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Principles on which this Nation was founded

 Listening to CTR and FNN (Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network) talking heads explain to their audiences what principles this nation was founded on, one has to wonder from where they get their information. It is difficult, indeed impossible to believe our founding fathers envisioned anything remotely resembling what is currently taking place in America’s political arena.  Much of the effort put into formulating a workable political system that benefits all who reside in this great nation is slowly eroding away.  Why, you ask, is this happening? Some of the blame lies at the feet of those charged with running this nation from their lofty perches in Washington.  However, many people, far removed from Washington, yet privileged to almost unfettered access to microphones and cameras, are parties to the destabilization of America’s ability to manage its political affair in a civil manner.  Reasonable and straightforward resolutions to the simplest Issues are virtually impossible and everything is looked at strictly from party-line positions. 

Is it reasonable to assume that our Founding Fathers envisioned a society built on democratic principles that were for the good of all Americans, not one that gave unfair advantaged to one political party. Their focus was setting up a political system that represented all people of this nation and their varying interests. Carl Becker said the following; Government by majority rule works best when political issues involves superficial problems, rather than deep social divisions. The minority can accept the victory of the majority at the polls, because both share many basic values, and electoral defeat does not imply a fatal surrender of… vital interests. 

Listen closely as CTR and FNN talking heads pound the ideology into their listeners’ head that all Democratic (liberal) ideas are bad, while at the same time extolling the virtues of Republican (Conservative) ideas. How often have you heard these same outlets say that liberals hate our military and want them to fail in its war efforts.  How many times have you heard them talk about how unlearned people are who attend public schools? I dare say, most of the people, fighting in both wars attended public schools, their parents attended public schools, and their children attend public schools.  

CTR and FNN mouth pieces are working diligently to further divide this Nation along party lines.  Any hope of reviving civil discourse in America’s political arena will require some rethinking on the part of many who control the minds of many of our people.  The propaganda machines that grind out divisive discourse, 24 hours each day seriously limits any attempt by either party to sit down and resolve issues in a way that benefits most Americans.  The mind-set that all is fair under the freedom of speech act must be thrust aside. Replace it with the mind-set that the well being of this nation and those who reside within, is more important than the freedom to hide behind the Second Amendment.


December 28, 2009 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Media, Politics

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  1. Applause, applause, applause!!! IMO, this is exactly the correct message, and your post is well articulated, too.

    We have reached a point where each of the two major parties sends out a carefully honed message that resonates with a fervent minority group. Those fervent minority groups respond in kind, sending only the most divisive, party-first folks to represent them in Washington.

    What threatens us is not an excess of “liberal” or “conservative” ideas — we will always slosh back and forth between those two poles — but rather an excess of extremism, and extremism’s ugly cousins, misinformation and thoughtlessness.

    Thank you for a thought-provoking and important post.

    Comment by The Center Square | December 28, 2009 | Reply

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