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Who will compromise

For clarity, let us define the word compromise. The word has several meanings.

Cooperation, negotiation, concession, conciliation, finding the middle ground, give and take.

The antonym for compromise is confrontation.

Recently I heard some of the Conservative persuasion mentioning the word compromise favorably. If my memory serves me correctly, it wasn’t that long ago when any mention of compromising was view as caving in to the other side (Democratic side.) Taking a page out of the NRA, they said no Republican should consider compromising on any issue. Taking it further were those of the Tea Party. They said and stood by the assertion that their way was the only way and compromising suggested weakness and desertion from party positions. On the sidelines and urging hard line Republicans to resist any hint of compromising, and to stand their ground was Conservative Talk Radio (CTR), Fox News Network (FNN) and Fox Business Network (FBN.).

Fast forwards to today. The hard and fast resistance to compromising is raising havoc and confusion within the Republican Party. Many Republican who have no love for Trump and his politics, are now being asked to compromise and be more conciliatory on many issues, lest they hurt the Republican Party and assure Hilary Clinton election to the White House.

Poor Republican voters, Lawmakers, and those running for office are uncertain what to do. Should they stand their ground and not compromise their belief about Trump? Should they break from the position that has been ingrained in their heads and politics for years by CTR, FNN, FBN and lately, the T-Party? Confusion is running amok. Millions are uncertain what to do.

Republicans are concerned that a large segment of potential supporters will not vote to keep from voting for Trump. This potential block of non-voters could mean the difference between Hillary or Trump becoming President. There is some justice in what is taking place in the Republican Party. It has allowed outside influence to take control of its actions. This hard and fast rule about comprising has hurt not only politics; it has hurt this nation. Many people who at one time were willing to consider their opposition’s position now accepts talking heads position that to negotiate is a sign of weakness. This is what they have listened to for many years, especially from Talking Heads of the Conservative persuasion and hard line Republican politicians.

How can those who have lined their pockets by making compromise such a dirty word, make it not so bad between now and the November election? As a matter of fact, how can they make compromising acceptable between now and the Republican Convention to be held in June of 2016 in Cleveland Ohio? Concessions are a must and will have to be made. Will those of the Republican Party, who to this date are dead set against Trump being the nominee, bite the bullet and vote for Trump? This is the unanswered question that is fresh on the minds of millions of voters. The bottom line is who will compromise?

2 May 2016

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