an unthinkable crescendo. It hearkens back to the period immediately following 1865. Feelings, until now, kept mostly concealed, are out in the open for all to see and hear. Utilizing Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network as delivery platforms: many whites have removed the gloves and have declared open war on Obama. What once was a smoldering pile of ashes have become huge bonfires, fueled 24 fours hours per day by Limbaugh, Boortz, Hannity, Cunningham, Levin, Beck, and other Conservative blowhards.

As Southern Whites felt in 1865, their offsprings are revealing the same feelings. A Black man has taken something they have a God-given right to possess. To them President Obama represents an insult, which they are not willing to sit idly by and let pass without fierce resistance.  To them Obama is out of his place and should be back in the field, with a cotton sack on his back.

President Obama’s administration decisions must be challenged, when necessary. However, to challenge everything it attempts, good or bad is unnecessary.  To openly declare; we are against everything this administration proposes, no matter what, takes stupidity to a level until now, unknown and unimaginable.

Theodore Roosevelt, Twenty Sixth President of the United States penned the following:

The men with the muckrakes are often indispensable to the well-being of society; but only if they know when to stop raking mud.

Throughout the history of freedom of expression/speech, some have questioned the wisdom of allowing virtually unfettered, unfiltered, freedom of expression (first Amendment) ratified in 1791, no matter the subject. Keep in mind, when the framers of Constitution drafted, completed, and States added this amendment, methods to initiate and undertake and exercise the freedom to address the public were extremely limited.  Newspapers, town meetings, community gatherings and mail were the ways most people got information.  Radio, television, Internet and other forms of mass communication changed the whole dimension of freedom of speech/expression. In days of old, an individual standing on a stump in the center of town, ranting, raving, and spouting lies, influenced only those in close proximity to the occasion. Our founding fathers could not fathom the possibility of the First Amendment being abuse to the extent that currently exists. Never in their wildest dream could they see in existence in American society people with a way of thinking like Limbaugh, Boortz, Hannity, Beck, Cunningham, Levin and other abusers of the Right the Framers felt had to be in the Constitution. Entirely too many people and media outlets are taking advantage of the Amendment in the Constitution that allows freedom of speech.

Louis D. Brandeis, (1856-1941) US Supreme Court Justice coined the following: the function of the press is very high.  It is almost holy. It aught to serve as a forum for the people, through which the people may know freely what is going on. To misstate to suppress the news is a breach of trust.

Robert H. Jackson US Supreme Court Justice (1892-1954) penned these powerful, insightful and prophetic words:

The chief wrong which false prophets do to their following is not financial…the real harm is on the mental and spiritual plane. There are those who hunger and thirst after higher values which they feel wanting in their humdrum lives. They live in mental confusion or moral anarchy and seek vaguely truth, beauty, and moral support. When they are deluded and then disillusioned, cynicism and confusion follow.  The wrong of these things, as I see it, it is not in the money victims part with, half as much as in the mental and spiritual poison they get. But that is precisely the thing the constitution put beyond the reach of the prosecutor, for the price of freedom of religion or of speech or of the press is what we must put up with and even pay for a great deal of rubbish.

Some would cast Conservative talk shows and Fox News network spokespersons as demagogues. On the surface, it appears commentators on these outlets have two objectives in mind increasing their power and wealth and weakening the power of those, they oppose.  The methodology they employ reminds one of the statement Adolph Hitler made; When you win the war, no one ask how you won it. These folks have a win at all cost attitude and are willing to take great risk to get back what they feel was taken. It is funny how quickly they forgot how the Obama administration came to power. To hear them talk, one would think power was transferred from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party at the point of a gun.

As talking heads on Conservative Talk Radio, (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) ratchet up the caustic, contemptible and asinine rhetoric, their listeners and devout followers feel an obligation to behave likewise. Commentators and listeners feeding on each other have removed all semblance of civil discourse pertaining to the Obama administration.

Those addicted to CTR and FNN should pay a little more attention to what these outlets are advocating.  There is a danger lurking in the fog-a fog created to deliberately mislead and misinform listeners.  I use to wonder why CTR folks so freely talked about how ill-informed their listeners are-not any more. Most commentators have gotten rich selling a product worth practically nothing to purchasers.  People who read their book are no better off than those of us who do not read them.  Some feel more informed-informed about what. Well, maybe the opinion of a blowhard talk show host with Conservative leanings.  People who devote a considerable amount of their valuable time listening to these folks and buying their products would be better served, seeking advice and knowledge elsewhere.  Rather than listening to talk show hosts lambasting Obama, listeners would be better served, listening to talk shows advising people how to manage their debt and finances.

It is foolish for CTR and FNN to advocate rolling back the clock to where it was before the last presidential election. Many decision made while president Bush was in office were certainly not in the best interest of this nation and the World.  Two wars, tax cuts in time or war, are two glaring examples of decisions that this nation should not have to live with again. Advocating changes in the government that puts people in charge with the mindset that supported two wars and tax cuts at the same time makes no sense.  This nation had better figure out a way to go forward rather that going backwards. There is little back there except a few good memories, overshadowed by lots of bad memories.

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Reconstruction 2010

 While driving to the Erie Towpath Recreation area in Akron Ohio, I surfed local radio stations and happened upon the Dennis Craiger show. He ranted and raved about many things he associated with President Obama. Mr. Craiger’s montage of topics carried much of the rhetoric heard on most Conservative talk radio stations and the Fox News Network. He and his like-thinking cohorts makes one thing very plain-they are extremely unhappy with the current makeup of the US Government and are willing to go to extremes to recapture what they feel rightfully belong to them, their followers and supporters. They are careful to frame most of their rhetoric and propaganda around President Obama. Seldom do they mention his administration in the same breath. Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) talking heads are shouting for all to hear” Something that we fought for and own has been taken from us, and we want it back!” Mr. Craiger said, and I paraphrase, the following “The only way we can regain control is another civil war.” He did say he was not advocating a civil war with weapons, but a civil war of words and ideas. This is a very bold, caustic, and inflammatory statement designed to prey on the fears of those with conservative leanings. This is the same argument made by Southern whites after the Civil war fought between the North and South. Americans had better revisit their history books, especially the period between 1860 and well into 1900. A lot of what is spouted in the name of taking something back, is right out of the playbook of many radicals before, during and after the war between the States (civil War.) Take a minute and visit the thinking and rhetoric of Benjamin R. Tillman, Senator from South Carolina and Clement L. Vallandigham, Vardaman of Mississippi, Carter Glass of Virginia. Talk show hosts Savage and Mark Levine rants are straight out of the archives of Benjamin R. Tillman. Talking head Neil Boortz plainly states that this nation would be better served if the right to vote was limited by education, property ownership, and tax obligations. This is some of the same ploys used to disenfranchise eligible Negro voters after the civil war and during Reconstruction. Of course, this ruse ran into a little snag-it disenfranchised a large segment of the poor white voting block. Take Back America rhetoric and propaganda motivates The Tea Party-a current get together for dissatisfied conservatives and a sprinkling of independents and democrats. Question is, how did they get ownership of what they say was taken. Let us be frank-look at the faces of those gathered at Tea Party gatherings. Is anything obvious about the makeup of the participants? Does the obviously Caucasian makeup of the crowd suggest that only a specific segment of our society feels President Obama took something it has a God-given right to possess? Why single out President Obama as the bandit who took from them? Voters elected President Obama and Congressional men and women to their positions. This fact gives them the power to make decisions others are not privy to. The same situation existed when President Obama’s predecessor was in charge ( President George Bush.) I guess Tea Party folks were satisfied with President Bush’s performance and did not see a need to raise any concerns. Certainly some issues that should have gotten attention are now championing by the Tea Party movement. President Obama was sincere when he talked about resolving the rift between political parties. He certainly wanted to reduce the rancor and reintroduce civility into our political discourse. I applaud him for his efforts. However, many of us felt his efforts were doomed to fail because he was after something many people felt he was not entitled to have. Based on history President Obama occupies a seat he does not by birthright, have a right to. Nothing President Obama and his administration do will calm the Tea Party, CTR and CNN call for taking back what truly belongs to them.

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