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Chickens came home to roost

Hamilton, jay and Madison observations about problems associated with an individual with Donald Trump’s character and attributes being elected President of the United States have never been clearer. These fellows knew, way back in 1787, that this Nation would be in trouble if it put a person like Trump in office. Public opinion of what characteristics are acceptable in our public officials, especially the President of the United States, has been hijacked by the Conservative Propaganda Machine; especially Sean Hannity and Fox News. Hannity is a Trump advisor as Goebbles was an advisor to Hitler. There is something wrong with that relationship and probably should be looked into. President Trump and his folks unfettered access to Hannity and Fox is certainly unsettling and requires some form of oversight.

LC's Commentary

How were they to know

As I struggle to understand what is taking place in American politics, I keep going back and researching what Thinkers of old wrote about the very thing this nation is going through with President Donald Trump. I had to dig through the Federalist Papers to gain insight into the situation. The Federalist Papers is a collection of eighty-five letters to the public beginning in 1787 and published in New York Papers. The Federalist papers were written by John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton.

Paragraph three of Letter 75 in the Federalist Papers illuminates what is happening with President Trump. Hamilton, Jay and Madison apprehensions about the very state of affairs the United States is facing with President Trump’ conduct is remarkable.   These men were thinkers, not just repeaters of what someone else said.  These writers warned this nation about people with Trumps characteristics.  How…

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