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Oh give me a home

Recent Tax overhaul extends the chasm between the Haves and Have not. The gap grows daily and shows no sign of altering its course. Of course, those in power work tirelessly to insure the economic ship does not alter its course and allow the workers in the middle and lower economic ladder to get a larger piece of the pie. Oh sure, give them a little raise, and then raise the prices on all of the necessities of life-in one hand and out the other.

LC's Commentary

trump house1.jpghomeless.jpg

There is a disturbing difference between those who have so much and those who have little.  The difference rears its ugly head in this document.  The top photo shows one of President of the United States Donald Trump’s homes/businesses in Florida. The bottom photo show a young man living in a bus stop shelter in Stone Mountain Georgia. This man has been living in this bus stop shelter for several months. It pains me to drive by him and observe his predicament. I frequently stop by and chat with him, and offer encouragement. I also go to the store and get some of the simple things he needs just to survive.  He is very unhealthy and probably has not had a real bath in months.  In a world, especially in a nation with so much wealth, it is hard to fathom why someone is living in a bus stop shelter. …

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