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Rotten to the core

Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Channel (CTR&FNC)

Hannity, Limbaugh, Boortz, Beck, Cunningham, Levine, Ingram and an assortment of other drooling and salivating mouth pieces of the Conservative party are turning up the propaganda machine on Americans. Joseph Goebbels, the august and celebrated propagandist of the Hitler regime would be proud of these folks. They have become the mouthpiece of one of the two major political parties in the US.  The grand old party of Lincoln has been hijacked. Michael Steele, head of the Republican Party (RNC), words means nothing. Limbaugh caused him to scratch when nothing itched and grin when nothing was funny.

These power-hungry and self-serving folks have wrested control of the Republican Party from levelheaded and thoughtful party members-all in the name of rescuing this nation from a bunch of socialists under the leadership of President Obama. The Republican Party sought to use Conservative Talk Radio and Fox News Channel to do its dirty work. Lott, Gingrich and other party loyalists did not have a clue to how viscous these folk were. They thought CTR&FNC would destroy the Clintons and Obama, destroy or weaken the Democratic Party, get rich and ride off into the sunset. Republicans misjudged how far these folks would go and what means they would undertake to get what they desired-namely wealth, recognition and power. Leadership in the Republican Party is virtually faceless and the void filled with CTR&FNC propagandists.  CTR&FNC are like runaway trains and no one from either party is willing to put forth real effort to reel either in. 

Absolutely nothing is off-limits to these folks as they go about the business of trying to destroy the Obama presidency and the Democratic Party. In their quest to destroy the Democratic Party, they miscalculated measurable and immeasurable damage and consequences. For instance, they sought to destroy unions and were for the most part very successful. Someone forgot to tell them that many union members are card carrying Republicans. CTR&FNC folks rejoiced when GM went under. Guess who bought the Hummer vehicle line from GM. Guess who needs Hummers. You got it-American Solders. I guess our solders will have to appeal to the good folks of China for Hummers in the future. They rejoice when American manufacturing moves overseas and brag about the great deals Americans get when purchasing cheap and substandard products from China.  

When liability for actions taken by some whose behavior is fuel by rhetoric and propaganda heard on these outlets is mentioned, freedom of speech is quickly thrown into the equation. What in their physic makes them think they bear no responsibility for actions resulting from what they advocate? Though much of what they espouse is thinly veiled as freedom of speech, it goes much further. The power of suggestion is played to the hilt. Preying on the fears of listeners is just one way of causing people to react in an illogical and careless manner. Freedom to say what you wish has a little brother. He is call responsibility for your words and consequences thereof. You cannot have one without the other.


October 25, 2009 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Glenn Beck, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Politics

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