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Pull up your pants and act right boy!

A small town in Georgia finally decided that men and boys wearing their pants with the waistband well below the waist is no longer acceptable. The town passed an ordinance that spells out what is unacceptable exposure of one’s butt.  I, along with millions of others applaud the decision. Why was this antidote necessary? On the surface, it appears the black community should have been able to take care of this situation without outside interference. Why have black communities, including parents, church leaders, schools and society, allowed this irrational, inappropriate and unmanly conduct to continue unabated for so long.   The mere fact that so many black males wear their pants in what they call a sagging fashion is a mystery. What is so appealing about it? I suppose many black males feel they are at liberty to wear their pants in any fashion they chose, with little understanding or concerns for possible public reaction, opposition and consequences. There are limits to almost anything we do in life, including how we dress in public. This sagging thing is a prime example of what can happen when unacceptable behavior is allowed to fester and grow unfettered. It is painful to watch black boys on their way to and from school with their pants dangling off their butts. It is even more painful to visit schools and watch black boys doing their best to get around school dress codes. What created this mindset? Why are so many black males determined to look like buffoons? Are they trying to display some sort of creativity or extraordinary intellect? Does their chosen manner of dress and behavior achieve any intellectually gratifying results?  Are they trying to show the public how imaginative they have become?

Many things are happening that are tearing down the black community. The behavior of its black males plays a large part in the downfall.  Community Elders, once the backbone of black society, are now relegated to mere onlookers and stand helplessly by as young black males usurp their authority.  Black youngsters no longer act like children and grown black males no longer act like adults. Many roles are reversed. Young blacks run neighborhoods and decide what behavior is appropriate.  Deciding what appropriate dress code is is a prime example. Deciding what is appropriate language is another example of young black males setting parameters.  Two questions demand answers. Are black males capable, intellectually, or otherwise of understanding what is wrong with the way they dress and behave? Can they see any harm in either? If not, I am afraid society is in for a long fight as it attempts to address the sagging problem and other unacceptable kinds of behavior.


September 30, 2010 - Posted by | Black Youth, The Black Family, The Black Man

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