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Home Sweet Home

Home is where the heart is.

Where is the heart of this nation? Where is your heart? Have entirely too many Americans allowed their need for things to overtake their need to have compassion for the less fortunate. What is behind the hardening of the hearts of so many Americans? Many will argue, and with some justification that Americans gives freely to many nations all over the world. However, we should not neglect the needy of this nation. How in God’s name can a compassionate people drive by a homeless woman virtually living in shopping carts in all kinds of inclimate weather, and not stop to see if they can be of assistance. I have taken a personal interest in this individual and have spent several hours observing how those driving and walking by this individual responds. In most cases, there are no visible responses. I am sure many people feel sorry for her and wish her situation were different so they do not have to drive by and see this terrible, heart-wrenching, wretched and pitiful scene daily. It is entirely possible that many who drive by this situation do not really see what is taking place. It is said that we sometime neglect what we do not like to see, and sometimes we neglect because we do not see at all.
The Christmas Holidays are in full swing and judging by the number of people in shopping centers, a giving mood exists. The question is-who is giving to whom? Are we inclined to give to people who already have more than they need? Are we inclined to give to those from whom we expect to receive? It is written that it is better to give than receive. How many of us actually believe and live by this creed?

December 28, 2010 - Posted by | Economic Empowerment, Soup kitchens, Trickle up economics, Uncategorized, wealth redistribution

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