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Were we ready for a Black President?
Millions are asking this question. Millions of American voters said yes with their votes during the last Presidential election in 2008. Judging from the extremely caustic rhetoric uttered daily on CTR and Fox News Network, the answer at this point is a resounding no in the minds of many. There are some angry, discouraged and dissatisfied people in our midst and Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox New Network (FNN) take advantage of the situation-especially the anger. These outlets and their listeners and followers/ worshipers have taken the inflammatory rhetoric and downright disrespect for President Obama and the office he occupies to a higher level. Let us not forget the Tea Party and what it stands for. One has to get inside the heads of these talk show hosts and their listeners and followers to get some idea what is behind their ferocious attacks on President Obama. These attackers are careful to make everything an Obama thing. CTR and FNN give the impression that President Obama does not have Cabinet members and Advisors and makes decisions without consulting either body. They carefully and deliberately omit saying the Obama Administration. That way, everything points to Obama. This is by design. Why you ask? Their listeners feed on this and are angry with President Obama. They are angry, not only with how his administration conducts business, they are angry at what President Obama looks like. Is it possible that a segment of our society is unwilling to accept the fact that Obama was duly elected and it is their duty to make his stay in office as difficult, unproductive and miserable as possible?
Most people do not willingly give up something they feel they have a God given Right to. This Right no matter how gotten, once it is given a Godly association, is theirs forever. Think for a minute what it took to convince a segment of society that their perception that they had a God given right to own another person was wrong. It took the point of a gun, four years of war and the loss of over 500,000 lives, and immeasurable suffering. Some people never got over the idea that according to their bible, it was ok to own another person. Look what it took for a segment of society to get fair representation in a court of law. Do you think for one minute that a segment of society that once denied a segment of society the right to vote, will willingly give up the highest and most powerful vote in this Nation? Some would argue that it is the most powerful position in the world. Do you think that a segment of society that felt another segment of society were unfit to sit up front on a public bus is willing to give up the top seat in America without a fight? Do you think for one minute that a segment of society that once felt, and many still do that a man not fit to sit and eat with them in restaurants is fit to occupy the top seat in the this nation?
Get real people! You know what is going on. Obama has something and the people who feel he took it from them want it back, plain and simple.


October 22, 2010 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Glenn Beck, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Media, Politics, Reconstruction, Uncategorized

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