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Educating politicians

Now that polished highly partisan speeches have come to an end, and elections are finally over, it is time for the duly elected to put up or shut up. Several smooth talking politicians with their canned speeches, managed to convince voters that they have the answer to all of the problems facing this nation and the rest of the world. Since the United States, by some edict pronounced itself ruler and police of the world, (last standing superpower) US politicians must be prepared to deal with problems worldwide. To deal with problems affecting the entire world, one must be properly educated to see things, not with special interest in mind, but an interest that benefits all. It is difficult, if not impossible to take courses of action aligned with special interest and expect the world at large to be better served. Somewhere along the way, entirely too politicians developed a narrow vision of what is best for this nation and the world. Their thought process fueled by constant pressure from special interest groups and personal predisposition does not support openness to new ideas and solutions aimed at the masses.
The first two years of the Obama Administrations highlights what happens when groups of politicians forgo the needs of a nation and the world because of beliefs that their way is the only way. Many US politicians will sit on their butts and do absolutely nothing, and watch this nation continue in a downward economic spiral, rather than soften their position on almost any issue. The word compromise has been reduced to a dirty word. To many politicians, the word compromise has one single meaning-giving in to the other side of the aisle.
As we look at the battles being fought over the extension of the Bush tax cut, little has been made of what it cost to maintain two wars in distant lands. As this nation struggles to find ways to reduce its budget deficit, surely bringing home the troops will save a whole lot of money. Why do we continue to fight these wars in the first place? Surely, both are well beyond the spreading democracy initiative. Are there other motives for our continued stay in these countries? Americans, especially politicians must be properly educated to be able to separate fact from fiction. Little is said about what it cost to be world police and what it cost to maintain military bases all over the world. Why is this so? Simple. America is determined to support its capitalistic system by keeping avenues open to nations we depend on to buy our products, especially military products, and for nations, such as China to ship their cheap products to America.
How do we as taxpayers and voters get our politicians to redirect their actions away from partisan politics and toward actions that will make this nation and the world a better place for all to live? What will it take to convince them that hunger and poverty anywhere is a problem all over the world? How can we convince them that gunboat diplomacy is counter-productive and only serves a select group? They must come to Washington properly educated to problem solve on a worldwide basis encompassing very difficult problems and issues.
Is the new crop of politicians able to see through the maze of propaganda that shaped their agenda while campaigning and see what this nation and the world really need? Will they continue down the road trodden by their predecessors and make the same mistakes? It is said that one cannot do what one does not know how to do. Is Washington through its elected politicians attempting to do something that it Lack the knowledge and wisdom to do? If so, who teaches them what they do not know? Are they determined to learn by trial and error? Washington politics is probably the worst place in the world to attempt to get on-the job training.


December 2, 2010 - Posted by | Failed economic poicy, Politics, Trickle up economics, Uncategorized, World Affairs

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