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Donald Trump playing his trump card


Donald Trump is currently, the front-runner for the Republican Party selection to become President of the United States. Millions of Americans continue to be amazed at the amount of support he is getting from a vast assortment of people. What is it about his behavior, tone of voice and overall message that is so appealing to so many people?

For starters as Plato said in the Republic: many people admire his coolness and dexterity, as he appears to be unaffected by a barrage of attacks leveled at him by opponents. Some see this as a sign of strength. Others like his arrogance and down in the gutter manner of speech and choice of words.

When Donald Trump initially threw his hat into the political arena (seeking office of the President of the United States) few took him seriously. He probably didn’t see himself being a serious candidate. Lo and behold, at some point, his run for the office took on new meaning and he and his handlers realized he was beginning to develop a huge following.

So what is happening to Trump? Plato makes it plain; there are some whom the applause of the multitude has deluded into the belief that they are really statesmen, and these are not much to be admired. Plato continues: When a man cannot measure, and a great many others cannot measure declare that he is four cubits high, can he help believing what they say? Trump is being transformed into what he thinks he is by the rhetoric he is exposed to daily.

The huge following Trump has and the masses he gets at his rallies gives him the illusion that he is the man for the job of President of the United States. The ability to gather huge crowds does not necessarily translate to the ability run a Nation. Many people see Trump’s wealth as a sign of power. This may be so from a capitalistic point of view. (Buying power.) However, as Plutarch, Greek Historian and Philosopher explained: men long for immortality, to which no flesh can attain, and for power, for the most part in the hands of fortune while they give virtue, the only divine excellence of which we are capable, the last place in their scheme of values. But here they show themselves fools, since a life that is spent in the midst of power and great fortune and authority still needs justice to make it divine, (great) for injustice renders it merely brutish. (Insensitive, cruel, inhumane)

Thus far, most of what Trump followers hear at rallies is shallow opinions at best. Half-truths and outright lies are part of his message. It is obvious that some love to hear him berate people with his caustic rhetoric and pay little attention to what he says about how he intends to run the Country.

I heard a talk show caller suggest that Trump was not who he wished to become President. However, if Trump won, he could select a Vice President who would run and win in 2020 and 2024. He felt with the right people in his office, he would not do irreparable harm to the Country. Imagine that logic. Win, no matter the consequences. Donald Trump, like many other politicians are preying on the fears of people. He is using the sky is falling rhetoric, and it is working. This kind of rhetoric is effective because entirely too many people do not take the time to do their own research into matters that are very important to them and this nation. For instance, why do many people believe that Iran wants a nuclear weapon so it can nuke the United States? If we are afraid of one, nuke, surely Iran has a valid reason to be afraid of our thousands of nukes. The same logic goes for North Korea.

It is probably a stretch to say that the Republican Party created the ideology of Trump. However, it did create an environment in which he feels he can comfortably spout his inflammatory, thinly disguised, and caustic views without concerns for his views causing problems for his selection for the Republican candidate for president of these United States of America. .

Trump is doing what is called holding his cards close to his chest. It is difficult to ascertain if he is bluffing or has a good hand. Certainly in the Primary election, he appears to have a good hand and is playing it well. On the other hand, there are times when it is clear that he is bluffing. He knows how to play with the minds of the uninformed. He knows those infatuated with his rhetoric and ways of presenting his argument and position on several fronts, assures him of a large following, which equates to large voter support. So many people have bought into his lies about how he intends to change things. They are blinded by the way he behaves anytime he is given an opportunity to speak. Those mesmerized by his rhetoric seem to have forgotten about this thing called truth. Frances Bacon, English Philosopher and Statesman had this to say. The idols (obsession-ideas) and false notions which are now in possession of the human understanding have taken deep root therein, not only to beset men’s minds that truth can hardly find entrance, but even after entrance obtained, they will in the very instauration (restoration) of the sciences (knowledge) meet and trouble us, unless men being forewarned of the danger fortify themselves as far as may be against their assaults. What is it about Trump’s presentation that makes it so irresistible to so many people? Why are they so willing to take trump’s words as truthful statements? Is it as Bacon says? Truth will have a difficult time penetrating the minds and hearts of these folks. And even after truth is discovered, they will still blindly follow Trump.


2 May 2016

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    Donald Trump’s ascension to the top of the Republican Party’s is something to behold. I will say one thing, his arrogance is beyond belief. He may have gone completely over the top in his comments about his non-payment of taxes in some yet undefined years. if you listen closely as he speaks, you can see his disdain and lack of respect for the intellect of average Americans, and says without saying we are fools for not creating financial situations that looks like we are not making any money that is taxable. Imagine that. Some of his supporters are calling him a genus for his creativity with his taxes. Thus far, no one has called him a crook. Here Goes. The man is a crook. The same man that frequently calls Mr. Clinton-Crooked Hilary. One way or another, his taxes will be looked at. I suspect, the IRS is doing some serious auditing of Trump’s tax filing spanning several years. He is a great talker when he is in control of the conservation. Not sure he can control the narrative pertaining to his taxes and other financial dealings.

    Comment by lcthornton | October 5, 2016 | Reply

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