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Keep your money. Send your child!

While traveling north from Stone Mountain Georgia to Akron Ohio, I happened upon the Neil Boortz show emanating from Atlanta Georgia. He was doing his usual thing-complaining about the tax burden of the rich. He is famous for selecting statistics that appear to show that the rich bears most of the burden of supplying the needs of this nation. Of course, he is careful to deliberately omit many of the important things and people that support this nation. After all, it is not totally about money. I dare Mr. Boortz to cite statistics that shows how many sons and daughters of millionaires have died in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I dare him to cite statistics that show how many millionaires sons and daughters are permanently physically and mentally wounded due to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Mr. Boortz, cite the statistics that shows how many millionaire families will spend this Thanksgiving and Christmas without the presence of a father, mother, brother, sister, uncle or aunt because they are in far away countries fighting two wars. How many children of millionaires will never see their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and other relatives alive again because they were killed in wars? How many millionaire mothers will have to explain to their children why their millionaire father is not coming home alive from the war? How many millionaire families will make the slow walk behind a flag draped coffin, listen to the sorrowful and moanful sound of a bugle as a love one is put to final rest? Many American are paying with something more precious than money. They are paying with their lives or the lives of their love ones. This is the ultimate sacrifice. It is possible to make more money. It is impossible to bring back a deceased love one. I say to millionaires, keep your money, and send your children off to war to protect your interests. Let your children get a taste of war. Become one of the grieving parent of a son killed in war, before he had a chance to really live. I want Mr. Boortz to explain to his listeners and dedicated followers why he spends so much time trying to protect the rich from spending more money protecting this nation, but make no effort to help protect the lives of our young men and women, by not supporting useless and non-winnable wars. The Boortzs of this nation primary concern is being rich, getting richer and passing it on to their kids. They devote little  time ascertaining what it takes besides tax dollars to support this nation. I repeat, keep your money and send your child.

November 25, 2010 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Economic Empowerment, Greed, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Results of war, wealth redistribution

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