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Cry Baby Sean Hannity


I am not one to wish this thing called bad luck on anyone. However, where Sean Hannity is concerned, I make an exception. This man, with his mike and mouth has caused irreparable damage to our political system. He has increased the wedge between people, by continually using wealth or lack of as a wedge issue. He loves to play the it’s us against the rest of them game. He love to play the government is going to take our gun game(second amendment)

He continually berate and lambast all who he says are of the liberal persuasion. He has made liberal a dirty word.  His use of this strategy has made his a very rich man with a substantial following. His audience has not help the situation. They have made him into what he really isn’t. Showering him with unfettered and unending accolades has caused him to think that that he deserves recognition and an avenue into the political process. They have told him that he can walk on water for so long that he believes he can actually walk on water People call him a great American. Great doing what? Would America be worse off if Hannity and his programs went away tomorrow? I know most of us need our plumbers and mechanics much more than we need him. It is said talk is cheap. He has cheapened it even more.

Listen as he brags about giving a presidential candidate advice about how to run his campaign. I will give him credit; he has this propaganda thing down to a science. Himmler, Hitler’s propaganda person would be proud of the job Hannity is doing. To his listeners and dedicated followers; how and why have so many of you arrived at the conclusion that Hannity is so much smarter and better informed than you ? Through what methodology did you arrive at the conclusion that you can trust that everything he says is factual? Why have you allowed Hannity do the thinking for you for so long?

Hannity and many of his followers say America has lost the dictatorial powers that it once had. He appears to feel that America has some right to tell people all over the rest of the world how to act. I am unsure who gave America this authority. If one listen closely to what he says; it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that he feels the only thing necessary to keep and maintain this power, is the power of the bomb. This is why he is always talking about rebuilding our military might. Wonder why he never talks about what it cost to literally run the whole world from the shores of the United States.

Hannity devotees, for once, open your minds and see the person Hannity really is. He is but a guy that saw a weakness in some people and figured out how to take advantage of it. He takes advantage of the fears of people-fears of threats, real and imagined. This would be a much better nation if he took his ill-gotten riches and slowly rode away into the sunset.


Wednesday, August 31, 16


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