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Is there one word that adequately describes most Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) Hosts? One certainly comes to mind-obstinate.  Consider the meaning of the word obstinate.  It means Pigheaded, stubborn, fixed, inflexible, or unmoved.  Consider the position most of them takes on any given subject. No matter how much information or data presented to them that refutes their position-most if not all will not change their opinion.  Bishop Butler had it right when he coined the following.  An obstinate man does not hold opinions, but they hold him; for when he is once possessed with an error, it is like as devil, only cast out with great difficulty. He delights most of all to differ in things indifferent.  He is resolved to understand no man’s reason but his own, because he finds no man can understand his but himself. His opinions are like plants that grow upon rocks that stick fast though they have no rooting. The more inconsistent his views are, the faster he holds them, otherwise they would fall asunder of themselves; for opinions that are false ought to be held with more strictness than those that are true, otherwise they will apt to betray their owners before they are aware.

It is indeed painful to listen as Conservative Talk Radio hosts ridicule and mock their loyal listeners.  One has to wonder why listeners continue to lend and ear to the malarkey dominating CTR.   A mind constantly supping on garbage will eventually lead one to develop an appetite for garbage and little else. The mind will reject anything else.  CTR folks know this and supply their uncompromising listeners with hefty helpings of garbage.

Will there come a time when people will have their fill of this swill and turn to other sources for news and information? Will they ever be able see through the cobwebs of deception, lies, and other forms or trickery?  Surely, those who listen to talk radio will eventually realize what is happening to their sense of logic and turn away from this menace to society. Has CTR listeners been brainwashed to the point where commonsense and thinking for themselves never crosses their minds? Rescuing these people from their captors will not be easy. It must be done, for the sanity and good of this nation,

I periodically tune in to CTR to see what is on the mind of the talk show hosts and their faithful listeners. Nothing seems to change. Talk show hosts have  a firm grip on the minds of their listeners. There have been feeble attempts to rescue the minds of those addicted to talk radio with little or no success. One has to wonder why it is so difficult.  Benedetto Croce, Italian Philosopher and Spiritual leader had it right when he coined the following: Woe to the man who seeks to shed a brilliant light in a place where people want to keep in darkness and shadow.  Is it possible CTR listeners want to enjoy living in darkness and this is the reason they spend countless hours each day listening to Conservative Talk Radio?


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