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Why continued support for Trump

Why continued support for Trump

The unwavering support Donald Trump continues to enjoy, in the eyes of many, defies logic. To many folks, his behavior since becoming President of the United States, if viewed logically, would cause considerable erosion of his support base. Although there is ample evidence that Trump is unfit for the Office of President, he continues to enjoy broad support. Is there history that explains the Trump phenomenon?

Take a look at what transpired in Germany after WWI. The German people were looking for a savior-someone to get them back to enjoying what they once had before losing WWI. Here is where the Hitler and Trump coming to power mirrors each other. Hitler’s Propaganda machine painted a picture of a nation in dire straits because of a weak military that lost the war, massive unemployment, high crime, loss of influence and leadership in the world, intermingling of races, which diluted the pure German Agrarian people.

The German Propaganda was instrumental in creating circumstances and painting pictures of a nation in dire straits in need of a savior. The circumstance either real or imagined is just what an individual with Hitler’s characteristics needed to ascend to the most powerful position in Germany politics. Working to help create an image of a savior was a low-ranking German foot solder, with broad ambitions to one day become the leader of Germany. By hook and crook, including some time in prison for attempting to overthrow the German ruling establishment, he eventually realized his lofty goal. The road leading to Hitler coming to power started way back in 1922. By the mid thirties the German people eventually embraced Hitler and his platform.

Fast forwards to today. How was a like situation created to make a considerable segment of United States voters subscribe to the notion that a Savior was needed to save this nation? Remember a Talk Show host named Paul Harvey-He use to say, “Now you know the rest of the story.” Paul Harvey, known for his Conservative leanings started this whole political radio and TV talk show phenomenon. Eventually Talking heads Rush Limbaugh, Neil Boortz, Sean Hannity, Billy Cunningham, Glen Beck and other lesser know blowhards came on the scene, spouting all kinds of hateful and divisive rhetoric, usually with a conservative slant. Limbaugh has been greasing the skids for the ascension of people like Donald Trump since 1984. In addition, Fox Network, created another avenue for Donald trump to come to power. It is reasonable to assume that these outlets were not knowingly shaping their programming and narrative to insure the election of an individual with the characteristics of Donald Trump. These folks painted a picture of State of the Union of the United States as a nation in decline with utter destruction just around the corner unless drastic actions were taken. This propaganda reached its apex during the Obama years in office (2008-2016.

Trump was able to get the Republican nomination because he and his propaganda machine painted him as someone that was going to take back this Nation-someone that was going to undo everything that Obama did. Trump portrayed himself as the only one capable of saving this nation and making it great again. Millions of people bought into this rhetoric. Why? Because they had been conditioned to believe it by the talking heads of Conservative Talk Radio and Fox. Trump talks about putting America first. Hitler talked about putting Germany first. People were willing to give Hitler a lot of leeway because of some of his accomplishments. People say the same about Trump. Germans saw Hitler as uncompromising and determined to implement his agenda, no matter the consequences. Trump exhibits the same behavior.

Of particular note is the belief that Trump is a God-fearing man. Many Germans felt the same way about Hitler. As with Hitler, the Church leaders of America, despite apprehension about Trumps beliefs, believe he is sincere and will accept the role of the church in American politics. Some easily recognized ministers of the gospel in the United States proclaim that Trump is God sent, and it is a sin to criticize him and go against his policies.

Finally, as with Hitler, Trump supporters will eventually come to realize that he is to blame for most of his problems-problems that negatively impact the social fabric of this nation. He will taken to task for his stubbornness, carelessness, taking liberty with the truth (lying) ignorance, stupidity, strong will, and resolution to stay on course no matter where it leads.



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Chickens came home to roost

How were they to know

As I struggle to understand what is taking place in American politics, I keep going back and researching what Thinkers of old wrote about the very thing this nation is going through with President Donald Trump. I had to dig through the Federalist Papers to gain insight into the situation. The Federalist Papers is a collection of eighty-five letters to the public beginning in 1787 and published in New York Papers. The Federalist papers were written by John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton.

Paragraph three of Letter 75 in the Federalist Papers illuminates what is happening with President Trump. Hamilton, Jay and Madison apprehensions about the very state of affairs the United States is facing with President Trump’ conduct is remarkable.   These men were thinkers, not just repeaters of what someone else said.  These writers warned this nation about people with Trumps characteristics.  How were they to know that eventually what they envisioned would actually take place. Lo and behold-along comes Donald Trump.  They describe his behavior to a T.


Excerpts from The Federalist Papers, Written by Hamilton, Jay and Madison in 1787

However proper or safe it may be in governments where the executive magistrate is an hereditary monarch, to commit to him the entire power of making treaties, it would be utterly unsafe and improper to intrust that power to an elective magistrate of four years’ duration. It has been remarked, upon another occasion, and the remark is unquestionably just, that an hereditary monarch, though often the oppressor of his people, has personally too much stake in the government to be in any material danger of being corrupted by foreign powers. But a man raised from the station of a private citizen to the rank of chief magistrate, possessed of a moderate or slender fortune, and looking forward to a period not very remote when he may probably be obliged to return to the station from which he was taken, might sometimes be under temptations to sacrifice his duty to his interest, which it would require superlative virtue to withstand. An avaricious man might be tempted to betray the interests of the state to the acquisition of wealth. An ambitious man might make his own aggrandizement, by the aid of a foreign power, the price of his treachery to his constituents. The history of human conduct does not warrant that exalted opinion of human virtue which would make it wise in a nation to commit interests of so delicate and momentous a kind, as those which concern its intercourse with the rest of the world, to the sole disposal of a magistrate created and circumstanced as would be a President of the United States.

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Oh give me a home

trump house1.jpg


There is a disturbing difference between those who have so much and those who have little.  The difference rears its ugly head in this document.  The top photo shows one of President of the United States Donald Trump’s homes/businesses in Florida. The bottom photo show a young man living in a bus stop shelter in Stone Mountain Georgia. This man has been living in this bus stop shelter for several months. It pains me to drive by him and observe his predicament. I frequently stop by and chat with him, and offer encouragement. I also go to the store and get some of the simple things he needs just to survive.  He is very unhealthy and probably has not had a real bath in months.  In a world, especially in a nation with so much wealth, it is hard to fathom why someone is living in a bus stop shelter.  Some will likely blame his condition on him. However, listening to him, leads me to believe he is incapable of making decisions that will get him out of his current situation.  Some will look at this document and see Donald Trump as a shining example of success, and the other person as a failure- The kind of person Dr. Ben Carson described in a recent interview.  John D. Rockefeller, Jr. put it best. He said, I was born with it and there was nothing I could do about it. It was there, like air or food, or any other element. The only question is with wealth is what do you do with it.  Albert Einstein said the value of a man, should be seen in what he gives and not in what he receives. The huge gap between those at the top and those at the bottom (income inequality) continues to grow. Is there an end to this madness-probably not, as long as those in power deny that this it is in fact a problem. However, just because a significant number of Americans do not see it as a problem, does not negate the fact that it is indeed a problem. The struggle between the have and have not continues. There is little evidence that those who have most of the wealth of this nation will change their minds about sharing a little more of it. Those caught between the rich and poor, (the middle class) are squeezed and being slowly crushed between these two extremes. An African saying put it best. When elephants fight, the grass suffers.

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Angry White Men

Angry about what

Donald Trump’s became President of these United States because his campaign apparatus was able to garner the vote of the supposedly Angry White man.  How were political activists and conservative politicians able to convince millions of white men that they had a reason to be angry?  The last time I looked, white men still has most of the wealth of this nation. They own most of the businesses in this nation. They hold most of the positions of influence in this nation.  They occupy most of the seats in congress, in the white house, in courts systems, including the Supreme Court.   So why are they angry? One reason, just maybe, they feel they deserve more of the wealth of this nation.  Could it be they feel they can no longer treat a certain segment of society as their ancestors did?  Are they afraid of losing their majority status in the United States?

The opinion that White Men should be angry continue to be preached on Fox and Conservative Talk Radio. Even Conservative Christian Radio took up the banner of Angry White Men and saturated the airwaves on a daily basic with this rhetoric during the last Presidential election cycle. Christian beliefs based on the bible were put aside and millions of voters chose to vote for Donald Trump.  Lord J. Russell had this to say about this issue. It is of the utmost importance that a nation should have a correct standard by which to weigh the character of its rulers.   Trump supporters choose to ignore his character.

Take a look what is taking place in United States politics. A clear picture of what is taking place is now in plain sight. Political pundits have established a propaganda machine that allowed this Angry White Men mentality to develop and become believable.  The United States political system has been hacked.  An uninformed voter makes hacking of this system easier.  Look how easy Donald Trump became President of the United States.  Woodrow Wilson said it best. A little group of willful men representing no opinion but their own, have rendered the great Government of the United States helpless and contemptible. Nothing is done in the White house- well, with the exception of Executive Orders and damage control. Both congressional houses are at loggers head. President Harry S, Truman must have had Donald Trump in mind when he said- A President needs political understanding to run the government, but he may be elected without it.  It is unclear if Angry White Men are getting what they expected now that Trump is in office. Lots of them are still angry-maybe a little angrier!

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Common Sense no where to be found.

Anyone with any compassion for his or her fellowman must feel a little sorry for President Trump.  It is obvious that he is more than a little out of touch with reality. What causes his behavior-demeanor is difficult to understand. However, it is easy to see that something is wrong with our President.  He is doing his very best to put on a good face and pretend nothing is wrong.  Although I did not vote for Trump, I hate to see him struggling to run this Country.  To make matters worse, he surrounds himself with people who do not have the courage to steer him in the right direction.  His handlers are trying to hang on to the base that elected him, no matter how much damage it causes America.  Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) Created Donald Trump. They convinced their listeners that Donald Trump was just the man to undo everything that President Obama put in place.  These outlets convinced their listeners that America is in bad shape and President Obama’s leadership caused it.  These media outlets must share a lot of the blame for convincing their listeners that Trump would solve all of their real and imagined problems.

It is especially saddening and disheartening to see CTR and FNN continue to feed their listeners a study dose of garbage. Garbage designed to keep a segment of voters loyal to President Trump, no matter what.   These outlets know President Trump has become very irrational and continues to make bad decisions. CTR and FNN loyal listeners deserve better.  Trump supporters must be told the truth about this man. Truth vs loyalty is the question. What matters most? Loyalty trumps truth is the position taken by CTR and FNN.  You often hear them criticizing the media-as if they are not part of what they are criticizing.

Sam Moor had this to say about common sense: Freedom of the press and freedom of the radio are the common means by which the common man gets his common information on which must depend his common sense. Today we include television and internet.

President Trump’s vault of common sense is empty.  Was it ever full is the question.  CTR and FNN   Support for his actions and assimilation and distribution of this support to their listening audience gives the president a false sense of security. His refusal to change his behavior reflects how he feels about his control of his supporters. He feels comfortable reneging on his campaign promises.  He knows his propaganda machine CTR and FNN will smooth thing over with his supporters. Most Trump supporters are slow to realize the effectiveness of a well-oiled propaganda machine.  Joseph Paul Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Czar said: We made the Reich by Propaganda.

Trump supporters are in a very difficult position. Most do not want to admit that they made a bad decision by supporting and voting for Trump. I say to them, for the good of the country, admit you made a mistake.  It is obvious that your decisions were based on the  information you got from sources that offered a one-sided view of political situations and positions.  A reluctance to seek opposite opinions that may have been eye-opening and enlightening, leaves you with  limited knowledge of what is really taking place in this Nation politics.  Depending on Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network is a sure fire way of depriving oneself of a whole lot  of  Information-information sorely needed to make rational decisions.  Trump Supporters-consider seeking information from sources other than the propaganda machine of the republican Party-namely, Conservative Talk Radio and FOX News Network. It is time for truth from all quarters.  America deserves truth-nothing else!

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The calm before the storm

Republican Propaganda machine maybe running into problems. Although used successfully in recent elections, there may be cracks in the armor of the very institutions that assisted Republicans in their efforts to assume control of most facets of politics in America.  Using this continually growing machine, Republicans gained control of almost every level of United States political offices.

After two scathing defeats by a Black Politician from Illinois named Obama, Republicans knew they had to come up with a different tactic to as they say, take back their White House.  Eventually a light went off in their heads and they decided to take advantage of a readily available Propaganda machine-namely Fox New Network (FNN) and Conservative Talk Radio (CTR).  Many Talking heads on these outlets, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Ingram, etc., threw out the welcome mat to Republicans. Conservative politicians knew they had found a cheap and nation-wide avenue to get out their message.  Talking heads knew they had found a new source of revenue, namely new sponsors, willing to spend big bucks to show their support for the conservative cause.

Listen as CTR and FNN folks go about the business of influencing voters. They appeal to the lack of well thought out reasoning by their listeners. To them, sound logic and reasoning is beyond the reach of most of their listeners and all they have to do is appeal to their passions and compulsions.  One of their most used avenue into the minds of most of their listeners is to introduce fear into their minds.  Appeals to their concern for a safe living environment and an adequate income works wonders.  There are other avenues into the minds of people. Listens as CTR and FNN talk about how the US is view in other Countries. They say other Countries have lost their fear of America, and this equates to a lack of our supremacy and ability to rule.  They say America has lost its recognition as the dominate Nation in the World. They say this is also a lack of respect for US military power.

It is amazing how easily CTR and FNN take advantage of the fears of Americans. A classic example of this is how they convinced their listeners that the US should be afraid of Iran because they are trying to develop a Nuclear weapon. Mind you, they do not have one yet, just trying to produce one. They say the same thing about North Korea. Meanwhile, the US has 6970 Nukes, with over 1700 operational. Russia has a few more operational nukes than the US. They are supposed to be our sworn enemy. Why are we not afraid of an attack from Russia?

Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network has convinced their listeners that things got worse including the banking industry, unemployment, home foreclosures, Stock market etc.   after Obama took office. Never mind statistics and facts that prove otherwise in most instances.  Talking heads know they are on to something and are playing it to the hilt.

They may have gone overboard with their continued effort to support Donald Trump.  Entirely too many situations exist where they cannot put a positive spin on the negatives coming out of the White House.  The White House and most Republicans are trying their best to control the news regarding what has and is taking place in the Trump White House. How successful they are is questionable.

CTR and FNN help get the US in to its current predicament.  They must be held accountable for their assistance in misleading the American people. They are just as culpable as the politicians they help put in office. They knew much of what they represented on the air were outright lies and Americans were knowingly deceived.

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Donald Trump ascension to the top

Many people are scratching their heads and wondering how Trump came to power and eventually became President of The United States. His ascension to power has certainly been oversimplified.  One must go back in history to see something comparable to what took place in the 2016 elections. In recent history, Germany is a classic example of what can happen if certain situations exist and an efficient and well-funded propaganda machine is in effect. Germany lost WWI. The loss alone was a bitter pill to swallow for many Germans. The terms under which Germany agreed to end the war virtually destroyed the German economy and left it in shambles and disarray.

One does not have to dig too deeply to see similarities between Hitler and Trump ascension to power. Both took advantage of some of the same situations. For instance,   Today there is clearly a clash between the haves and have not in America as it was in Germany. Trump suggest that America has lost its power and influence in the world. Hitler said the same thing about Germany. Trump says American politicians are not effective and he is going to drain the swamp. Hitler felt those in power were spineless and Germany had totally lost its influence in the world. Trump says the same thing about America. He says trades deals made by America were to the disadvantage of America, and he was going to renegotiate them.  Trump says he will put programs in place that appeases both political parties. He pledged to get rid of laws that causes confusion and unnecessary costs to businesses, especially small ones. A virtually non-functioning Congress was another situation that Trump and his advisors took advantage of, as did Hitler when he observed the chaos in the National Socialist Party.  Trump also had Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio at his disposal as storm troopers. These Propaganda Machines main job was to keep any form of togetherness between The Right and Left at bay.

One thing is noticeably different between Hitler and Trump coming to power.  Hitler did not have an effective propaganda mechanism in place when he began his ascension to power. He had to create one. Trump did not have to create a propaganda machine, thanks to Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) and Fox Finance Network (FFN.)  One America News (OAN) is a relatively new Conservative Cable Propaganda Television station, and is a welcome addition to Right Wing Propaganda apparatus. Factor in the Salem Broadcasting network and the many radio station that carry Fox programing, including sports and one can see how Trump’s message gained such wild appeal. Talking heads Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Cunningham, Ingram, Cain, Medved, Miller and other lesser- known blowhards repeated the Trump message 24 hours per day. No media outlets with left wing leanings could compete with Right Wing programming.  Hitler eventually had the same advantage. Deutschalensender Reichs-Rundfunk Gesellchaft came on the scene. Established in 1933 and eventually taken over by the Nazi Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda with direct control of all broadcasting in Germany.

Cox owns Atlanta radio station WSB. Cox also owns Kiss 104.1 NS and THE Atlanta journal Constitution newspaper. WSB is a powerful AM station designated as a Clear Channel Station,   at times, can be heard in Midwestern and East Coast states, especially at night. WSB transmits with 50.000 watts of non-directional power. This is the highest AM power permitted by the Federal Communications Commission.  WSB radio station is an affiliate of Fox News Radio. What you have here is a very effective, efficient and well-oiled and funded Right Wing Propaganda machine. As with Deutschalensender Reichs-Rundfunk Gesellchaft, this  station tosses in a mixture of other genres. However, its main agenda is a platform for Conservative Talk Radio (CTR.)

The Trump administration tries to control much of what comes over the news, and has had some success by labeling anything they disagree with as Fake news. Why do you think Trump and his people are telling most news Outlets to shut up? Of course, Fox and other Right leaning outlets were not told the same thing.

February 15, 2017

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Trump’s Propaganda Machine

When one listens to WSB Radio Station in Atlanta GA, much of the programming dredges up memories of The Reichs-Rundfunk-Gesellschaft (RRG) (Reich Broadcasting Corporation.) In keeping with the philosophy of RRG, this station puts a mixture of other genres in its programming. There are some sports, News and a scattering of other interests. However the main thrust of this station is to push the agenda of the Conservative Party. From Herman Cain early in the morning, to a dose of Sean Hannity, with Rush Limbaugh thrown in for good measure. Clark Howard, whose program is aimed at helping the consumer, gets some airtime in the evening.

If you listen to the people calling this station and talking to Cain, Limbaugh and Hannity, you have to have some sympathy for the listeners. The degree to which they are taken advantage of is pathetic and demands some recourse. The philosophy of these Conservative Talking Heads, take a page right out of Mein Kampf. The Author of Mein Kampf had this advice for those wishing to impose their will on a segment of a population.

All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level to the perception of the least intelligent of those toward whom it intends to direct itself.

Pay attention to WSB Radio listeners of as express their anger at what they feel has happened to them during the Obama Administration. They talk about how much worse this nation has gotten in eight years. No matter what undeniable facts are explained to them, that refutes their position, they outwardly refuse to change what they think, and become angrier each passing day. Someone had this to say regarding people getting angry. May have been Thomas Mann.

We are most likely to get angry and excited in our opposition to some idea when we ourselves are not quite certain of our own position, and are inwardly tempted to take the other side.

Radio Station WSB has knowingly or unknowingly contributed to the anger of its audience by its choice of programming. The stuff it sells through its Conservative Talking Heads, unwittingly contributes to the anger of its listeners. The stuff sells; so do Crack Cocaine, Methamphetamine and other life destroying drugs. Just because something sells does not mean it is good for the purchaser.

WSB Radio Station sponsors contribute to the anger spouted off daily on its station. The owner of this station and media outlets whose programming mirrors it is fully aware of the damage it causes. However, if one is of the mindset is that if it sells at a profit, it must be good for the consumer, there is little incentive to change its programming.

Listen as callers to this station lament and rant about how much they have learned listening to Conservative Radio Talking heads. These listeners see this station as an educational outlet. Nothing is further from the truth. Herman Kane says buy my books. Sean Hannity says buy my books. Rush Limbaugh says buy my books. Each one of them gained handsomely from the sale of their books. I dare say those buying these books are less informed when they finish reading them, because what they read in no way help them to become better educated. G M. Trevelyan penned the following. Education ….has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading

The debate over the merits of Television and radio, especially in the political arena will continue for years to come. The advent of the Internet and the many ways it can be utilized, is another factor in the equation. Why- because three competing interests are involved. Edward R. Murrow penned the following. Unless we get off of our fat surpluses and recognize that television in the main is being used to distract, delude, amuse and insulate us, then television and those who finance it, those who look at it and those who work at it, may see a totally different picture too late. The same logic applies to Conservative Talk Radio.


President Elect Donald Trump, using Conservative Talk Radio as well as other Social Media outlets was able to paint a picture of himself that got him a huge following and votes.

President Harry must have had Donald Trump in mind when he coined the following. A President needs political understanding to run the government, but he may be elected without it.
Kudos to Donald Trump and his camp for using a well oiled Propaganda Machine!

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Bring me my Back Pain meds

Oh my aching back

Here we go again? Rush Limbaugh must be back on his Back Pain Medicine. Another stupid declaration by brain-dead Rush Limbaugh. Rush claims Hurricane Matthew is nothing but a ploy by those he refers to as Liberals to justify their claims about Global Warming. I would say just forget it, if he did not have so many listeners that believe every word he says. These loyal followers have never considered not supporting and believing him, even when it was a known fact that he was under the influence of drugs. He is more than likely still using his drug of choice or something stronger, given his latest rants.

Rush Limbaugh is a very dangerous talking head and has been for a very long time. I began to take notice of what he was spouting many years ago. At first it was amusing-then not so amusing-finally not amusing at all. He came to the realization that there was a herd of people in the US who would believe anything he said as long as it had a Right Wing political slant. In addition, he knew there were many people eager to believe anything negative he said about Liberals and the Democratic Party. They have made him a very rich man at the expense of civil discourse in politics in the US.

He really got going when Bill Clinton became President of the United States and has been on a Tear Down the Democrats crusade every since, no matter the collateral damage. His almost uninterrupted divisive rhetoric was welcomed by many of the Conservative persuasion and continues today. Of course, Limbaugh, never one to turn down a dollar, even if it meant selling his soul and destroying civil discourse in the United States, keeps up his banter about the destructive nature of the Democratic Party and its followers.

Republican Lawmakers at all levels of government saw Limbaugh and other like henchmen as attack dogs. Attack Dogs they could use to say nasty things about those bad old liberal/Democrats. Limbaugh, whose persuasive power with the Republican Party and hardline conservatives has waned somewhat, with Hannity quickly filling the void. Many loyal Limbaugh listeners still see him as the leader of this attack dog pack and refer to him as  TheTalk Master. Sean Hannity, along with the help of Fox News Network continues to try and dethrone Limbaugh.

Think for a minute, Limbaugh and his henchmen tried to influence the Bill Clinton election. They tried to prevent the election of President Obama in 2008 and 2012. They failed miserably. Failing to take down Obama, they immediately went to work in 2012 tearing down Hillary Clinton. For four years they have been on a crusade to destroy Hillary Clinton. Unless something dramatic happens in the next 30 days, they will again fail.

By spending so much capital including time tearing down the Democratic nominee, little time was spent, developing and venting a viable Republican candidate for President. I suppose the thinking was, given the picture painted of the Democratic nominee, any chosen Republican can beat her.

Limbaugh and his cronies, including Fox, made Donald Trump. It is akin to catching a Rattle Snake. Sometime it is easier to catch it than turning it loose. One can never be sure whom the snake will bite once its head is released. He along with the likes of Drudge proves once and for all that they could care less about the well-being of the people of this Nation.

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Sharing Why not?


Given today’s unending and growing friction and animosity between races, nations and the haves and have not, what is a reasonable expectation of what is to come? Certainly in a Country whose economic system is based on capitalism, things will  get worse. The way that wealth is distributed assures this outcome. Hook and crook is not necessary.   It reminds me of a lion’s kill. The lion pride eats its share. When their appetite is satisfied and bellies are filled, they slowly saunter away; find a shady spot and rest for a very long time. Meanwhile, after the lions have taken all they want, other animals move in to spar and fight over what the lions did not eat. Buzzards, Jackals, Fox, hyenas etc. jockey and fight, trying to get a little piece of what is left. No different as far as humans are concerned. Those in the middle and at the bottom are constantly fighting over the scraps left by the rich. There are times when it takes the whole carcass to satisfy the hunger needs of a lions pack and nothing is left but bones. Animals who do not have the jaw power to make a meal of bones go hungry. Some animals never get a full meal. The same thing happens under capitalism. There are those who never get a decent share of the kill.

Notice. I never mentioned the word Fair. All I am saying is why is it necessary for some folk to have so much wealth, while others go hungry? Why are some folk so unwilling to share for the good of mankind? Why put a people in a position that they feel it necessary to get access to the wealth of this nation by illegal means? Until more people of means understand and accept the notion that there is nothing wrong with sharing wealth, the gap between haves and have not will continue to grow.

It is written that the knowledge of our nature, and the circumstances which govern the character and conduct of man, are to be acquired only by attending to the facts which exist around us, and to the past history of the human species. In other words, what has taken place in the past that helped create the situation in which we find ourselves?


This writer Owens makes the argument that this whole individual thing is what tears a people apart, and unless it is entirely abandoned, it will be useless to expect any substantial, permanent improvement in the condition of the human race, for this system ever has been, and must ever remain directly opposed to universal charity, benevolence, and kindness; and until the means were discovered, and can be brought into practice, by which universal charity, benevolence, and kindness, can be made to pervade the heart and mind of every human being, a state of society in which “peace on earth and good will to man” shall exist, must remain unknown and unenjoyed by mankind

Finally, Owens is saying, “Folks, we had better take care of what is ailing this country. If not, what you see today will continue to grow. I.e. Donald Trump. He and his followers may have the makings a Fourth Reich.

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