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No fool like an old fool

I use to believe the adage that says, “There is no fool like an old fool.” It is time to rethink this saying. Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report latest retort regarding the severity of Hurricane Matthew should cause any right thinking individual to come to the conclusion that there are far worse fools than Old fools. Some thinkers, including astute Chinese Philosopher Confucius put it this way” He who knows not, and knows not, that he knows not, is a fool.” Drudge’s latest assertion has created a whole new definition o the word Fool. Why? Because of the way he continues to arrive at foolish conclusions and broadcast them as facts. He is a very dangerous man because of how he gets his foolish thoughts and logic on the airways. His latest assertions about the severity of Hurricane Matthews defy logic

Many people who listen to Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) have total faith in what the likes of Drudge, Hannity, Limbaugh and other Conservative blowhards say. People make decisions, including how to respond to hurricanes based on what they hear coming from these outlets.

Drudge’s assertions about the severity of Hurricane Matthews may have cost lives. . What he said and to whom he said it to put many lives in danger. How many people, believing what Drudge said, decided to hunker down and ride out the storm, rather than relocate to safer locations?

Is the loss of over 900 lives and total destruction of several communities in Haiti an indication of the severity of Hurricane Matthew? Is the continued  loss of life in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina an indication of the severity of Hurricane Matthew? Are the billions of dollars necessary to rebuild and recover affected areas an indication of the severity? An estimate of over 30 billion-dollar payout by insurance companies maybe too low.

To Matt Drudge. You have sunk lower than I ever imagined. There was no rhyme or reason for you to put people lives in harms way just to get listeners and line your pockets with gains gotten at the expense of said folks.

Sunday, October 9, 16


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Cry Baby Sean Hannity


I am not one to wish this thing called bad luck on anyone. However, where Sean Hannity is concerned, I make an exception. This man, with his mike and mouth has caused irreparable damage to our political system. He has increased the wedge between people, by continually using wealth or lack of as a wedge issue. He loves to play the it’s us against the rest of them game. He love to play the government is going to take our gun game(second amendment)

He continually berate and lambast all who he says are of the liberal persuasion. He has made liberal a dirty word.  His use of this strategy has made his a very rich man with a substantial following. His audience has not help the situation. They have made him into what he really isn’t. Showering him with unfettered and unending accolades has caused him to think that that he deserves recognition and an avenue into the political process. They have told him that he can walk on water for so long that he believes he can actually walk on water People call him a great American. Great doing what? Would America be worse off if Hannity and his programs went away tomorrow? I know most of us need our plumbers and mechanics much more than we need him. It is said talk is cheap. He has cheapened it even more.

Listen as he brags about giving a presidential candidate advice about how to run his campaign. I will give him credit; he has this propaganda thing down to a science. Himmler, Hitler’s propaganda person would be proud of the job Hannity is doing. To his listeners and dedicated followers; how and why have so many of you arrived at the conclusion that Hannity is so much smarter and better informed than you ? Through what methodology did you arrive at the conclusion that you can trust that everything he says is factual? Why have you allowed Hannity do the thinking for you for so long?

Hannity and many of his followers say America has lost the dictatorial powers that it once had. He appears to feel that America has some right to tell people all over the rest of the world how to act. I am unsure who gave America this authority. If one listen closely to what he says; it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that he feels the only thing necessary to keep and maintain this power, is the power of the bomb. This is why he is always talking about rebuilding our military might. Wonder why he never talks about what it cost to literally run the whole world from the shores of the United States.

Hannity devotees, for once, open your minds and see the person Hannity really is. He is but a guy that saw a weakness in some people and figured out how to take advantage of it. He takes advantage of the fears of people-fears of threats, real and imagined. This would be a much better nation if he took his ill-gotten riches and slowly rode away into the sunset.


Wednesday, August 31, 16

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Donald Trump playing his trump card


Donald Trump is currently, the front-runner for the Republican Party selection to become President of the United States. Millions of Americans continue to be amazed at the amount of support he is getting from a vast assortment of people. What is it about his behavior, tone of voice and overall message that is so appealing to so many people?

For starters as Plato said in the Republic: many people admire his coolness and dexterity, as he appears to be unaffected by a barrage of attacks leveled at him by opponents. Some see this as a sign of strength. Others like his arrogance and down in the gutter manner of speech and choice of words.

When Donald Trump initially threw his hat into the political arena (seeking office of the President of the United States) few took him seriously. He probably didn’t see himself being a serious candidate. Lo and behold, at some point, his run for the office took on new meaning and he and his handlers realized he was beginning to develop a huge following.

So what is happening to Trump? Plato makes it plain; there are some whom the applause of the multitude has deluded into the belief that they are really statesmen, and these are not much to be admired. Plato continues: When a man cannot measure, and a great many others cannot measure declare that he is four cubits high, can he help believing what they say? Trump is being transformed into what he thinks he is by the rhetoric he is exposed to daily.

The huge following Trump has and the masses he gets at his rallies gives him the illusion that he is the man for the job of President of the United States. The ability to gather huge crowds does not necessarily translate to the ability run a Nation. Many people see Trump’s wealth as a sign of power. This may be so from a capitalistic point of view. (Buying power.) However, as Plutarch, Greek Historian and Philosopher explained: men long for immortality, to which no flesh can attain, and for power, for the most part in the hands of fortune while they give virtue, the only divine excellence of which we are capable, the last place in their scheme of values. But here they show themselves fools, since a life that is spent in the midst of power and great fortune and authority still needs justice to make it divine, (great) for injustice renders it merely brutish. (Insensitive, cruel, inhumane)

Thus far, most of what Trump followers hear at rallies is shallow opinions at best. Half-truths and outright lies are part of his message. It is obvious that some love to hear him berate people with his caustic rhetoric and pay little attention to what he says about how he intends to run the Country.

I heard a talk show caller suggest that Trump was not who he wished to become President. However, if Trump won, he could select a Vice President who would run and win in 2020 and 2024. He felt with the right people in his office, he would not do irreparable harm to the Country. Imagine that logic. Win, no matter the consequences. Donald Trump, like many other politicians are preying on the fears of people. He is using the sky is falling rhetoric, and it is working. This kind of rhetoric is effective because entirely too many people do not take the time to do their own research into matters that are very important to them and this nation. For instance, why do many people believe that Iran wants a nuclear weapon so it can nuke the United States? If we are afraid of one, nuke, surely Iran has a valid reason to be afraid of our thousands of nukes. The same logic goes for North Korea.

It is probably a stretch to say that the Republican Party created the ideology of Trump. However, it did create an environment in which he feels he can comfortably spout his inflammatory, thinly disguised, and caustic views without concerns for his views causing problems for his selection for the Republican candidate for president of these United States of America. .

Trump is doing what is called holding his cards close to his chest. It is difficult to ascertain if he is bluffing or has a good hand. Certainly in the Primary election, he appears to have a good hand and is playing it well. On the other hand, there are times when it is clear that he is bluffing. He knows how to play with the minds of the uninformed. He knows those infatuated with his rhetoric and ways of presenting his argument and position on several fronts, assures him of a large following, which equates to large voter support. So many people have bought into his lies about how he intends to change things. They are blinded by the way he behaves anytime he is given an opportunity to speak. Those mesmerized by his rhetoric seem to have forgotten about this thing called truth. Frances Bacon, English Philosopher and Statesman had this to say. The idols (obsession-ideas) and false notions which are now in possession of the human understanding have taken deep root therein, not only to beset men’s minds that truth can hardly find entrance, but even after entrance obtained, they will in the very instauration (restoration) of the sciences (knowledge) meet and trouble us, unless men being forewarned of the danger fortify themselves as far as may be against their assaults. What is it about Trump’s presentation that makes it so irresistible to so many people? Why are they so willing to take trump’s words as truthful statements? Is it as Bacon says? Truth will have a difficult time penetrating the minds and hearts of these folks. And even after truth is discovered, they will still blindly follow Trump.


2 May 2016

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Raised on Rush

The Donald Trump ascension to the top of the Republican platform for President of these United States continues to create anxiety and confuse many  people. Many who say they support Trump are not quite sure if it is his message that draws them to him or his presentation.

Take a minute and look at what Americans have been subjected to, for many years by Rush Limbaugh and an assortment of Conservative talking heads. Those who listen to these folks on a regular basis have been brain-washed to the point that entirely too many of them have lost the ability to think for themselves.

When I hear someone call in and admit that they have been listening to the same talk shows for many years, a light goes off in my head.   How should someone be expected to behave and think when he/she willingly and eagerly feed from the trough filled with the swill from these talking heads, day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year?

I listen as callers pour out their hearts to these talking heads; telling them how difficult life is for them. Most claim to have all kinds of problems, especially financial. Of course, talking heads, including Rush Limbaugh, without a moment’s hesitation, explains to them why they are having difficulties. I have yet to hear one of the callers ask one of these talking heads how they have managed to do so well, in the same environment they profess to be so bad.

Although most Talking Heads have different way of making their appeal and presentation to their audiences, the messages are usually the same-blame most if not all of the problems of this Nation on the Liberal establishment. The thing called fear works very well. For instance, they have convinced their listeners that if Iran gets a nuclear weapon, they will use it to attack America. The United States has thousands of Nuclear weapons. Common sense suggest that just maybe Iran is not foolish enough to take on our thousands with one nuke. Talking heads have convinced their listeners that corporate tax rate is what has driven US Corporations overseas. They tell their listeners what the tax rate is, but neglect to tell them at what rate they actually pay (effective tax rate.) I am sure this is not a deliberate omission of facts.

Take your pick; Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill Cunningham, Mark Levin, Savage, Herman Cain, Glen Beck and other light weight, less recognizable talking heads. They all tell the same story and use the same tactics-mostly fear. Lets us not forget what comes at listeners, almost 24 hours a day on Fox.

Trump’s ascension to the top has these Talking Heads in a pickle. Trump has actually divided them, and they are unsure how to handle it. At some point, there will certainly be more open warfare between these folk. Look what happened between Trump and Fox. It is unclear who backed down. Fox and Megan most likely were forced to eat crow and bow down to Trump. Look at what is happening between the Republican old guard and Trump. Trump appears unwilling to go along just to get along. This is all new to the Republican Party.

How this situation will eventually pan out is very uncertain.. However, Talking Heads will continue to fight for control of the minds and thoughts of their listeners. As voters look to replace the old guard of the Republican Party, they should devote some time and energy to finding new sources of information.


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Save me a seat at the table


I continue to be amused as I observe Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) and now Fox Business Network (FBN) jockey for the position of Trump’s favorite so called news outlet. Talk about sucking up to an individual. I know Trump salivates each time he sees these folks literally down on their knees and begging him not to forget them and the favors they are now doing for him during this election cycle. Megan Kelly and Roger Aisles were at odds with Trump until his numbers went up in the polls and his delegate count did likewise. It is uncertain at this time, who waved the white flag. Knowing Trump when it comes to backing down from a position, I would say Fox caved in.

There was certainly a time when most of the above mentioned so called news outlet, were for the most part railing against Trump and figured he did not have a chance of becoming the Republican nominee. Wrong just as they were wrong about Obama becoming President of these United States. How many times can they get it wrong?

As we get ever closer to the Republican Convention in Cleveland Ohio in June of this year, many people including the talking head of the Republican Party and their CTR, FNN, and FBN flunkies are scratching their heads and wondering how and why this thing has gotten so messy and uncertain. I am wondering when some if not all of these talking heads will find a way to blame their problems and situations on President Obama and Liberals.

Of course, much of what is happening can be laid squarely at the feet of CTR, FNN and FBN. Republican Office holders must share a lot of the responsibility for what is taking place. They were constantly running to these outlets and mouthing off, mostly about how bad President Obama had made it since taking office. According to all of them, nothing has improved since George Bush left office. Funny that not one of them is willing to say “ Let us put things back the way they were when Obama took office. “

Some would say, many people would not benefit, no matter which Political Party is in office, especially those of the middle and lower income class. I suppose it is akin to where and how the poison is dispensed and who dispenses it.

Here is where CTR, FNN and FBN have really poisoned the well and made civil discussion impossible about the have and have not, rich and poor, workers and jobless, and the list goes on and continues to grow. To these outlets, everything is just a game with the winners taking all. Any conversation about more people sharing in the wealth of this nation is berated and disavowed by these folks. Their listeners buy into this, no matter that their wealth continues to wane and will eventually be wiped out. One of their favorite dividers is called income/wealth redistribution. Another one is over-taxing the rich. Never mind clear indications and fact that the rich continues to get richer, while at the same time the middle class and lower income people become poorer.

A lot of political power lies in the middle class. It common knowledge, or should be, that most people in the middle-class are white. They are the ones who are finally tired of seeing their wealth and buying power on a down hill spiral. Many things taking place in the United Stated have negatively impacted them to the point where they are saying, we will not take it anymore, and are willing to do whatever to right the ship.

I am certain there will come a day when they will realize that CTR, FNN and FBN has never had their best interest in mind and they have been nothing but pawns for these outlets for many years and election cycles.

The middle Class apparent selection to take on the Establishment is questionable. However, if not him, who? People are just looking for change. They were looking for change when they elected Obama. I hope whom ever is elected will make changes that will make life better for all, instead of just make change for the sake of change.

What impacts will CTR, FNN and FBN have on the eventual outcome of the election; will they be singled out as some of the main causes of the caustic, inflammatory and devise political discourse that permeates the halls of Congress? Or will they be giving a free pass to continue to do business as usual, playing one side against the other.

The Republican Party is finally waking up to the fact that these outlets can be very cruel, and take no prisoners. Having tired of picking on Liberals, they have turned their attack dogs of who or what were once their favorite people. Plain and simple, they see no need to seek favoritism and buddies from some Conservatives, and are willing to take their chances with new faces and ideas, especially Trump and his followers.

Where are Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Bill Crystal, Carl Rowe and other so-called spokespersons for Conservatives? These outlets have used them up and they are looking for a new crop of flunkies and water-carriers.

Conservative Talk Radio, Fox News Network and Fox Business Network are doing everything in their power to get on the good side of Trump, just in case he becomes President of these United States

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Conservative Propaganda Machine

Conservative Propaganda Machine

Beating the drums of war

Does the United States of America have too many little Joseph Goebbels and Otto Dietrich in its midst?  Are there similarities in what is taking place in the US and what took place in Germany in years leading up to and during the Second World War? Listening to Fox News Network (FNN) and Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) is analogous to listening to an oral version of the German newspapers Voelkischer Beobachter and Der Angriff during the Hitler years.  Who are the talking heads on CTR and FNN who constantly try to drum up another war?  To make matters worse, these folks were clamoring for the US to invade North Korea and or Iran, while the US was already in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I am reminded of a statement Abraham Lincoln made way back in 1848 when he was a congressman. He had this to say about President James Polk. Trusting to escape scrutiny, by fixing the public gaze upon the exceedingly brightness of military glory-that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood-that serpent’s eye, that charms to destroy-he plunged into war.  

Entirely too Americans do not realize how far reaching and destructive Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network have become. Both propaganda machines are utilizing many of the tactics employed by Adolph Hitler and his right hand men Joseph Goebbels and Otto Dietrich.  It would behoove each American to turn on their radio and do a little AM surfing. It is amazing how many stations are affiliated with Fox and carry much of its programming. FNN and CTR are now making inroads into the FM radio band. The airwaves are being hijacked by both propaganda machines.

Notice the similarities. Both started slowly yet methodically, as did the German propaganda machine. The AM band is now almost totally saturated with Fox News Network and Conservative Talk Radio propaganda 24 hours a day. Radio station WSB, in the Atlanta area, once carried the Neil Boortz program live from 8:30am to 1:00pm, Monday thru Friday. This same program was then rebroadcasted at night and on weekends.  Imagine an audience being subjected to almost nonstop propaganda.  Goebbels and his propaganda machine would be proud of the fact that radio station WSB and Neil Boortz are proudly carrying on the tradition of incendiary and hateful German style propaganda.  After all, Boortz is a proud German name and Neil Boortz proudly and loudly boast of his heritage and makes the most of it. 

Mr. Boortz realized a long time ago how effective talk radio, if presented correctly, could be in shaping the thinking and actions of a considerable number of Americans. His exposure to the history of Hitler’s propaganda machine has certainly shaped his approach to this thing called propaganda. Listening to this man ranting and raving and trying his best to overtly bring down the Obama Administration, one has to see a bit of Joseph Goebbels in him.  He is on a mission and seems willing to say anything to get people to see things his way.  He is also very intolerant of criticism, no matter how constructive.  As with the German propaganda apparatus, Boortz is offended when someone view conflicts with his and will quickly begin to insult and question the mental capacity of most who dares disagree with him.

Mr. Boortz brags about the number of years he has been in Conservative Radio. Can you imagine how much propaganda has been spewed and inhaled by his listeners? A steady diet of Boortz propaganda is sure to influence those whose beliefs mirror his.  Even those who do totally agree with him, will eventually bend under the weight of his incessant ranting and raving and diatribes filled with outlandish and hate strewn propaganda. As with the German press during the Hitler years, some people do not completely trust WSB and Neil Boortz.  However, a steady diet of unrelenting lies, half-truths and distortions does in time change some people minds.

Now we have the Conservative propaganda machine beating the war drums in an attempt to drum up support for an invasion of Iran and North Korea.  Dr. William Bennett, a talk show host suggested that America had lost Iraq because the US ended the war. He seem to suggest we, the United States once owned Iraq. It was obvious that he has no problem with the continued drain on US wealth and the lives of its young people put in harms way in unwinnable and unnecessary wars. It is amazing how many talking heads on both outlets, which have not shed one ounce of blood, and are unwilling to do so, continually clamor for war.  These same folks are even unwilling to support the wars they clamor for with tax dollars.  Oh no, do not raise taxes on the very people who have no problem sending other people relatives off to die in some far-away land.

Is it possible that talking heads on these outlets have no idea what real war is like and shape their opinion and love for it based on what they see in old John Wayne movies? William Tecumseh Sherman had it right when he made this solemn statement. I am sick and tired of war. Its glory is moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, more vengeance, more desolation. War is hell.

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Getting rich no matter the consequences

I discovered an article by Keller dated January 5, 1916. In the article, she makes a case against America getting into World War I.  Helen Keller is well-known in most quarters for her accomplishments despite being blind. This article is a must read for all who are eager to send our young into harm’s way under false pretense.  Helen Keller realized the real reasons most nations go to war. Her analysis of who derives what from the act of war is particularly eye-opening.    Ms. Keller writes about the US excuse for sustaining a large standing army. Ms. Keller, in her writings suggests that the real motive for the US having a large army was to protect the capital of American speculators in foreign countries.

As in Ms. Keller’s lifetime, labor continues to be exploited and capital piled up.  Those who own all of this capital (wealth) are constantly looking for ways and places to invest and obtain even more wealth. Nations having resources (i.e. oil natural gas) and other minerals are prime targets for American speculators.  Let us not forget America’s love for cheap labor. Ms. Keller suggested that according to US capitalists thinking, a dollar not used to make a slave of some human being is not fulfilling its purpose in the capitalistic scheme.

Today, we have American interest all over the world. It is fondly referred to as the global economy. Fair Trade agreement is another phrase tossed around. Take a close look at the real impact of this so-called global economy. One can see who has gained and who has lost, since its implementation. China’s economy is robust and growing rapidly. Much of this growth can be directly linked to jobs once held by American workers being done by Chinese workers in China. Decent paying factory jobs, once the backbone of America’s labor force, is largely a thing of the past. Of course one industry that continues to strive in the US is the defense industry. Americans have been convinced that some nation, largely unnamed since the end of the cold war, is out to destroy this nation. Therefore a large and powerful military is necessary.  In the meantime, virtually the entire US defense apparatus (though not outwardly admitted) is to protect America’s business interest abroad.  One has to wonder how much it cost to build, supply and man the US armada of Aircraft Carriers, Submarines and other naval vessels that patrol the seaways and protect America’s shipping interest. One has to wonder how much it cost to keep US troops in South Korea.  After all, they have been there since the early fifties. What does it cost to keep troops in the Middle East?

Very little has changed in this thing called war. Motivations to go to war are the same as they have been for many centuries. The ability to make war is where the biggest difference lies America’s business interest abroad must be protected at all cost.  If anything, despite no obvious threat to the US, many people, especially those of the Conservative persuasion are easily convinced that an attack against this nation is just around the corner. Just think-today the US has these things called Drones. These aircrafts remotely control pilot-less aircraft, armed with missiles can strike targets with deadly accuracy virtually anywhere in the world.

As I researched this article, I came across an article published in the Columbus Sun on February 17, 1865.  The article titled “The Class that suffers” and reads as follows. Upon poor women and children, upon solders who are toiling and bleeding for liberty, upon salaried men who have not the time, or who desire to speculate, this whole weight of this fearful struggle falls.  Men of wealth, who are hoarding thousands, put up the piteous cry of exorbitant-rates-more bitterly than ever just after increasing the prices one thousand fold, while upon ragged blood-drenched soldiers, upon weary despairing, heart-sick women, and those whose only dependence is a pitiful yearly sum must be made to bitterly suffer…… What matters life or death, so avarice can be gratified? What is honor unattended by wealth? What is liberty unless money can be hoarded by millions? What, if the country be ruined, its women ravished, its homes desolated, its alters violated and freedom forever perished-what matters all so the almighty dollar may be massed in piles? What care men of the present day whether their county sinks so property maybe secured, and the price at which liberty can be bought rest as light as possible upon their patriotic shoulders….. That is right. Pile up wealth-no matter whether bread be drawn from the mouth of the soldier’s orphan or the one limbed hero who hungry walk your streets-take every dollar you can, pay out little as possible, deprive your noble warriors of every comfort and luxury, increase in every way the necessaries of life, make everybody but yourself and non-producers bear the taxes of the war; but be very careful to parade everything you give to the public-talk boldly on the street corners of your love for country, be a grand home general-and when the war is over point to your princely palace and its magnificent surroundings and exclaim with pompous swell “These are the results of my patriotism.”

Take note people, especially those of you who call Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network blowhards Great Americas. It is indeed painful to hear an accolade of the magnitude heaped on the likes of Hannity, Boortz and Limbaugh. The above paragraph describes them to a T.

When the subject of wealth distribution comes up, those of the conservative persuasion quickly interject the words-class warfare. They suggest that those wishing to get a larger share of American wealth are stricken with something called wealth envy. This daily tirade and propaganda serves to harden the hearts of those who have the majority of this nation’s wealth. Leo XIII Pope (1810-1903) suggests there is no natural divide between those who have and those who have not.  He penned the following:  a small number of the very rich have been able to lay upon the teeming masses a yoke a little better than that of slavery….The great mistake made in regard to the matter now under consideration, is the notion that class is naturally hostile to class, and the wealthy and the workmen are intended to live in mutual conflict. So irrational and so false is this view, that the direct contrary is the truth.

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Taking advantage of the vulnerable

Take a few minutes and think about why (CTR) Conservative Talk Radio and (FNN) Fox news Network works. It shouldn’t take very long to figure it out.  I must confess-I spent countless hours trying to figure out why both outlets are so successful. Eventually, a light went off in my head.  I had been looking for answers in the wrong places. Just think for a moment-if you listen to CTR or view FNN for any length of time you will eventually arrive at the same conclusion I did. Talking heads on CTR and FNN figured out a long time ago that they did not have to be very smart to appeal to a large segment of those of the conservative persuasion.. They just had to be or appear to be a little better informed than most of their listeners. It reminds me of an adage we had in Alaska. It is said that if you and your friend, while hiking, encounter a bear, how fast should you run to save your life? Answer-just fast enough to outrun the other person.  This is exactly what takes place with CTR and FNN. The talking heads know they do not have to be very intelligent, just a few notches of supposedly intellect above their listeners, especially the loyal ones. Both outlets know that the majority of their listeners believe almost everything they hear on either outlet. Armed with the fact that most of their faithful followers do not bother to do any research to validate what they hear on either outlet, talking heads feel free to take liberties with this thing called truth.   Notice how all of them seem to have ready answers to extremely complicated questions?

Right Wing Talk Radio and Fox News Network talking heads realized a long time ago that there was a segment of society waiting to be fed misinformation, and garbage. Both outlets continue to be astounded at the number of people so easily led down the wrong path. They never in their wildest dreams imagined that there were so many suckers in the US. Someone said “There is one born every day.” Listening to CTR and FNN has convinced me that more than one is born every day.  It is said that you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. I think there are exceptions when it comes to CTR and FNN listeners. There are people listening today, who have been listening since CTR and FNN inceptions-listening and believing the same garbage for many years.  Some, indeed most of these folk have never taken the time to really examine and dissect the constant barrage of misinformation, lies and propaganda spewed out on CTR and FNN.

It would be heartless not to have some empathy and perhaps a little pity for people whose lives and livelihoods had been ruined by CTR and FNN propaganda.  It would be very easy for those of us who are routinely referred to as Liberals and socialists on CTR and FNN to rejoice when we see those of the Conservative persuasion lamenting about losing their jobs, homes and way of life. These same folks applauded when CTR and FNN jocks explained to them how US workers benefited when American companies moved their operations overseas.  They applauded when CTR and FNN jocks talked about the merits of allowing cheap labor to infiltrate the US labor market. Most to these folks felt their jobs were immune to takeover by foreign workers. Guess what? They were wrong and are now paying the cost. Despite mountains of information and data casting doubt and pointing out false assumptions in much of CTR and FNN logic, their loyal listeners continued to be guided-indeed make decisions based on what they were fed and continue to be fed on CTR and FNN. It is a pity and a shame that Conservative Talk Radio and Fox New Network have used their media outlets to prey on the vulnerable.

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Union busting at its worst

Some folks believe the new emphasis on Union Busting is a new phenomenon. Quite the contrary. One of the more notable incidents bringing light to the subject was a Douglas Fraser’s Resignation Letter to the Labor-Management Group dated July 19, 1978. Douglas Fraser became president of the United Autoworkers Union (UAW) in 1977. In 1978 he resigned from a committee of eight corporate executives and eight labor officials chaired by former Secretary of labor John T. Dunlop. This committee represented an attempt to forge cooperation between labor and management.

Fraser’s involvement and interaction with this committee gave him the impression that U.S corporations, by their actions had no real interest in working with labor, instead choosing to wage a one-sided class war against working people, the unemployed, the poor and minorities. Fraser also felt corporations were waging a war against young folks, old folks and the middle class of the United States.

Fraser stated in his resignation letter that he believed that leaders of the business community, including industry, commerce and finance, with few exceptions have broken and discarded the fragile, unwritten compact previously existing during past growth and progress.  Despite profound differences, labor and management has always managed to come to general agreements that benefitted labor and management.  Today those who control the wealth of this nation feel they no longer have to negotiate working conditions with most US workers. These same, US Corporations, operating from a position of extreme, financial, and political power, and backed by the Federal State and Local Governments, feel they can make any demands they wish on US workers.

As Fraser mentioned in his resignation, the United States Capitalistic system has always worked best for the haves in our society, rather than the have-not. Despite this well-known and indisputable fact Capitalism remains because the very foundation of this concept remained grounded on one simple concept.  Fraser surmised that in the past, when things got bad enough for a segment of society, the business elite “gave” a little bit-enabling government or interest groups to better conditions somewhat for that segment. Not so today.

The Haves of this nation are not willing to give a little more for the benefit of this nation.  It is a well-known fact that this nation is slowly but surely losing its middle class. At the same time the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  What has brought on this out of control greed and a need for even more of this nation’s wealth? Why are business leaders willing to destroy America’s middle class for the benefit of a few at the very top of the wealth ladder?

What can be done to reverse the continued flow of America’s wealth to the people at the top of the money chain?  Corporations have a strangle-hold on the US government.  They use their enormous wealth and political persuasion to demand and get almost anything they ask of the federal government.  Many Americans, to this point, have felt there is little the common man can do to change the situation.  Two recent actions by average Americans suggests that the common man banding together can impact how our government governs. The Tea Party was the first action to get a lot of attention and persuaded many politicians to change their behavior. Later, the Wall Street Occupiers caused quite a stir.

The current meltdown of the world’s economic system, largely brought on by unscrupulous and greedy American Capitalists caused many people to say “Something must change.” “Although the powerbrokers have most of the wealth of this nation, something must change.” “Although Congress has been bought and sold, something must change.”   Today’s actions by people all around this nation and abroad, makes it plain that people are dissatisfied and fed up with the way so called capitalism is managed in the United States.  People are taking to the streets as they did in the seventies to protest the Viet Nam war.  US politicians and money handlers should not take lightly what is taking place. Those people participating in sit-ins all over this nation and abroad are not willing to sit back and do little else.

People it is time to do more than spout simple rhetoric. It is time to turn off the radio and TV and take to the streets. It is time to stop supporting businesses that support Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Channel. These outlets programming regularly call for the destruction of labor unions.  Those of you who are not in favor of labor unions and clamor for their demise, just wait, your wages and benefits are next.  Non-supporters of organized labor-do not think for one minute that the robber-barons of this nation are only after the dollars they pay union workers. They are determined to control most of the wealth of this nation and workers and are willing to use whatever means necessary to achieve this goal.

Thus far, those of the conservative persuasion, along with Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network have successfully used labor Unions as wedge issues-quite successfully.  Who will be next?  Do not think for one minute, Union workers are the only ones they feel are overpaid.  Remember the hue and cry each time a vote to raise the minimum wage came up? Remember when conservatives said raising the minimum wage would bankrupt small businesses. Divide and conquer still works.

By what hook and crook has the Republican Party, with and free propagandized assistance from Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) managed to convince millions that there is nothing wrong with a few Americans having the majority of the wealth of this nation.  Despite untiring efforts by Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and other super-rich Americans, Republican lawmakers continue to beat back any attempt to get a few more bucks from the richest of this nation.

Father Ambrose Bishop of Milan made the following quote: How far, oh rich do you extend your senseless avarice? Do you intend to be the sole inhabitants of the earth? Why do you drive out the fellow sharers of nature, and claim it all for yourselves? The earth was made for all, rich and poor, in common. Why do you rich claim it as your exclusive right?

A careful observation of how wealth is distributed in the United States and abroad brings to mind something John Adams,(1735-1826) 2nd President of the United State coined. In every society where property exists there will ever be a struggle between rich and poor. Mixed in one assembly, equal laws can never be expected; they will either be made by the members to plunder the few who are rich or by the influence to fleece the many who are poor. It is quite clear who is doing who in America.

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Cheap labor no matter the cost

Americans are thoroughly frustrated and at times confused as they try to place the blame for the current economic quandary squarely where it belongs.  One thing is certain, it matters very little which party is in power when the glue which binds America’s capitalistic system fails.  What is the glue that holds it together? Someone compared our system to a three-legged stool-Capital, labor and consumer. If either fails or is shorten, the entire system suffers. According to current news outlets, there is plenty of capital available. However, job losses (those actually gainfully employed) shorten the labor leg. Shrinkage of those gainfully employed, with disposal income, shortens the consumer leg of the stool. When the consumer leg and labor legs fail, the capital leg is unable to support the stool and will collapse under its own weight.

Just listen as economists and politicians look for signs that the economy is rebounding. Two industries usually take center stage-construction and automotive.  When either product (new homes and new automobiles) sales are flat because of low demands, the US economy suffers. Why are the demands for these products so low? The answer is very simple.  Today, as in the Great Depression, entirely too many Americans have lost their purchasing power. This is one of the inherent dangers of allowing a few people to have most of this nation’s wealth.  Instead of buying power distributed among millions, it is in the hands of a few who have to reason to spend most of it.  It is a well-known fact that most middle and lower income Americans will spend if they have the money. Why do you think middle and low income Americans save very little of their earning? Simple-they love to spend money. When you take away this purchasing ability by putting the wealth of this nation in a few hands, you effectively kill the very thing that keeps the US economy energetic and growing. Pay people less and they will buy less. Create a tax system that spares the rich and disproportionally negatively impact the people whose income is modest at best, puts additional burden on those least able to pay.

US Job losses due to US companies moving operations overseas have had a devastating effect on the US economy. Jobs traditionally held by US workers (especially manufacturing) are now firmly in the hands of foreign nations.  China is a prime example.  Unemployment creates surplus workers. Surplus workers give employers incentives to lower wages and benefits.  Workers unemployed for long periods of time put undue stress on unemployment compensation programs. Social service programs designed to help the needy are hard-pressed to help all who desire or need help.  Much of this hardship is avoidable if US companies would keep manufacturing jobs in the US.  Loss of these jobs and related infrastructures also means the eventual loss of skills and a highly trained workforce vital to the needs of this nation. This nation was built on people making things. If US consumers purchase and use an item, why not make it in the US?

One sure way to stop the flow of manufacturing jobs 0verseas is to stop using US military might to protect shipments from overseas markets. It is ironic that our military men and women are protecting shipments of products from overseas markets.  These products are owned by the very companies that laid off their friends, relatives, closed plants and rebuilt them overseas. The same goes for the US taxpayers who foot the bill for our military. After all, they are the ones who pay for this military might.  Some call it, protecting US interest abroad. Stop pretending; just say “protecting US companies business interest abroad?”

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