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Only the name changed

Many people claim to be surprised that support for the direction the Obama Administration is taking this nation has waned.  What is happening is nothing new. The same thing happened during the great depression. Many who voted for President Roosevelt and supported his efforts to end the great depression became restless and dissatisfied with the pace of the recovery, sought to persuade President Roosevelt to alter his course.  You have to remember, there were those in several quarters that opposed the New Deal from its inception. We have that today. There were those who opposed all attempts the Roosevelt Administration made to cure the nation’s economic ills. The same applies to the Obama Administration. A significant segment of society thought the Roosevelt Administration was doing too much in the wrong places. Many of the Conservative persuasion feel the same way about the direction the Obama Administration is headed.   A significant segment of society believed the Roosevelt administration was doing too little, too slowly.  Many, who initially supported the Obama Administration and the direction it is it taking this nation, have cooled to some of his policies and direction.  Many on the Left feel he has caved in to the demands of those whose dollars this nation runs on and has only given lip service to those needing the most help. Somewhere in all of these allegations is the truth regarding the direction this nation must take to get out of the current recession.  This thing called a recession takes time to heal. How long it takes, depends on the depth and causes thereof.  There are no easy fixes and a segment of society (those with the least) usually suffers for the longest period. Although the recession officially ended last year, unemployment figures remain dangerously high in many areas and occupations.   Some call it a jobless recovery.

When Obama took office and began the difficult task of righting the US economic ship, some Americans were willing to give his efforts a chance to succeed.  However, Conservative politicians, Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) were not about to let an excellent opportunity to bash, criticize and take exception to any plans the Obama Administration attempted to put in place pass.

The Obama Administration is having the same problems the Roosevelt Administration had. President Roosevelt became the target of Conservatives.  They said he spent recklessly, lambasted his economic advisers, claimed his reforms were socialist and criticized him for supporting unions. These are the same allegations made against President Obama. The Chamber of Commerce came out against President Roosevelt. The same organization is solidly against the Obama Administration. Will the Obama Administration continue to run into the same roadblocks President Roosevelt ran into? The answer is yes. This nation is divided along the same lines it was divided on during the great depression. There is a wealth divide, political divide and ethnic divide. Little has changed with the exception of how the battle is being fought and who is doing the fighting. Conservatives have one thing going that did not exist during the Great Depression-Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network. Now that much of big business, The Chamber of Commerce and Wall Street have openly joined in the fray on the side of Conservatives, the Obama Administration will be hard-pressed to get any thing done that alters the economic picture in the United States.  Someone made this poetic statement: Only the names change, nothing else.


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  1. FDR may not have gotten us out of the Depression, but he eased the pain for a lot of Americans. Many people gained skills working on the WPA projects. Our country gained national parks, libraries, schools, bridges, dams, highways, farming technologies, art, and many more things. In other words, our country is much better off because of FDR’s New Deal programs.

    While the stimulus is nowhere near the size it needed to be to really make a difference, unemployment would be higher without it, and we’re getting new technologies, infrastructure improvements, and it too is making our country better. And it’s less than 200 billion dollars a year, contrary to what a lot of people think.

    Comment by Ben Hoffman | November 12, 2010 | Reply

    • I agree with you. My dad often spoke about CC camps and the WPA. He boasted about how these two programs helped during the depression. Another friend of mine talked about how her brother became an excellent carpenter through the WPA. I just wish more people would take the time and really look at what took place during the great depression and efforts taken by the Roosevelt Administration to minimize the impact on this nation.

      Comment by lcthornton | November 13, 2010 | Reply

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