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Back to the farm

Back to the farm 

I took a little drive down to Shorter Alabama to the casino this past weekend. This was one of many trips I have made to the casino. I am amazed at what I see down there. I was not aware that people in this area had so much disposal income-especially black folks-for that matter, white folks either. People from other states and locals make up a large portion of the players.  I, along with many who partake of what the casino offers have not really looked in detail what it actually is. It is easy to figure out who is winning and who is losing.  The casino has to win to stay in business, and those who play has to lose to keep the casino in business.  I am unsure exactly what percentage of the take a casino is suppose to allow participants to win. However, even if the participants are assured a 40% take, that is still a 60% loss. So if you take the players as one block, they are going to the casino knowing fully well that the best they can do is return home with 40% of what they take to the casino. I guess one has to think that the 60% they are guaranteed to lose is for entertainment. Who in their wildest imagination would invest in a Money market or Certificate of Deposit if they guaranteed a return of minus 60%?

I wonder who can actually afford to play the various venues that casinos offer. I like to think as many others do that given the right mindset and discipline an individual can pay an occasional visit to the casino without and real harm. However, I’ve spoken to many people who are hooked on gambling.  I see people praying for the slot machines to give them a nice little return on their hard earned money. I see many people playing who have not taken the time to go home and change from their work clothes.  I met on gentleman who was complaining about losing $45.00. I really felt bad for him, since he really had no business risking it, if he could not afford to lose it.  I see many young blacks gambling, especially black women. This really concerns me, because many of them will likely becoming addicted to gambling.

When I look at what is taking place, I am reminded of something called sharecropping and even worse, a plantation. Those who entered into sharecropping agreements with the landowners, seldom if ever came out with the larger share of the crop. As a matter of fact, most never even broke even. There was no fixed division of the crops. It varied from fifty—fifty to five eights-three eights-with the land owner getting the large share. This is exactly what takes place in a casino. Why? It is designed that way. Many people work all week to earn a paycheck just to rush off to the casino and lose it all. In the final analysis, they have in fact worked a whole week, and have nothing to show for it.

The black community can ill-afford to have so much of it financial resources squandered away in hopes of winning a little money. It is too risky and a guaranteed loser. I am sure that many important family needs are ignored and pushed aside just so one can risk the family dollars.  How do we stop this needless export of dollars from the black community? This is the sixty four thousand dollar question. 


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