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No help from the government


I will scream if I hear one more lying CTR commentator bragging about not getting anything from the Government.  It is troubling to hear this constant ranting and raving about those they say constantly feed at the governmental trough, while complaining about not getting anything themselves. They never miss an opportunity talk about the ineffectiveness of the government in the same breath.  They never stop to think that the very troops they encouraged President Bush to send in harms way to Iraq are by definition Government. The US Government trains, pays and has almost total control of the actions of these folks . How can these menace to society (Conservative Talk Radio Hosts berate the government for its inability to do anything right and in the same breath brag about our wonderful fighting force, who got their training in government training facilities? Are military bases such as Fort Braggs, Camp Lejune, and Lackland Air force Base facilities, owned and operated by the US government? 

How can these same talking heads brag about the US not suffering another terrorist attack because of the efforts of those charged with security of this nation and in the same breath berate the US Government for not being able to do anything right. The last time I looked, the folks charged with the security of this nation works for the government.  Let us take this thing a bit further. Let us agree that there are several levels of government, starting at the local level. Am I wrong in assuming local fire departments, police departments, public works and other public entities charged with protecting the public infrastructure, private property, and residents, are managed by local government officials.  One local talk radio talk show jock is famous for his daily tirades about the Government’s inability to do anything right. Seldom does a day pass that he does not rant and rave about those he says are getting things that are paid for by others through taxation.   He spouts off about the how his tax dollars are spent on worthless folk who are getting something at public expense.  This same individual will rush down to base operations at a local airport, file a flight plan and then depend on FAA to get him where he is going safely.  This individual has all the faith in the world in Air Traffic Controllers-the same people who he claims cannot do anything right. He constantly brags about getting into his little tail-dragging crop duster and flying all over the country completely depending on the government to have planes flying in assigned flight paths and altitudes.  Why in the world would a sane person put his life in the hands of those he has such little confidence in.  I wonder who this fellow will call if his home catches fire. Will he call the local government’s fire department?  If his home is burglarized, will he call the local government’s police department?  Wonder who will investigate if he or one of his family member is involved in an accident.  I guess he has his own private security and fire department and do not need government services.  I know it really bothers him to drive the Interstates since they were the brainchild of the government. It should bother him even more to land his little crop duster at airports funded with public dollars. The way he talks, one would assume he has his own private landing strips scattered all over this nation. He has such an aversion to anyone getting any kind or services or utilizing facilities financed with public dollars. One would think a person of his integrity, forthrightness, candor, and honesty would abstain from using any public infrastructure.  He should practice what he preaches. Is it conceivable that he sees nothing wrong with government agencies that personally benefits him, but is totally against those services he does not utilize?  

Is it possible this individual really means what he says and will refrain from using anything financed with public dollars? Maybe he will hire his own police force and fire department. Maybe he only drives on roads that he personally builds and maintains with his own money. He would not dare drive on roads that people have pooled their money to construct and maintain. He preaches individualism-every man for himself. Wonder if he takes advantage of insurance programs that depends on the masses to offset the cost to individuals. Maybe he has his own insurance company.   

Wonder what this individual would say if someone built a radio station and started broadcasting on the same frequency assigned to the stations that carry his programs. What would happen if the government got out of assigning frequencies to broadcast stations? Given his logic of noninvolvement by the government, radio and other forms of airwave communication would be better off without government interference and regulation.


December 24, 2009 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Hannity & Boortz, Politics

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