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As I searched for words to adequately describe young black boys walking around with their pants sagging off their butts, several came to mind. Disgusting, pathetic, asinine, mental retard, stupid, lost; uninformed, misguided and unlearned are a few of the words that define their dress and mannerism.   The way they dress is certainly disgusting since it is revolting and repulsive. Their dress is asinine because it is stupid, unintelligent, and idiotic. How they dress is uninformed because it suggests a lack of education, ignorance, and unawareness of public perception. Does mental retard take this subject a little too far and suggest something that is not remotely possible in these folk’s lives. Is it irresponsible to suggest that folks that wear their pants dangling off their butts are lacking something in the intelligence department?  Mental means intellectual and retard means held back.  Put these two words together, and you get my point. Intellectually, these folks have not matured to the point where they perceive what is wrong with the way they dress.

The black community must get serious about eradicating this problem-this eyesore.  The way our young boys dress reflects badly on the black community. The mere fact few blacks have made public statements condemning our young boy’s dress should be a cause of concern.  Is the black community comfortable with the way its young boys dress? Does black communities’ want this picture displayed on the Internet, television and in printed media? How does it justify it seemingly non-concern about how the world perceives black boys?

I am at a loss to explain why a problem with such a seemingly simple answer has become so complex. It does not take much effort or imagination to pull up your pants. Has the mere fact that we are allowing our young boys to set dress codes and standards exacerbated the problem? Why has the elders and parents in the black community allowed young boys to usurp their authority?   Blacks who were active in the civil rights movement during the fifties and sixties took on issues and people they felt were harmful to their causes. Never mind the threats of violence and other forms of intimidation-they never gave up. Why have the black community given up on taking back the streets from their boys. Why have black communities become comfortable with what takes place therein?

There is a time to all things. It is time to reestablish the normal pecking order in the black community. Boys must again be put is a boy’s place, and black men must behave in a manner that places them at their rightful place in the community. Black men must be providers and the protectors. They must not shirk either of these responsibilities. One does not have to look very hard to see what happens in homes and communities when men are no longer in their rightful place.


June 4, 2010 - Posted by | Black Youth, Decline Of The Family, Educating black children, Respecting learning Institutions, The Black Man

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