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As CTR and FNN aggressively, ruthlessly and uncompromisingly seek to destroy the Democratic Party, they have little sympathy for those caught up in the political carnage they cause. Unwittingly, these purveyors of ceaseless propaganda are trying to bring down a system of government put in place by our founding fathers. Question is; if successful, what will the new government look like. The mere fact that CTR and FNN talking heads repeatedly stress a individualistic ideology lend credence to allegations that they envision a form of government that forgo concerns for the masses. Although the Republican Party is accused of being non-inclusive, its platform does not reflect in totality, nor, in many instances sanction the me attitude propagandized and idolized by CTR and FNN. Like a burr under a horse’s saddle, CTR and FNN continue to irritate both political parties, particularly the one they like to call liberal. Using the word liberal copiously to define the Democratic Party plays well on the radio, television and Internet. Talking Heads, Limbaugh, Boortz, Levin, Hannity, Beck and an assortment of wannabe Talking Heads, with the precision of a surgeon, operates on the minds of their listeners, removing any ability to think for themselves. Once the inclination to think for oneself is removed, it is replaced with CTR and FNN talking heads logic.
As Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network turn up the propaganda machine in an attempt to disrupt the Obama Administration ability to govern, the Democratic Party has begun to use some of the same tactics they accused CTR and FNN of using. Some call it fighting fire with fire. I question the wisdom of using this tactic. People searching for a political party whose platform they can support are left wondering what is the difference if both parties can only point out the weaknesses of the other party. Although the Democratic Party attack dogs uses some of the same tactics used by Republican Party Attack dogs, they do not have the machinery in place that remotely resembles CTR and FNN. In some ways, this is good. America’s airwaves do not need more condescending, destructive, and useless rhetoric than it currently gets from the above-mentioned outlets.
Tearing at the very soul of our form of Government (Democratic) is the decline of participation by the masses in the prosperity of this nation. Alexis de Tocqueville in his writings titled Democracy in America coined the following; General prosperity favors stability in all governments, but particularly in a democratic one, for it depends on the moods of the greatest number, and especially on the mood of those most exposed to want. How has CTR and FNN responded to those most exposed to need? They introduced something in the equation called wealth envy, or taking from one individual and giving it to another. CTR and FNN like to brag about how much of the total US income tax bill the top one and five percent of income earners in the US pay. They never give one thought to the fact that there is something inherently wrong with a few individuals having this much of this nation’s wealth. As we look at the salaries demanded by those at the top, it becomes clear why so much wealth is flowing to the top. Why is it so difficult for some to see a problem with what is taking place in wealth distribution in this nation? It is not necessary to take from the rich and give to the poor. Why not pay those at the bottom and middle of the economic rung a little more. Pay them enough so they do not have to get handouts. Pay them enough so they can afford insurance for their families. I dare say; our founding fathers intentions never included an economic system where wealth would be so unevenly distributed in this nation. They never envisioned a system where those enriched by taking risks would not accept and absorb losses associated with taking risks.
The latest talking point on CTR and FNN is the motto: Take back America. For starters, can we take back the airwaves from these out of control loonies? Can we reintroduce civility into the national dialogue?


January 16, 2010 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Economic Empowerment, Failed economic poicy, Glenn Beck, Greed, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Media, Politics, Trickle up economics, Uncategorized, wealth redistribution

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