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I drove past 1601 West Peachtree Street, Downtown Atlanta Georgia, the morning of June 25, 2010, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.  There was a terrible odor in the air.  The smell almost caused me to vomit. I have smelled many things decomposing during my life on this earth. However, this odor was distinct.  The smell reminded me of the odor of rotten human flesh-though somewhat more distinct and rancid. I thought back to my days in the country where the smell of decomposing animal flesh was not very rare. Road killed rabbits, squirrels, opossums, dogs, chickens, deer and an occasional snake were common. These animals quickly began to decompose, especially during hot summer days and gave off a foul and unpleasant odor. None of the odors given off by road killed animals resembled the one coming from 1601 West Peachtree Street the morning of June 26, 2010.  I tried to compare the smell to skunk spray.  Lo and behold, it was worse that skunk pee.  I checked my watch to ascertain the time so I might find out what was taking place in this establishment.  I drove by this address later that day, between 1: pm and 4: pm, and the smell was no longer present. I drove past the same address around 5: pm and the smell was again apparent.

I spoke to a friend of mine about the smell coming from this address and the times I witnessed it. He was surprised that I was not aware of the fact that this is where the Neil Boortz show emanates. I listen to Boortz infrequently and can well understand the stench. Boortz really stinks up the place. Some would argue that Boortz is a good person, just misunderstood.  I agree; he is certainly misunderstood-so were Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels, and Fritzsche. He, his show, and stations airing it would be in big trouble if his loyal listeners really understood him and his platform.

If the station and Boortz were the only ones impacted by the smell, I would not take issue with it. However, this smell fouls the air all over the Atlanta area and points beyond. To make matters worse, there are those obsessed with the smell and wear it as proudly as ladies wear Chanel #5

I have a few simple questions. Do the leasers/owners of this establishment share responsibility for the odor coming out of it? Is there some law that totally absolves it of any responsibility for what takes place within? Is there a social responsibility for what takes place within?  Should anyone or any organization have unfettered and what appears to be unlimited time to fill the airwaves with garbage-rotten garbage? Should the public, especially those ill-prepared educationally and mentally, to sort through the maze of crap tossed their way by Boortz be exposed to countless hours of his useless ranting and raving each week? Does the local station- especially his flagship station, and other stations around this nation share in any way, the negative impact Boortz has on his loyal listeners and this nation?   Stations carrying the Boortz show are just as guilty as Boortz for poisoning the minds of his listeners. Those charged with determining what goes out over the airwaves must use better judgment relating to programming. I am sure Boortz and others like him are good for ratings and listener-ship. However, what about the people?


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