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Hannity Fox and Russian Connection


Has Sean Hannity and Fox News Network and Fox Business Network been   compromised by the Russians? Has Hannity’s greed and quest for power entangled him in a web of deception? Has Fox provided the platform for Hannity to collude with the Russians? Someone said, I think it was James Clapper, that people can unknowingly be compromised. They can be colluding and cooperating with a foreign agency without being aware of what they are doing.

In the case of Hannity, I think he is fully aware of what he is doing. Question is, when did he realize that he had become entangled in a web of deception? When did he realize he was so compromised that he felt he had no alternative except to try any means necessary to deflect attention away from Trump and his Russian connection. Deflecting attention from Trump, provided cover of sort for his involvement in the Trump campaign and administration. He often bragged about his access to Trump during the campaign and his continued access to Trump once Trump became President. He often spoke about giving President Trump advice. Question is, what has Trump told Hannity that Mueller might be interested in? Should Mueller and his team have a conversation with Hannity and other Fox folks? The public needs to know exactly what is the connection between Fox, Hannity and the Trump administration. Hannity got his self in this quagmire by trying to be someone important. He often flexes his muscles and those of Fox to intimidate politicians, democrats and Republicans. He threatens to run campaigns against those who went against his wishes and demands.

The Republican Party created today’s Sean Hannity and Donald Trump. Republicans thought they could use Hannity and fox to get elected. Once elected, they thought Hannity would ride away in the sunset. They never dreamed he would demand payback for him supporting their campaigns. Wrong! There is a terrible and expensive price to pay for his support.

Hannity, using the Fox Propaganda machine has hijacked the minds of millions of Republican voters. He uses the logic not only of Goebbels, but Hans Fritzsche as well. Fritz was Hitler’s Radio Propaganda Chief. According to sources, (AZ quotes) Fritzsche, by manipulating the truth goaded German public opinion into frenzied support of the regime and anesthetized the independent judgment of the population so that they did without question their masters’ bidding. Joseph Goebbels said there is no need for propaganda to be rich in intellectual content. There is little difference in those who blindly followed the logic of the Nazi propaganda machine and those following the Trump Propaganda machine headed by Sean Hannity on the Fox Network Platform.

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Fox in the Hen House.


Folks, it is time to take a really good look at the Trump Fox connection. At first glance the connection may seem quite innocent. However, if you look at the history of connections between the media and a ruling government, Hitler, and the Third Reich and Germany come to mind. The similarities between how Hitler and his propaganda machine and how Trump’s propaganda machine operates, leaves little to one’s imagination. Hitler had his propaganda Minister-a fellow called Joseph Goebbels. Trump has his Propaganda Minister, Sean Hannity. Hitler had his Propaganda Platform. Trump has his propaganda machine. Fox and company. People are paying too little attention to how far the tentacles of the Trump Propaganda machine reaches, mainly through the Fox Network. This I did not realize until, in my travels, I surfed the radio stations in several States and was surprised at the number of Stations affiliated with Fox in some form or fashion. These stations feed listeners a heavy dose of Hannity several hours per day. There is the study beat of the Trump doctrine. Of course, those too ignorant to question what is being broadcasted are blindly led into the abyss of Trumpism. I must remind you that many people feel as Trump does about many social issues but are careful not to allow these feelings to surface, that is until Trump made it fashionable to make one’s true feelings known, no matter the consequence.

As with Hitler, Trump has created a boogieman. Trump is doing the same thing. He said he was going to rebuild our military. Hitler said the same thing. He said he was going to create jobs. Hitler said the same thing. Hitler said Germany was being taken advantage of by other nations, Trumps says the same thing about America. Hitler said prior German officials made bad deals with other nations. Trump says the same thing about prior US officials. The parallel between the two is alarming. Both are using the same appeal to the people, and the people are using the same logical to accept what they are being told without any questions. This is scary. How in the world have so many people been so easily led? What causes people to see Trump as some kind of Savior and the answer to all of their questions and problems? Many Germans saw Hitler as some kind of Savior and you see what resulted- A Nation almost totally destroyed. Americans, especially Trump followers, should take the time to read the Rise and fall of the Third Reich. It will give them some insight into what may befall them if they continue to blindly follow Trump.

Goebbels and Hitler use simple logic when formulating a plan to get the masses to see things their way.

From a New York Times article dated June 1933 by Roger B Nelson.

Dramatize your propaganda. All the world is a stage. Act well.

Always maintain the initiative. Always spring something new. Always let something loose; let there be something happening, something going on. And always be on the offensive—in your propaganda of the word as well as in your propaganda of deed.

See with the eyes of the masses, with the eyes of all who should be Nazis. Speak in their language.                  Give them what they want—in your propaganda. Know your people, the Germans. Be of the Germans. And, above all, learn to draw your followers en masse into your propaganda work. Make every one feel he is an actor on the stage of history building a new Germany.

Trump and Hannity are doing the very same thing. Do not take my word for it. Just tune in to Fox for a couple of days.

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Chickens came home to roost

Hamilton, jay and Madison observations about problems associated with an individual with Donald Trump’s character and attributes being elected President of the United States have never been clearer. These fellows knew, way back in 1787, that this Nation would be in trouble if it put a person like Trump in office. Public opinion of what characteristics are acceptable in our public officials, especially the President of the United States, has been hijacked by the Conservative Propaganda Machine; especially Sean Hannity and Fox News. Hannity is a Trump advisor as Goebbles was an advisor to Hitler. There is something wrong with that relationship and probably should be looked into. President Trump and his folks unfettered access to Hannity and Fox is certainly unsettling and requires some form of oversight.

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How were they to know

As I struggle to understand what is taking place in American politics, I keep going back and researching what Thinkers of old wrote about the very thing this nation is going through with President Donald Trump. I had to dig through the Federalist Papers to gain insight into the situation. The Federalist Papers is a collection of eighty-five letters to the public beginning in 1787 and published in New York Papers. The Federalist papers were written by John Jay, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton.

Paragraph three of Letter 75 in the Federalist Papers illuminates what is happening with President Trump. Hamilton, Jay and Madison apprehensions about the very state of affairs the United States is facing with President Trump’ conduct is remarkable.   These men were thinkers, not just repeaters of what someone else said.  These writers warned this nation about people with Trumps characteristics.  How…

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Having the Wrong Sow by the Ear!

I came across the word calumny a few days ago. I can truthfully say the word is foreign to me. The word calumny is actually a synonym of slander, defamation, denigration, lie, misrepresentation, etc. This word comes in handy when describing what is taking place in American politics. So much of what is thrown at the public is designed to protect Trump and his cronies. I never thought it would get to the point where many politicians, especially Republicans would risk their political careers to protect a very corrupt President. I never thought they would stoop so low and do everything in their power to mislead republican voters. They have thrown caution and honesty to the wind and are at the beck and call of Trump. Too bad they have not figured out that Trump could care less about them and is doing everything in his power to cover his butt. At some point many Republican lawmakers will come to their senses and realize they are making a bad mistake by blindly following Trump.

I must say that it was a bold move by Nunes, the Republican Party and the Trump folks to take on the FBI and the Justice Department. They do not know what these folks know. I suspect they know things about Nunes, Trump, Flynn, Paige and other Trump folks that they themselves are not aware of. Just wait until this information starts to leak out. There will be hell to pay. The simple fact that there have been several conversations between Trump folks and the Russians spells trouble. They are too stupid to realize that Russian communications are shadowed in the US as well as in other US allied countries.  Talking to Russian spy agents can spell trouble for anyone talking to these folks.  The FBI may have been shadowing Paige and other Trump cronies for several years as they communicated and made money deals with the Russians. Of course Mueller has not said one word about the money connection, however, this may be the connection that brings down the Trump house. As Hubiibras said in Canto III.. You have the wrong Sow by the ear. Trump, Nunez and other political hacks have underestimated the resourcefulness and persistence of the Justice Department and the FBI. They are way out of their league and will quickly find this out. The gloves are off and all is fair in this tug of war. I am betting the Justice Department and the FBI will prevail.

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