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A special message to Trump supporters


A writer makes it very plain what happens when a Nation’s Judicial System is undermined. He penned the following.

Any democracy is as strong or as weak as the institutions that underpin its edifice. When democracy is subverted it is the institutional reliability of the judicial system that is dismantled first. A grand sweep of history bears testimony to these maxims. Whenever judicial independence is undermined, tyranny, chaos and then anarchy, in that order, are its inevitable corollaries.

. Trump and most Republican lawmakers, for whatever reason, feel the courts are there to support Trump and not the American Judicial System. This is right out of Hitler’s play book.

As I look at what is taking place in America’s Judicial System, I am reminded of the mindset of Hitler regarding Germany’s Judicial System. Look at how Trump handle matters that he wishes to go his way. Simply, he moves it to the so-called Justice Department and eventually to the courts. America’s Courts, including The Supreme Court are loaded with judges appointed by Republican lawmakers. One must remember, Republicans deliberately stacked the courts with Trump supporters, in anticipation of conflicts between Trump and Democratic Lawmakers.

It is almost like Trump has his own courts that handles any opposition to his violations of constitutional laws and Judicial Norms.

 Hitler said: “I expect the German legal profession to understand that the nation is not here for them but they are here for the nation… From now on, I shall intervene in these cases and remove from office those judges who evidently do not understand the demand of the hour.” Of course, Trump cannot remove judges, but Republicans has stacked courts with staunch Trump Supporters. Thus removal of judges is not necessary.

Look at this: Judges in Nazi Germany were instructed that in the event of any conflict between the Nazi Party and Law, the Nazi Party should always succeed as their objectives surmounted any notions of fair play. Isn’t this the way Trump and his Republican Lawmakers see things? They are unashamedly  willing to forgo any semblance of right and wrong and regard for laws and the US Constitution?

May 22, 2020 - Posted by | Donald Trump, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, U S Court System

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