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Reconstruction 2010

 While driving to the Erie Towpath Recreation area in Akron Ohio, I surfed local radio stations and happened upon the Dennis Craiger show. He ranted and raved about many things he associated with President Obama. Mr. Craiger’s montage of topics carried much of the rhetoric heard on most Conservative talk radio stations and the Fox News Network. He and his like-thinking cohorts makes one thing very plain-they are extremely unhappy with the current makeup of the US Government and are willing to go to extremes to recapture what they feel rightfully belong to them, their followers and supporters. They are careful to frame most of their rhetoric and propaganda around President Obama. Seldom do they mention his administration in the same breath. Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN) talking heads are shouting for all to hear” Something that we fought for and own has been taken from us, and we want it back!” Mr. Craiger said, and I paraphrase, the following “The only way we can regain control is another civil war.” He did say he was not advocating a civil war with weapons, but a civil war of words and ideas. This is a very bold, caustic, and inflammatory statement designed to prey on the fears of those with conservative leanings. This is the same argument made by Southern whites after the Civil war fought between the North and South. Americans had better revisit their history books, especially the period between 1860 and well into 1900. A lot of what is spouted in the name of taking something back, is right out of the playbook of many radicals before, during and after the war between the States (civil War.) Take a minute and visit the thinking and rhetoric of Benjamin R. Tillman, Senator from South Carolina and Clement L. Vallandigham, Vardaman of Mississippi, Carter Glass of Virginia. Talk show hosts Savage and Mark Levine rants are straight out of the archives of Benjamin R. Tillman. Talking head Neil Boortz plainly states that this nation would be better served if the right to vote was limited by education, property ownership, and tax obligations. This is some of the same ploys used to disenfranchise eligible Negro voters after the civil war and during Reconstruction. Of course, this ruse ran into a little snag-it disenfranchised a large segment of the poor white voting block. Take Back America rhetoric and propaganda motivates The Tea Party-a current get together for dissatisfied conservatives and a sprinkling of independents and democrats. Question is, how did they get ownership of what they say was taken. Let us be frank-look at the faces of those gathered at Tea Party gatherings. Is anything obvious about the makeup of the participants? Does the obviously Caucasian makeup of the crowd suggest that only a specific segment of our society feels President Obama took something it has a God-given right to possess? Why single out President Obama as the bandit who took from them? Voters elected President Obama and Congressional men and women to their positions. This fact gives them the power to make decisions others are not privy to. The same situation existed when President Obama’s predecessor was in charge ( President George Bush.) I guess Tea Party folks were satisfied with President Bush’s performance and did not see a need to raise any concerns. Certainly some issues that should have gotten attention are now championing by the Tea Party movement. President Obama was sincere when he talked about resolving the rift between political parties. He certainly wanted to reduce the rancor and reintroduce civility into our political discourse. I applaud him for his efforts. However, many of us felt his efforts were doomed to fail because he was after something many people felt he was not entitled to have. Based on history President Obama occupies a seat he does not by birthright, have a right to. Nothing President Obama and his administration do will calm the Tea Party, CTR and CNN call for taking back what truly belongs to them.


April 17, 2010 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Glenn Beck, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Politics, Reconstruction

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