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Recent pictures and stories portraying the state of school age black boys is cause for alarm in all sectors of American society. Graduation rates are as low as 25% in some cities. A 25% graduation rate suggests something has gone wrong. How and when did graduation from high school at this rate become acceptable? Who in our society are responsible for improving graduation rates? Is there a simple fix, or is it so complex, current educational systems, society, parents and black boys are not capable of fixing the problem?
Anyone paying any attention to what is taking place in our institutions of learning knows there are innumerable problems-problems scanning the entire spectrum of educating black boys are monumental and troubling. Who is to blame for black boys dismal rate of graduation from high school? The blame game has run its course. Therefore, another course of action is required. Individuals, school systems, parents, black boys, society and any group not mentioned in this article must accept blame where it is appropriate. Each group or individual must actively seek ways to rectify problems it or they are responsible for and have necessary authority to do so. Many people put the onus squarely on the shoulders of school systems. Those blaming school systems, suggest schools are not set up to deal with the special circumstances many black boys interject into a school system. A portion of society blames the homes from whence black boys emanate. They feel black boys growing up in fatherless homes come to school ill equipped to understand and accept disciplinary and behavioral requirements required in learning institutions. A significant segment of society blame the entertainment industry. Hip Hop music, videos, and those manufacturing clothing for youngsters is blamed for many of the ills of society-especially the attitude, aptitude and behavior of black boys. A small number of people put the blame squarely on the backs of black boys. This group feel black boys are no longer capable of being motivated to learn and look for any excuse to drop out of school.
It is foolish to even suggest there are easy fixes. It has taken years for this problem to reach its apex-if indeed it has. It will take time-lots of time to regain control of the many components of the total educational system. Remember, a child’s education begins well before it enters into a school setting. Problems will certainly arise if this fact is not taken into consideration. A child must not be allowed to enter a school environment ill equipped to accept imposed and expected disciplinary and behavioral requirements. How a child behaves in school is usually an indication how it behaves in the home.
The problem will not fix itself. Immediate action is required. Mere rhetorical words at this junction are useless. It may be years before appreciable improvement is noticeable. However, now is the time to address this problem-head on. We must stop the blame game and get about the business of getting it done. It will be painful, costly and all involved requires sacrifices.


September 6, 2010 - Posted by | Black Youth, Educating black children, Respecting learning Institutions, The Black Man

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