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Donald Trump playing his trump card

Donald Trump’s ascension to the top of the Republican Party’s is something to behold. I will say one thing, his arrogance is beyond belief. He may have gone completely over the top in his comments about his non-payment of taxes in some yet undefined years. if you listen closely as he speaks, you can see his disdain and lack of respect for the intellect of average Americans, and says without saying we are fools for not creating financial situations that looks like we are not making any money that is taxable. Imagine that. Some of his supporters are calling him a genus for his creativity with his taxes. Thus far, no one has called him a crook. Here Goes. The man is a crook. The same man that frequently calls Mr. Clinton-Crooked Hilary. One way or another, his taxes will be looked at. I suspect, the IRS is doing some serious auditing of Trump’s tax filing spanning several years. He is a great talker when he is in control of the conservation. Not sure he can control the narrative pertaining to his taxes and other financial dealings.

LC's Commentary

Donald Trump is currently, the front-runner for the Republican Party selection to become President of the United States. Millions of Americans continue to be amazed at the amount of support he is getting from a vast assortment of people. What is it about his behavior, tone of voice and overall message that is so appealing to so many people?

For starters as Plato said in the Republic: many people admire his coolness and dexterity, as he appears to be unaffected by a barrage of attacks leveled at him by opponents. Some see this as a sign of strength. Others like his arrogance and down in the gutter manner of speech and choice of words.

When Donald Trump initially threw his hat into the political arena (seeking office of the President of the United States) few took him seriously. He probably didn’t see himself being a serious candidate. Lo and behold…

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