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Please don’t take our guns


How many years has the claim been made that the US government is trying to take away Americans gun ownership rights? If this is in fact true, why is it taking so long? Most people agree that the wheels of government grind slowly. However, in this gun take away allegation, isn’t it reasonable to assume that the government could have gotten it done by now? If the government wanted to take away the proliferation of guns in this nation, why hasn’t it shut down the gun manufacturing industry? 

If those on the Right opposed to more gun control in the US assertion that guns in the hands of people is not the problem, pray tell me why they wanted Attorney General Holder to step down due to his office allowing guns to be sent to Mexico?

Can anyone disprove the allegation that violence begets violence? America is the most heavily armed nation in the world. This includes civilian and military arms. Conservative Talk Radio (CTR), Conservative lawmakers and Fox News Network (FNN) constantly allege that the US is threatened by many nations. This leaves me to assume, that despite the US huge stockpiles of weapons, the weapons themselves have not alleviated threats, nor have they prevented attacks. More guns in the hands of more people is not the answer- Never was-never will be.

America is a violent nation-at home and abroad. It didn’t just become this way recently. Take some time and read the history of this nation and its use of force, at home and abroad. Many people are alarmed now that the American people have adopted the behavior of the US government. Entirely too many people feel overwhelming firepower used to apply deadly force, will resolve most conflicts-wrong!

I know from personal experience that carrying a firearm changes your behavior. Challenges and confrontations are easier to walk away from if you are unarmed. A simple excuse me, or I am sorry may be all it takes to resolve a conflict, if guns are not present. The presences of guns have a way of accelerating, aggravating and heightening the possibility of a violent and deadly conclusion to an altercation.

 Forget the allegation that ownership of weapons in the US is threatened. There is too much money/profit involved. Capitalism will not let it happen.



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  1. If President Obama wanted to be a full on dictator, surely he would have done so and taken away all our guns by now. The problem is that although in the wake of Sandy Hill, many people are still buying guns in fear they will be banned. No doubt, when and if there is a gun ban, the American people will not hand them over easily. The only obvious reason why they haven’t shut down the gun manufacturing industry is because they can’t afford to. War is a big money booster to the private corporations who benefit from it. And it’s those private corporations who fund Presidential Campaigns.

    If you haven’t looked into Switzerland, you should. They have no gun bans at all. It’s amazing to read the news articles from there explaining how they went from one of the highest crime rates to the lowest by removing weapon bans. You also hear a lot of news out of China, and Chicago and the UK who are exploiting gun bans, they have crime rates soaring. And yet we condone violence in America, but somehow justify the deaths of over 170 children by the hands of Obama drones in the Middle East. Pathetic.

    It’s a very cautious time here in America.

    Comment by ridicckk | January 1, 2013 | Reply

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