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Republican Propaganda machine running into problems.

Utilization of  a continually growing propaganda/ apparatus machine helped Republicans gained control of almost every level of United States political offices. After two scathing defeats by a Black Politician from Illinois named Obama, Republicans knew they had to come up with a different tactic to as they say, take back their White House.  Eventually a light went off in their heads. They decided to take advantage of a readily available Propaganda machine-namely Fox New Network (FNN) and Conservative Talk Radio (CTR).  Many Talking heads on these outlets, Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Ingram, etc., threw out the welcome mat to Republicans. Conservative politicians knew they had found a cheap and nation-wide avenue to get out their message.  Talking heads knew they had found a new source of revenue, namely new sponsors, willing to spend big bucks to show their support for the Conservative cause.

Listen as CTR and FNN folks go about the business of influencing voters. Their messages appeal to those lacking reasonable intellect to discern facts from out right lies. Talking heads on these outlets realized a long time ago that logic and reasoning was beyond the reach of most of their listeners and all they had to do was appeal to their passions and compulsions.  One of their most used avenue into the minds of most of their listeners is the  introduction fear.  Appeal to their concern for a safe living environment and a adequate income worked wonders.  There are other avenues into the minds of people. Listens as CTR and FNN commentators talk about how the United States is viewed in other Countries. They say other Countries have lost their fear of  America, and this equates to a lack of  supremacy and ability to rule.  They say America has lost its recognition as the dominate Nation in the World. They say this is also a lack of respect for US military power.

It is amazing how easily CTR and FNN take advantage of the fears of Americans. A classic example of this is how they have convinced their listeners and viewers that the United States should be afraid of Iran because they are trying to develop a Nuclear weapon. Mind you, they do not have one yet, just trying to produce one. They say the same thing about North Korea. Meanwhile, the US has 6970 Nukes, with over 1700 operational. Russia has a few more operational nukes than the US. They are supposed to be our sworn enemy. Why are we not afraid of an attack from Russia?

Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network has convinced their listeners that things got worse, including the banking industry, unemployment, home foreclosures, Stock market etc.   after Obama took office. Never mind statistics and facts prove otherwise in most instances.  Talking heads know they are on to something and are playing it to the hilt.

They may have gone overboard with their continued effort to support Donald Trump.  Entirely too many situations and problems exist where the propaganda machine is having difficulty putting a positive spin on things  coming out of the White House.  The White House and most Republicans are trying their best to control the substance of the news and the news media regarding what has and is taking place in the Trump White House. How successful they are is questionable.

CTR and FNN help get the US in to its current predicament.  They must be held accountable for their assistance in misleading the American people. They are just as culpable as the politicians they help put in office. They knew much of what they represented on the air were outright lies and Americans were knowingly deceived.


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