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Every so often, a new disease is discovered and given a proper name. Swine flu comes to mind-so does AIDS, Legionaries and an assortment of other exotic diseases. It is about time this nation identifies and correctly names a recently discovered disease. Let us call it Limbaughitis.  This disease is traceable to ingestion of large doses of narcissistic and drug induced rhetoric and propaganda. The use of the word Narcissistic is appropriate in this article because it is easily identifiable and obvious in the mannerism of Limbaugh, and he freely admitted the drug usage factor.    A narcissistic personality is characterized by an exaggerated sense of self-importance, constant need for attention or praise, inability to cope with criticism or defeat, and poor relationship with other people.

Limbaughitis, like many other diseases is difficult to detect in its early stages. Individuals may be infected, and suffering with it for several years before the symptoms become obvious. Limbaughitis affects the brains and like Alzheimer creeps in very slowly. People around those exposed to daily doses of the Rush Limbaugh show must learn to identify the disease in its early stages. The first noticeable symptom is the individual’s inability to function without daily doses of Rush Limbaugh. The second symptom is the inability to disagree with anything Limbaugh says. The third symptom is an individual’s inability to accept the well-known fact that much of the rhetoric spouted off on Limbaugh’s show was, and probably still is, Oxy induced.   The fourth and most conspicuous symptom is the individual’s inability to think rationally.

At a minimum, Limbaugh’s programming should be rated. For starters, it should be rated MA (Mind Altering, not Mature Audience). It should carry a BD rating-Brain Damaging! It should also contain a PR rating-Propagandized Rhetoric. Is Limbaughitis reversible? It probably is in its early stages. However, once it has reached the fourth stage, reversing it is very difficult. Reversing it is akin to a brain replacement. Limbaughitis, like a flu virus, should have been stopped before it infected millions of people. As people wear masks to prevent flu virus from getting into their system through their nose, people must insulate and isolate themselves from the Limbaugh bug. Limbaughitis gets into your system through your ears and eyes-mainly through your ears.  Gerald Stanley said” America is a tune; it must be sung together.” James Conant said, “Democracy is a small core of common agreement, surrounded by a rich variety of individual differences.” Limbaugh makes a mockery of these very thoughtful comments

An Eastern Thinker wrote the following: Deluded by ignorance, a man mistakes one thing for another. Lack of discernment will cause a man to think a snake is a piece of rope. When he grasps it in this belief, he runs a great risk.  The acceptance of the unreal for the real constitutes a state of bondage. Pay heed to this, my friend.

Do I need to say more?


January 25, 2010 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Limbaugh

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