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Who are these boys?

 Boys may be too kind to the folks I reference in this article. I am talking about the what ever you want to call them that walk around with their pants dangling off their butts. Some refer to it as sagging. According to Webster, a boy is a youngster, son, lad, and teenager, young man etc. Pray tell me what mother would sanction her son walking around with his pants dangling off his butt. I did not bother to mention a man sanctioning his son walking around with his pants dangling off his butt. Why? I know any real man, worth a grain of salt would not tolerate his son, for that matter any boy showing more of his butt than a woman. Males are doing things normally associated with females, namely wearing their pants so that their butts attract attention. One might argue that unknowingly males displaying their butts in a manner that attracts attention are showing their feminine side. Is it possible that the vast majority of males walking around their pants sagging off their butts are in fact doing so to attract other men? Some say sagging is just a phase and will soon run its course. Others say it is just a style displayed by a few, thus little harm is done. Where is the shame associated with not being properly dressed? Young Ladies! How does it feel to be in the company of boys whose proudly struts around with their butt on display more than yours? Mothers! Why do you continue to pretend that your sons chosen style of dress does not have a negative affect on their lives? Fathers! Wherever you are, if you are out on the streets with your pants sagging, please pull up your pants. Set an example for our boys. Speak to youngsters when you see them ambling about with their pants dangling off their butts. Community leaders! You must get involved. You must make it clear that what is currently taking place is unacceptable and behavioral changes must be made immediately! Young boys, wherever you are-You can solve this problem on your own. It does not require any money, time or other resources. All you have to do is pull your pants up. It seem so simple to any right-thinking individual. Here lies the problem. How do we get our young boys thinking rightly? How do we get it through their thick heads that their dress puts them in a bad light in the community and abroad? They have become the poster boy for the black community, and no matter how many positive images are available for public consumption, young boys with sagging pants steals the show. Most blacks are tired of looking at the butts of black boys. Blacks are tired of seeing black boys wandering about with their butts proudly displayed, seeming oblivious to what they really look like. Many blacks are tired of seeing their young boys deriving pleasure from walking around with their pants sagging off of their butts, and disrupting once peaceful neighborhoods. Many black parents are tired of seeing the number of black men available for their daughters reduced to a bunch of black boys whose main claim to fame is how low they can wear their pants. As President Obama said, “We need some changes.”


May 28, 2010 - Posted by | The Black Family, The Black Man, Uncategorized

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