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Entertainment nobody needs.

Conservative Talk Radio is described as entertainment, especially when accused of disseminating false information. When people seek entertainment, they are looking for something that makes them happy, laugh, cheerful, smile, forget their troubles, and generally put them in a jovial mood. Tell me what the likes of Beck,  Boortz, Hannity, and Levine, Limbaugh and other windbags say or do that makes people happy. The only thing that comes to mind is- the endless barrage of stupid remarks coming out of these folk’s mouths on a daily basis may amuse some people. Others certainly are amused that CTR folks get rich, while not producing anything of value. Others, like me get a kick out listening to some of the stupid responses CTR jocks gets from their listening audience as they soak up the useless rhetoric and propaganda filling the airwaves 24 hours a day.

I wonder how many CTR listeners wake up each morning determined to have a good day, only to turn on their radio, tune to a Conservative talk show and have their entire day ruined. I wonder how many have considered leaving the radio off or turning to another frequency, but just like crack cocaine users, do not have the determination and or will power to do so.  Surely, there is something out there for people to get involved in and engrossed in for entertainment other than CTR and Fox News Network. Surely they possess enough commonsense and the ability to discern the difference between entertainment and news reporting to see what CTR and Fox News outlets really are. In its simplest form, their messages are a mixture of facts, outright lies and suppositions.

People it is time to either turn the radio and television to other stations, or turn them off, especially if you are looking for news without spin-spin design to persuade one to favor the Republican Party.  It is time to seek information from other outlets with messages designed to help, and not incite or cause one to make bad decisions based on bad information.  It is time to stop making these talking heads rich as they go about the business of ruining your day.


April 27, 2010 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Glenn Beck, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Uncategorized

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