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Things must get better

Academia has spent countless hours trying to get at the root causes of blacks, especially black boys poor performance in school. On the surface, it appears they are not putting forth the effort to do well in school. Some people question their intellectual ability to do better in school. Are they doing the best they can? This is doubtful. One young school age black boy said they have difficulty dealing with distractions. He said girls and sports take their minds off class subject matter. His sister, who was a part of the conversation, said it is very difficult to motivate black boys. Factor in an insatiable appetite for cell phones and baggy clothes, sports and music; distractions from schoolwork become more acute.
Is there easily recognizable factors negatively influencing black boys ability to learn and graduate from high school? Entirely too many people underestimate the negative impact the Hip-Hop culture has on our children. It has a devastating affect, especially on the black community. It has highjacked the minds of millions. I, along with many others hope this recess from reality will end and end soon. Many young black boys, ill prepared to cope with difficult yet expected obstacles inherent in one’s quest for education, knowledge, wisdom, manhood and independence, are fully in the grips of this thing called Hip-Hop. Many black boys total outlook on life changed with the invasion of Hip-Hop. Their family values changed, so did their behavior toward the opposite sex. Interest in obtaining a good education, which usually leads to decent jobs, waned. Disdain for self-improvement, self-motivation and self-support is apparent. Constructive behavior, the expected norm, has been replaced with harmful behavior. Behavior in many black communities has many people scratching their heads as they search for solutions to the problem.
There is a role for all concerned citizens to play in resolving this quandary for the last time. Surely a people who went virtually into the bowels of hell to end slavery, Jim Crow laws, gain access to decent schools, end Separate but equal laws and a myriad of other situations which denied equal access to public education, can get together and fix the pitiful graduation rate. Has the black community lost the desire to insist that their children perform well in school? Has it given up hope in the face of unrelenting pressure from sources that do not have the best interest of black people in mind? Has the black community caved under the pressure of Hip-Hop and the mass media? Does it ignore what is taking place in the community? Has disinterested children caused parents to become disinterested in the necessity of getting a decent education? One thing is certain-things will change. Question is, will things change for the better, or change for the worse. Those who have a vested interest in educating our youth, including the youth themselves had better get off of their butts and get about the business of improving graduation rates of all American children-especially black boys. It will not fix itself. The problem cannot be adequately addressed until it is clearly defined, no matter who or where it points. Merely tossing more money at the situation does little to resolve it. Placing all of the blame on school systems and asking them to rectify it is wrong. Affixing all of the blame on family structures and communities sounds good, however, we know the problem goes deeper than that. It is a societal problem fueled by many things. None of the problems seems insurmountable. It will take time-lots of it and effort to correct this terrible blight on black boys, black families, black communities and our educational system.


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