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Lies, Lies and more lies

Hannity FOX, OAN, and other Conservative Propaganda mouthpieces and outlets, without a doubt created the political atmosphere that allowed Trump to become President of the United States. Hannity, Limbaugh, and other notable loudmouths of the so-called Conservative persuasion broadcast a form of propaganda that captures the minds, imagination and souls of most of their dedicated listeners. Well before Trump came on the scene, these loudmouths persuaded a lot of folks that their efforts to think for themselves was a waste of time and energy. What is so troubling, is most of their listeners accept this and go about their daily lives without making any effort to think for themselves.
Question is, Why have so many people bought into the Conservative propaganda? Mark Twain had folks like Hannity and the likes in mind when he said” You take the lies out of him and he’ll shrink to the size of your hat; you take the malice out of him and he will disappear. What they do is criminal in some respect. Their willingness to spout lies and half-truth to gain the trust of ill-informed people, and get rich doing it, is nothing less than criminal. A company that deliberately mislead purchasers to sell a product is guilty of a crime. Hannity and others sell a bad product and it is costing their rabid listeners an awful lot. They have been dumb-ed down by these characters. They have lost their ability to think for themselves. Their supporters deserve something better.
Of course this Propaganda wouldn’t get much coverage, except for the likes of Cox Media. They are little else but the platform for Conservative propaganda.

How did our political system get to the point where lying is acceptable, if it is what it takes to bring people to your side and way of thinking.
Joseph Addison shines light on this lying thing. “ Truth is always consistent with itself, and needs nothing to help it out; it is always near at hand, sits upon our lips, and is ready to drop out before we are aware; a lie is troublesome and sets a man’s invention upon the rack, and one trick needs many more to make it good. It is like building upon a false foundation, which continually stands in need of props to shore it up, and proves at last more chargeable than to have raised a substantial building at first upon a true and solid foundation.
Listening to Conservative talking heads, one wonders if they feel no obligation to tell the truth about almost anything, especially when it comes to providing cover for Trump.
These folks make a living telling lies. They know that what they say carries a lot of weight no matter if it is truthful or not.
Walter Lippmann had this to say about lying. “ It is sophistry to pretend that in a free country a man has some sort of constitutional right to deceive his fellow men….it may be inexpedient to arraign every public liar, as we arraign every other swindler.. but in principle, there can be no immunity for lying in any of it protean forms.”
The Nazi motto was” Tell a lie and tell it often, sooner or later people will see it as truth.”

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