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CTR&F (Conservative Talk Radio & Fox) folks show their true colors

 It is disgusting to listen to the likes of Hannity, Limbaugh, Boortz, Beck, Cunningham and an assortment of other mouth pieces of the Conservative party espousing and haranguing about salary caps being imposed on people running businesses that received money taken from taxpayers. Yes, I said taken. Why do I say taken? Were American taxpayers allowed to vote on the matter? Hell no! These are the same folks that raised all kinds of hell when the minimum wage was raised to its present level-it is less than eight dollars per hour. CTR&F folk have made it plain that they think there is a portion of American workers whose labor is not worth seven + dollars an hour. Think for a moment-they have made it clear, without reservation, a segment of American workers do not deserve a livable wage, while at the same time being plainly and overtly upset that people making millions are told to moderate their demands for compensation until the US economy rebounds. What really stinks up the place is, many people working for substandard wages, have made huge wage and benefit concessions as a prerequisite for keeping their jobs. To make matters worse, tax dollars paid by people, barely getting by on a meager salary, was used to prop up financial institutions that in turn, continue to pass it on to the people that caused the financial meltdown. Something is badly wrong with this picture. Many Americans are in dire straits. They are losing their homes, vehicles, jobs, access to medical care and higher education due to the current recession. Is it asking too much of those in high places to be a part of the solution and not continue to exacerbate the problem? Surely, they can make it on a couple of million dollars per year for a few years. Are these huge bonuses but another form of welfare when the money comes from taxpayers? Are these folks getting something that is not available to all Americans? Should I be able to ask the government to chip in a few dollars so I can maintain a lifestyle I have grown accustomed too, knowing that the government can ill afford it? This what is happening in some of our financial institutions? Wonder what these overpaid bullies would have gotten if their employers were allowed to fail-certainly not what they think they deserve. Why you ask, do they think they are worth so much? What do they do that warrants such outlandish and excessive salaries? The current condition of many American financial institutions suggests many of these folks did not, and will never have a clue how to run a successful business. Actions, taken by these folks border on criminality and warranted some form of prosecution. Many are cut from the same mold as Kenneth Lay and Maddoff. They just used different techniques to accomplish the same thing-rob the banks. In the mean time, CTR&F continue to support the activities of swindlers and smoking mirror artists-now you see it, now you do not. CTR&F are not blameless in this matter. They must share culpability in this matter. They assisted the swindlers by deflecting criticism away from CEO’s and others powerbrokers in many financial institutions. Callers to CTR&F complaining about overpaid CEO’s and questionable practices were quickly beaten down and called wealth enviers. The mere fact that CTR&F talking heads continue to support these swindlers and wealth grabbers should be enough of an incentive for many of their low wage listeners to seek advice and guidance elsewhere.


October 24, 2009 - Posted by | Conservative Talk Radio, Glenn Beck, Greed, Hannity & Boortz, Limbaugh, Taxpayer bailouts, Trickle up economics, wealth redistribution

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