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Sean Hannity same as Joseph Gobbels


Each time I listen to Sean Hannity shows, radio and television, I am reminded of the works of Joseph Goebbels and William Joyce. History shows what can happen when media outlets are ignored, especially the ones doing their level best to detract the public attention away from the truth. This is what happened in the thirties in Germany. The deliberate spreading of fabricated information and exaggerations is right out of the Third Reich playbook.) ( Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung.) Cox media and other Right-wing leaning media outlets used the same techniques to get Trump elected as those used by the Nazis to put Hitler in power. These folks and others of like mind are doing their level best to deflect attention away from Trump and his association with the Russians. Hannity admits his association with and influence in the White House. It is time for Mueller to ask him what he knows about the Trump Russian connections. To me, Sean Hannity is no different than Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister and William Joyce, Nazi Chief propaganda broadcaster in Britain. Joyce was executed for his actions. Notice as Hannity spouts his rhetoric. He makes the same claims Goebbels used-enlightening his listeners. Cox media, including Fox is a 24 hour platform for Trump and his policies. Trump has unlimited access to Fox media and other Cox media outlets. It is not a stretch to say that Fox is a part of the Trump Administration, with Sean as the Minister of Propaganda.


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