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Bring me my Back Pain meds

Oh my aching back

Here we go again? Rush Limbaugh must be back on his Back Pain Medicine. Another stupid declaration by brain-dead Rush Limbaugh. Rush claims Hurricane Matthew is nothing but a ploy by those he refers to as Liberals to justify their claims about Global Warming. I would say just forget it, if he did not have so many listeners that believe every word he says. These loyal followers have never considered not supporting and believing him, even when it was a known fact that he was under the influence of drugs. He is more than likely still using his drug of choice or something stronger, given his latest rants.

Rush Limbaugh is a very dangerous talking head and has been for a very long time. I began to take notice of what he was spouting many years ago. At first it was amusing-then not so amusing-finally not amusing at all. He came to the realization that there was a herd of people in the US who would believe anything he said as long as it had a Right Wing political slant. In addition, he knew there were many people eager to believe anything negative he said about Liberals and the Democratic Party. They have made him a very rich man at the expense of civil discourse in politics in the US.

He really got going when Bill Clinton became President of the United States and has been on a Tear Down the Democrats crusade every since, no matter the collateral damage. His almost uninterrupted divisive rhetoric was welcomed by many of the Conservative persuasion and continues today. Of course, Limbaugh, never one to turn down a dollar, even if it meant selling his soul and destroying civil discourse in the United States, keeps up his banter about the destructive nature of the Democratic Party and its followers.

Republican Lawmakers at all levels of government saw Limbaugh and other like henchmen as attack dogs. Attack Dogs they could use to say nasty things about those bad old liberal/Democrats. Limbaugh, whose persuasive power with the Republican Party and hardline conservatives has waned somewhat, with Hannity quickly filling the void. Many loyal Limbaugh listeners still see him as the leader of this attack dog pack and refer to him as  TheTalk Master. Sean Hannity, along with the help of Fox News Network continues to try and dethrone Limbaugh.

Think for a minute, Limbaugh and his henchmen tried to influence the Bill Clinton election. They tried to prevent the election of President Obama in 2008 and 2012. They failed miserably. Failing to take down Obama, they immediately went to work in 2012 tearing down Hillary Clinton. For four years they have been on a crusade to destroy Hillary Clinton. Unless something dramatic happens in the next 30 days, they will again fail.

By spending so much capital including time tearing down the Democratic nominee, little time was spent, developing and venting a viable Republican candidate for President. I suppose the thinking was, given the picture painted of the Democratic nominee, any chosen Republican can beat her.

Limbaugh and his cronies, including Fox, made Donald Trump. It is akin to catching a Rattle Snake. Sometime it is easier to catch it than turning it loose. One can never be sure whom the snake will bite once its head is released. He along with the likes of Drudge proves once and for all that they could care less about the well-being of the people of this Nation.


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How low can you go

No fool like an old fool

I use to believe the adage that says, “There is no fool like an old fool.” It is time to rethink this saying. Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report latest retort regarding the severity of Hurricane Matthew should cause any right thinking individual to come to the conclusion that there are far worse fools than Old fools. Some thinkers, including astute Chinese Philosopher Confucius put it this way” He who knows not, and knows not, that he knows not, is a fool.” Drudge’s latest assertion has created a whole new definition o the word Fool. Why? Because of the way he continues to arrive at foolish conclusions and broadcast them as facts. He is a very dangerous man because of how he gets his foolish thoughts and logic on the airways. His latest assertions about the severity of Hurricane Matthews defy logic

Many people who listen to Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) have total faith in what the likes of Drudge, Hannity, Limbaugh and other Conservative blowhards say. People make decisions, including how to respond to hurricanes based on what they hear coming from these outlets.

Drudge’s assertions about the severity of Hurricane Matthews may have cost lives. . What he said and to whom he said it to put many lives in danger. How many people, believing what Drudge said, decided to hunker down and ride out the storm, rather than relocate to safer locations?

Is the loss of over 900 lives and total destruction of several communities in Haiti an indication of the severity of Hurricane Matthew? Is the continued  loss of life in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina an indication of the severity of Hurricane Matthew? Are the billions of dollars necessary to rebuild and recover affected areas an indication of the severity? An estimate of over 30 billion-dollar payout by insurance companies maybe too low.

To Matt Drudge. You have sunk lower than I ever imagined. There was no rhyme or reason for you to put people lives in harms way just to get listeners and line your pockets with gains gotten at the expense of said folks.

Sunday, October 9, 16

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