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Listening to Conservative Talk Radio, (CTR,) one would think that, on November 4, 2008, America was invaded, an insurrection took place, or the duly elected President was deposed. Many loyal CTR listeners are talking about arming themselves. People are talking about buying many guns and laying in an abundance of ammunition. Guns and ammunition sales are actually increasing.  Seems the election of Obama brought out the best in some people, while exposing lots of anxiety and the worst, in others. Talking heads, of CTR are planting ideas in the heads of their loyal listeners and followers that fosters, and encourages suspicion and anxiety. People calling these shows are careful to avoid saying why there is a need for lots of arms. However, we know why! The reason is clear to any right thinking individual.  They are suggesting Obama’s election gives cause for blacks to go out and do stupid things. CTR encourages this thinking. One has to wonder what they think whites that voted for Obama will do, now that he won the election.  They are still singing the same old tune about the second amendment being under attack. How many years have they been singing this same tune?  

Listening to CTR jocks one has to wonder what they are smoking. Will they ever realize the information they disseminated, for the last seven plus years, contributed mightily to the economic crises this nation and the world faces. These folks are more than a little culpable for spreading lies and proclaiming them as truths, put forth by the current administration. Let us not forget the talking points allegation. It was alleged that the Whitehouse sent talking points to select CTR jocks for dissemination to the public.

Neil Boortz, a local longtime Atlanta Georgia based radio Jock, with a show, which runs for four and a half hours, Monday thru Friday on WSB, a local Atlanta station and many others scattered across this nation, suggested people should remove their wealth from the United States to keep Obama from seizing it. To bad, there is no penalty for spreading false rumors to the determent of this nation.

CTR is now saying Obama administration will attempt to revive the fairness doctrine. Simply put, there was a time when both sides of an issue were supposed to get equal time on the airwaves. At some point, it may have been during the Regan administration, the fairness doctrine was removed. If one listens to talk radio, it is apparent the conservative view gets the most air time. The very fact they do, led to the meltdown of the Republican Party. CTR did irreparable harm to the party by forcing it to take positions unsustainable and harmful to the party. CTR bragged about the large number of jobs created by the current administration, while most of the public knew otherwise. CTR hosts keeps giving kudos to the current administration for how its tax cuts helps, as the nation fights two wars and pile up massive debt

People eventually saw through the facade thrown up by CTR as it continued to paint a glossy picture of how this nation was faring economically. Once the veneer was removed-the false hype exposed, people began to pay more attention to what CTR was putting out on the airwaves. CTR, once famous for not allowing dissenting opinions to get much play on their programs, can no longer shout their opponents down. Refusing airtime to those of a different persuasion no longer works.  The internet takes care of that.  CTR was foolish to think it could control the minds of all of its listeners forever.  If anyone in the incoming administration is seriously considering reinstating the fairness doctrine, please reconsider. Obama could not have won the election without them. They probably unknowingly convinced millions of people it was prudent to support Obama and his ideas, and not McCain. So leave things as they are. The Democratic Party will need CTR in future elections. Remember the old adage: Fool some of us all the time: fool all of us some of the time: but never all of us all of the time.  

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If there is no justice in you, someone will do justice unto you.  The just concluded presidential election validates this assertion.  The all-out campaign by CTR. (Conservative Talk Radio) and Fox News cable channel to dictate who would face the Republican nominee for president simply backfired and imploded. The wheels came off! The talking heads on these outlets implemented what they called the Stop the Hillary Campaign.  They figured John McCain could not defeat Hilary, but could defeat her opponent, Obama.  Well, guess what, they were wrong.

What went wrong?  They left the average American voter out of the equation. They thought they had their finger on the pulse of this nation base on the feedback they were getting from their dedicated and consistent listeners. They forgot that most American do not listen to them and do not follow their logic-lockstep.  In addition, many of their loyal listeners got tired of the same old divisive and hateful rhetoric flooding the airwaves on a daily basic. Problem is, these folks neglected to tell them they were tired of it, until it was too late.

They never in their wildest dream thought the average American could see through Fox News cable channel thinly veiled claim of being fair and balanced. The mere fact they make this claim was enough to convince many voters they were not serious. It took a while for this to soak in. however, it soaked in just at the right time. The Limbaughs, Hannitys and Boortzs of this world whose main claim to notoriety is a gift for gab and little else have had their day and should go quietly into the sunset. They have gotten rich, while producing absolutely nothing of value to Americans. That is, unless you value divisiveness. The simple fact that many Americans felt they were sold a bill of goods about the Iraq war and the state of our economy for several months was enough to put a sour taste in the mouths of many. Top this off with the revelation that President Bush called CTR folks to the Whitehouse for a special meeting and told them not to make public the content of the meeting raised suspicion. This stipulation was very puzzling and disconcerting.

In times like this, there is the urge to celebrate. However, there is little time for celebration. What is there to celebrate? Should we celebrate the fact that a man has been elected to take on and fix problems of a magnitude in this nation unseen since the depression of 1929? Can we celebrate the fact that this same man has been elected to get this nation out of two wars? Can we celebrate the fact that this man has the unenviable task of fixing our health and social security systems? The answer is an emphatic no! The work has just started. The number of problems facing this nation, including two wars, the looming recession and possible depression, massive debt, Wall Street and banking meltdowns and the credit crisis leaves little time to stop and smell the roses. 

Finally, Limbaugh, Hannity, Boortz and other lesser known CTR folks (Conservative Talk Radio) hosts and the Fox News cable channel deserves a special award for helping Obama defeat McCain.





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Changes are going to come!

From who and where

Throughout the Obama Presidential campaign, the theme has been: bringing about change. The definition of change for the sake of this article is: to alter, modify, adjust, vary, transform.  Changing the way America deals with its allies, gets involved in wars and handle domestic surveillance are just some of the areas where Obama see a real need to change the way we do business. The national debt, mortgage and banking crisis, health care, and social security are other areas of concern and must be addressed. McCain has also voiced concerns about many of the problems and situations facing this nation and has proposed various changes.  Although both candidates see a need for changes, what and how the changes take place and who benefits are where they differ.

It is important that local and State concerns get the same amount of attention as national concerns. Some changes must take place at the grass root level. It is foolish to demand that McCain or whoever becomes president, address national problems, and then find the time to solve problems that can be best handled at the local level.

I listen with interest as McCain and Obama speak on the status of education in America. I am sure resolutions of many of the root causes of the demise of quality education are best left to local officials. The No Child Left Behind program instituted by the Bush Administration has not had the anticipated impact on student educational achievement.

The proliferation of gangs in neighborhoods has virtually destroyed many quality neighborhoods and their associated infrastructures.  It is akin to an implosion.  Neighborhoods are being destroyed from within. Given time, the destruction, like other plagues left to resolve themselves, will spread and eventually affect areas thought to be immune to it.   Do not expect the kind of help needed to address this problem to come from outside. Most of the resources needed to address the problem are readily available in the form of neighborhood activists getting together and demanding that those who are wreaking havoc in neighborhoods cease and desist immediately!  In many neighborhoods, we are talking about school age children seizing control while grown able-bodied people stand by apparently unwilling or unable to do anything except talk about it among themselves. What a shame. Citizens that are truly concerned for the well being of their neighborhoods must change how they feel about gangs.  They must rid themselves of this-can’t do anything about it, helpless attitude and resolve to change things for the betterment of themselves, their children and neighborhoods.

Will people sit idly by, waiting for the President of the United States to solve all of the problems facing this nation?  Will they be quick to criticize when promised jobs do not materialize, the national debt does not decline, and jobs continue to go overseas? Will they, whose candidate is elected President think all of their problems will vanish, and never to reappear? Nothing is further from the truth. History shows that power remains in the hands of a chosen few, no matter who is President.

I admonish all to do what you can to help your own situation. Do for yourself what you can do for yourself. I agree with Obama and McCain-some changes must be made. Just do not sit back and wait for either one to make all of the changes. Make some yourself that will benefit yourself, your home, your family, your community, your city, your State and eventually this Nation.

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Gottcha Contest


Gottcha Contest


As I observe the current Presidential contest, there are times I think I am looking at a Gottcha contest.  Hour after hour of broadcast time is spent playing and replaying ads and scenes displaying both parties trying to be one-up in the Gottcha contest. One has to wonder if either party, Republican or Democratic, is capable of mounting campaigns truly deserving support. Which one can deliver on most of the things they promise? Sure, I know it is politics at its finest. However, there are times when politics for politics sakes must be put aside and straight talk becomes the language of choice. I for one am tired of the diet of rhetoric devoid of real substance; Americans are fed on a daily basic.  Listen and watch closely at what is being said by both parties. Which one is putting forth very much of anything of substance and believability regarding how they will fix the banking and mortgage problem? Which one has put forth believable numbers of jobs their plans will create and who in private industry will actually create them? Which one has dared to put a timetable on when Americans will see and feel the results of the programs they plan to institute? It is easy to make all of these promises if there are not timetables denoting when positive changes (changes for the better) are clearly distinguishable

Meanwhile, this nation continues to deteriorate in many areas. Republicans renown for preaching non-involvement in private enterprise by the US Government can only stand by and watch helplessly as the government has to bail out several private coroperations. Sadly, bailouts will have to continue, least the economic infrastructure of this nation collapses. Democrats, the party renown for supporting programs that keep people working and maintaining the Middle Class, sit back and watch helplessly as US companies move factories overseas. Both Parties appear helpless to do anything about the national debt.

If one is unaware of how our Capitalistic economy works, it is easy to make it fall flat on its face. The number one enemy of Capitalism is greed-plain and simple. Remember, Capitalism is like a three-legged stool. Shorten one leg and the stool will eventually collapse, inviting disaster. There must be a balance between Capital, Labor and the Consumer. Currently, the US economy under the manipulation of private industry has upset this balance, by constantly devising ways to reward Capital at the expense of labor and the Consumer. Labor is outsourced and Consumers are getting shoddy overpriced products. Laws designed to ensure some symbolism of fairness have been removed, all in the name of open markets. Deregulation, touted by the Republican Party with support from many Democrats, knowingly or unknowingly approved laws that virtually guaranteed destruction of the Partnership between labor, Capital and Consumers.  Which candidate has any inkling how to resurrect and put back into balance the relationship between Capital, Labor and Consumers?  Which one has the guts to tell American Corporations that to do business in these States and enjoy the protection of the US Government; they must ensure US workers not be shut out of the equation, so Capitalists can continue to pile up wealth. There is nothing wrong with making money. However, there is something wrong with making money at expense of the welfare of American workers and consumers.


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