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Obama and Biden elected, Limbaugh and Hannity selected!


Recent events leads me to believe we now have in place what many American have been clamoring for-a viable Third political party. Fact is; immediately after the 2008 Presidential elections were completed, CTR listeners selected their Third Party President and Vice President. Why do I make the above-mentioned assertion? Have we forgotten what happened when Mr. Steele, the recently appointed head of the RNC (Republican National Convention) said something that implied the influence Limbaugh has in the Republican Party is overblown? Steele simply repeated what is often said about Rush Limbaugh-He is often referred to as an entertainer.  This assertion upset Mr. Limbaugh to no end.  To appease him, Mr. Steele rush to Limbaugh with hat in hand, got down on his knees, literally kissed Limbaugh’s butt and begged for forgiveness. Phil Gingrey (R-GA) the chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee and a seasoned and influential politician, made the same mistake-he criticized Limbaugh. Phil rushed to make amends to Limbaugh by going on national media and making a public apology for saying something, Limbaugh disagrees with. His weak-kneed and pathetic apology to Limbaugh on the Neil Boortz Conservative Talk Radio show was something to behold. Boortz apparently enjoyed the way Gingrey buttered up to Limbaugh and generally made a complete ass of himself. Gingrey kept talking about putting his foot in his mouth when he criticized Limbaugh.

Such weak-kneed and pathetic exhibition by republican leaders to Limbaugh severely damages the party.  If Steele and  Phil Gingrey are representatives of the Republican Party, it is easy to see why many usually loyal followers abandoned the party in the last election. If they bow down to Limbaugh, one man-how can they be expected to seriously challenge a Democratic congress and President Obama? 

Limbaugh was selected to be President of this newly formed third party, with Hannity filling the Vice President role and Boortz bringing up the rear as Speaker Of The House. Though written with tongue in cheek, the above assertion must not be taken lightly. These purveyors of hours of senseless and useless rhetoric, warmed over, and continually repeated baseless assertions and general hijacking of the minds of many of their loyal and unquestioning listeners, reminds me of a gnat crawling up an elephant’s leg with rape on its mind.  An irritant but little else-The last election proved that.  

CTR talking heads (Conservative Talk Radio) are certainly more than a passing annoyance and gets under the skin of many politicians. Conservative politicians once saw these folks as attack dogs that did a lot of the dirty work for the party by giving them several thousand hours of free campaign time. They ignored the fact that these folks have an insatiable appetite for power and publicity.  It was also foolhardy for Republicans to think they were getting all of this support and free time from CTR and not have to give something in return. Now that these attack dogs have turned on the hands that fed them for several years, the Republican Party is unsure how to handle the situation.  In the final analysis, I guess the Republican Party got what it asked for and paid for.

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