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A pathetic ignorant crook in the White House

Current Lawmakers, especially those of the Republican persuasion should take a minute and visit the Federalist Papers. Article 75 spells out in detail their concerns about electing an individual with Donald characteristics to the office of President of The United States. What Jay, Hamilton, and Madison surmised, is exactly the behavior Donald Trump displays. It is as if Article 75 of the Federalist Papers was written with him in mind. Factor in his apparent subscribing and adherence to the philosophy of the leader of Germany in the Thirties and Forties and you will get a clearer picture of how this man think and what are the root causes of his behavior. His behavior has all of the markings of an unhinged and irrational individual, incapable of making rational, well-thought out comments and decisions. It is time for US Lawmakers to do their elected duties and remove Trump from the office of President of these United States. Many Lawmakers, especially Republicans see him as a deranged and unstable individual, yet are afraid to let their true feeling be known to their constituents. it is time to let him know that he is not above the law and he works for the people, not the reverse.

LC's Commentary

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay were right. They wrote in Article 75 of the Federalist Papers the following:
…….might sometimes be under temptations to sacrifice his duty to his interest, which it would require superlative virtue to withstand. An avaricious man might be tempted to betray the interests of the state to the acquisition of wealth. An ambitious man might make his own aggrandizement, by the aid of a foreign power, the price of his treachery to his constituents. The history of human conduct does not warrant that exalted opinion of human virtue which would make it wise in a nation to commit interests of so delicate and momentous a kind, as those which concern its intercourse with the rest of the world, to the sole disposal of a magistrate created and circumstanced as would be a President of the United States.
The Federalist Papers warned us about…

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