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Compromise anyone?

Compromise, a word seldom heard on Capitol Hill
What is the definition of compromise? According to Webster, it means cooperation, negotiation, concession, conciliation, finding the middle ground, and give and take. The antonym for compromise is confrontation.
The word compromise once heard quite frequently in the halls of Congress has gone the way of high top shoes. There was a time when lawmakers on both sides of the aisle would sit down and work together for the common good of this nation. Although frequently used in the same breath as deal making, the ability and willingness to compromise and work out differences in a conciliatory manner, is expected of our lawmakers. At some point in our history, extremist of all flavors; Left and Right, began to toss their weight around. Hard and fast demands and sarcastic rhetoric replaced most conciliatory and civil discussion.
What happened to cause a segment of our society to become so extreme in their views? Why have they abandoned any pretense of seeing thing any way but their way? Why do they beat down lawmakers that try to find middle ground by being willing to compromise? The few in congress who have the courage to make compromises are castigated and accused of being weak kneed and selling out the party.
Stop and think for a moment. If the people, who put together the US Constitution, were as hard and fast in their views and as non-compromising as today’s lawmakers, they would have never completed the document. If they had allowed a few outside extremists to dictate what went into the document, imagine what the final product would look like. Entirely too many lawmakers are dancing to the tune of extremists on both sides of the aisle. Entirely too many of them feel beholding to the extreme fringes of their party. A considerable number of Lawmakers pretend not to be influenced by extremists, however their actions suggests otherwise. Most people agree that the extremist in both parties represents a minimal fraction of American voters. If this is a fact, why do extremists wield so much power on Capitol Hill? Some would argue that much of it has to do with Conservative Talk Radio (CTR) and Fox News Network (FNN). Republicans make use of these outlets to get free campaign time and access voters. Surely, people who spend money to keep these outlets afloat want something in return. What they want and demand is almost total allegiance to their cause. Democrats sees Republican alignment with CTR and FNN as an indication of just how far right the party has swung, and attempt to use this fact to their advantage. Both sides lose in this matter. Pray tell me what has either side gained from what takes place in either outlet. Will someone please put the word Compromise back into the vocabulary of our lawmakers?


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