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I struggle to understand what is currently taking place in America’s economic system and how mass media portrays it-especially Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network. An essay written while America was still in the grips of the 1929 depression sheds light on the subject and reveals the mindset of talking heads on Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Network. The Author penned the following:

 (a)There is a growing belief with constantly increasing facts to support it that this depression is something more than an ordinary economic debacle super induced in the first instance by war and mad speculation, that it is also a warning that a period of readjustment is at hand. To what extent and in what respect this readjustment is to take place no man, or group of men, are wise enough to know. That it will result in great changes can hardly be doubted. The world has learned many times at great cost of life not to despise the counsels nor pass unheeded the demands of those who have known the pangs of hunger and the lashes of economic injustice. At any, rate let them be heard. And because they demand a hearing, do not proceed to brand them communists, or fascists or disloyal. They should be heard without fear of restraint. If this movement for readjustment is to proceed in an orderly American way and is settled to American standards, then it should, it must proceed under the auspices and according to the rules of true American principles.

It is a mistake at any time, it is a fearful mistake at a time when cooperation of the whole nation is essential in the rebuilding of our economic structure, to proceed under the theory that the American people, or any considerable number of the American people, are infected, or susceptible of infection, with those strange isms which now torment so large a portion of the human family. To proceed upon any such theory is greatly to hinder progress in this stupendous task before us. When the story is finally written from 1914 to 1935, and on until these days of difficulty and danger are over, when the final verdict is rendered, it will be said that the outstanding feature of the period thru which we are passing was the patience and patriotism of the people of this country. Drafted to fight in a foreign war, exploited by profiteers while they fought, the victims of promoters in a saturnalia of speculation, improvised by an economic cataclysm for which whoever else was responsible, the people were not, driven almost to madness by floods and droughts and dust storms, and who has heard coming from these devoted men and women the voice of sedition, of disloyalty to the Government?

The author writes about isms used to describe efforts to right the economic ship during the great depression. This is exactly what is taking place in America today. Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Leninism and a brand new ism resonates from the lips of many talk show hosts and their followers. Obamaism is the latest Ism. Right wing purveyors of fear, unrest and distrust of the Obama administration have at their behest two well-known and easily accessible outlets to promote this Ism thing–CTR (Conservative Talk Radio) and FNN (Fox News Network.) These outlets toss Isms around like hot potatoes. These words play well to the masses, both stimulating and inciting them. They also raise the level of anxiety. These words sell books and line the coffers of talk show hosts. It is time to introduce some more isms into the public discourse; Limbaughism, Hannityism, Beckism, Boortzism, Levinism and an assortment of lesser-known loudmouth isms. Put the entire above mentioned loudmouth and bloated Isms together and you have pure unadulterated cynicism! What these folks interject into American daily discourse is more harmful than initially imagined-Some irreparable. Civil discussions of many important issues and problems facing this nation are no longer possible, especially political discussion. Battle lines are drawn and constantly reinforced by the rhetoric of CTR and FNN. Little attempt is made to disguise their intentions. They are determined to destroy or seriously injure the Obama administration. Little regard is given to what is called in military jargon, collateral damage. The waste heaps behind these folks are growing and contains many people and businesses once thought to be immune to the negative impact of CTR and FNN rhetoric. Is the First Amendment right abused when it is use to cover speech that obviously negatively affects the very fabric of this nation? Where do you draw the line? Are there no consequences for these folk’s actions? How much depravity, fostered by these folks, can Americans stand? What is America’s tolerance for this stuff?

As the Obama Administration struggles to right America’s economic ship, is it destroying capitalism, or is it attempting to put it back together? Why is any attempt to really examine and adjust our economic system deemed destructive and labeled some kind of Ism by a segment of society? CTR (Conservative Talk Radio) and FNN (Fox News Network) devote several hours daily advancing the myth that to examine and possibly change some aspects of our economic system amounts to dismantling it. Nothing is farther from the truth. Our economic system is awash in greed, and dishonesty,and  amassing of a majority of this nation’s wealth into the coffers of a few. Changes must be made if capitalism is to survive. Propping it up each time it flounders, at the expense of taxpayers is no longer acceptable. It must be able to run on its own dime.

 How in the world can anyone, of any political persuasion, make a legitimate argument for non-intervention, by the government into our capitalistic system, as it currently exists? What logical reason can one give for allowing the same people that brought the system to the brink of a total meltdown to continue to run and oversee it? Even though there is an enormous amount of wealth in private hands in this nation, those who possess it did not come to the rescue of capitalism when it needed help. People who gained so much wealth under capitalism are not about to risk very much to support the very system that made them rich. This shows that most are in it for what they can get from it and nothing else. Pretenses of fear of Isms (Communism, Socialism, Marxism, and Obamaism,) comfort those who do not wish to share the wealth capitalism allowed them to amass. Actions taken by the Obama Administration will certainly affect many in a positive way. Others will have to wait in line for something to trickle down to them-namely the middle class, laid off workers and others at the bottom of the pecking order. Some will never recover unless drastic action takes place. Jobs must be created and people put to work. People need money in their pockets so they can buy things and pay bills. Call it any kind of Ism you wish.

 (a).Excerpts taken from the reference shelf, volume 10 titled Freedom of speech and compiled by Julia Johnson. Copyrighted 1936


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