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Listeners to CTR (Conservative Talk Radio,) must, at some point begin to wonder how these talking heads gained so much knowledge and insight into most any subject matter they encounter. Such wonderful and bountiful blessing surely must come from on High. The ability to delve into any subject matter, and come up with an answer that satisfies the majority of their listening audience all the time, borders on supernatural abilities. My research into the past has not revealed anything remotely resembling what CTR offers today, Thus far. Saturation of the airwaves with rhetoric and propaganda thinly disguised as news and entertainment dominate the airwaves. How much these folks know, especially about current events never ceases to amaze me. Seldom do they have questions-just answers. I am just waiting for someone to ask one of them, on what day and what hour will the world end.
John Locke, English philosopher, 1632-1704 shed some insight into what is taking place in Conservative Talk Radio. He wrote an essay entitled; An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Locke penned the following: He that hath words of any language, without distinct ideas in his mind, to which he applies them, does, so far as he uses them in discourse, only make a noise without any sense or signification; an how learned so ever he may seem, by the use of hard words or learned terms, is not much more advanced thereby in knowledge, than he would be in learning, who had nothing in his study but the bare titles of books, without possessing the contents of them; for all such words, however put into discourse, according to right construction of grammatical rules or the harmony of well turned periods, do yet amount to nothing but bare sounds and nothing else. Locke also talked about filling another man’s head with fantastical imaginations of one’s own brain, but be very far from advancing thereby one jot in real and true knowledge.
Many consider Rush Limbaugh, to be the number one spokesperson for the Conservative Party-Really! What consideration is given when choosing an individual to sit on this ivory tower? What credentials must one possess? To bestow this honor on a blowhard like Limbaugh speaks volumes about the mindset of many that follow the Conservative political logic. They have been mesmerized and hypnotized by an individual once disclosed as a drugged up entertainer. Will the masses ever begin to wonder why they follow this man? Will they ever wonder why they lose a little more of their common sense each time they listen to him? Will his listeners ever grow tired of him telling them how smart he is? Hannity and Beck have the same kind of control over their listeners. Listeners tell these guys what great Americans they are. Pray tell me what makes them so great. Accolades of this nature should not be tossed around so lightly.
Call these folks anything you wish. The fact remains they are nothing but a bunch of blowhard shysters getting rich at the expense of trusting listeners.


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