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Stench in the White House

When I was just a boy growing up on a farm in Randolph County Alabama, I had hunting dogs. Every now and then, one of them would come back to the house reeking of skunk Urine. In other words, he had gotten too close to a skunk. Those of you who know anything about skunks, know you can recognize them by their stripes as well as their smell. This one dog I had tangled with a skunk more than once and the results were always the same. Lo and behold, we now have a skunk in the White House. He reeks of dishonesty, lying, disregard for the laws of this nation, common decency, racketeering and adherence to expected norms of the President of the United States. When he was campaigning for the office of President, his true colors and smell were laid bare,especially his propensity for taking liberty with the truth. Many of his competitors were aware of his character-flaws, and made light of them during the Republican Debates. Nothing has changed about Trump since the election, except he has become more bold in his disregard for common decency and the US constitution. One question begs to be answered- why have the same Republican Lawmakers who tried to get away from the Trump stench during the debates, suddenly decide they will stay close to him no matter how bad he stinks up the place? What does he offer that make this stench more tolerable and acceptable? These same lawmakers, go back into their States and districts, dripping in skunk juice picked up in the Trump atmosphere. Their supporters, hate this smell, but are willing to hold their nose and continue to follow the fellow with the Skunk stripes. You know, black and white. He is out there in plain sight, spraying this awful odor and proudly displaying his stripes. We now have most Republican Lawmakers, not only willing to put up with the stench, but proudly wearing the Black and White Stripes as well.

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