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Shades of twenty nine

Let your mind wander back to the days of the Great depression. Are there similarities to what is taking place in the United States and the rest of the World? Was President Franklin D. Roosevelt forced to put in place programs that permanently altered the role of the Federal Government? If so, how were the Roosevelt Administration programs received by the public? Some argue that the Roosevelt intervention prolonged the depression by several years. Many people feel, especially those of the conservative persuasion that left to their own devices the private market will eventually right itself.  Given the depth of the depression and the current-some would argue depression, it is foolish to think those with capital are willing to risk it to prop up the market that have served them so well. If private capital is available to right our economic ship when it is adrift, what kept it from interceding with any success, in the current situation and in the thirties?  There were certainly halfhearted efforts to inject some private dollars during the great depression. However, the injection of private dollars quickly halted. Arguments made during the Great Depression are made today. Those on the Right say the Obama administration is interfering too much and threatens to destroy the United States Capitalistic economy system. Those on the left insist that the Obama Administration is doing too little for those most in need and have capitulated to the needs of American businesses.  Who is right? Who or what aspect of the United States society are most in need during a depression/recession. Who has the capacity to best weather the storm-and recover the quickest? Certainly not the poor and needy.  If this is a fact, why are those with the most quickest to get relief?

If one looks closely at what took place in 2009 and 2010, it is obvious who got relief the quickest. I suppose using Conservative logic, eventually, the trickle down effect will kick in. Despite those with the most getting the quickest relief, those of the Conservative persuasion continue to complain. Despite the fact that tax payer’s money was used to bail out the banks and wall street where the rich stood to lose fortunes, Conservatives continue to complain. Despite the fact that a significant portion of the American Automobile industry was saved, Conservatives continue to complain.

It takes a lot of imagination to see a time when there are no Americans Auto factories.  Who is supposed to make our fighting vehicles-China, maybe Russia?  Those who are willing to sacrifice one of the backbone industries of this Nation, in order to break organized labor, access cheap labor and make a few people rich are traitors of the worst kind.  It is especially troubling since these same folks constantly wrap themselves in Old Glory and declare their loyalty to our fighting men and women.

As with the Roosevelt Administration, the Obama Administration has one tall order to fill. It must stop the economic bleeding. It must do this before it has any hope of rebuilding the US economy. Some argue that private industry should be the one responsible for rebuilding it. The Obama Administration is fighting an up hill battle. Not only does it have to overcome our current economic situation, it also has to overcome the constant negative propaganda perpetuated by Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN).  This is a tall order, since a large number of Conservatives understanding and assessment of the current economic situation is based solely on what they hear on CTR and FNN-nothing else.

CTR and FNN have convinced their listeners that the Obama Administration should have righted the economic ship in less than two years. How gullible and stupid can one be?  The current recession borders on a depression. CTR and FNN listeners do not have a clue as to how long it took this nation to recover from the great depression. These same folks do not realize that WWII finally got the US out of the great depression.  We are talking about twelve years. Any right-thinking well-informed individual of any political persuasion should realize that it is unreasonable to expect the current recession to end in less than two years. The American people must give the Obama Administration efforts a chance to succeed.


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